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Connecticut - Lists

In 2018, Connecticut was ranked 15th among the best states for millennials. More detailed information on this request has been entered on this attached spreadsheet. Below is a summary of the topic.

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  • Source of the Ranking: WalletHub
  • When it was Published: 2019
  • Is it a Recurring Ranking: Yes
  • How the Ranking was Determined: To determine the best and worse states for millennials to live and work in, WalletHub used the following metrics: Affordability, education & health, quality of life, economic health, and civic engagement.
  • How the City Scored in Each Category: Overall, in 2019, Connecticut was ranked 21st among the best states for millennials. In the Education & Heath category, the state was ranked 3rd nationwide, while in the Economic Health category, Connecticut was ranked 39th. Also, Connecticut was #37 in Civic Engagement and #32 in Affordability. Additionally, the state was ranked 26th in the Quality of Life category.

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  • Source of the Ranking: WalletHub
  • When it was Published: 2018
  • Is it a Recurring Ranking: Yes
  • How the Ranking was Determined: To determine the best and worse states for millennials to live and work in, WalletHub used the following metrics: Affordability, education & health, quality of life, economic health, and civic engagement.
  • How the City Scored in Each Category: In 2018, Connecticut was ranked 15th among the best states for millennials. The state's Education & Health category was #3, Affordability was #41, Economic Health was #29, Quality of Life was #23, and Connecticut's Civic Engagement was ranked 17th among the 50 states of the United States.

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  • Source of the Ranking: WalletHub
  • When it was Published: 2017
  • Is it a Recurring Ranking: Yes
  • How the Ranking was Determined: To determine the best and worse states for millennials to live and work in, WalletHub used the following metrics: Affordability, education & health, quality of life, economic health, and civic engagement.
  • How the City Scored in Each Category: In 2017, Connecticut was ranked 25th among the 50 best states for millennials. However, it was ranked 13th as the least affordable state for millennials. When it came to the Civic Engagement category, Connecticut was #25, in the Economic Health, it was #16, and in the Quality of Life category, the state was ranked 16th.

Research Strategy

During the research, your research team could only find one source, WalletHub, which provides the best and worst states for millennials in terms of affordability, education & health, quality of life, economic health, and civic engagement every year. The website is updated each year. We tried finding other sources that could provide the list, but none could be found. We went through ranking sources, such as Fabric, Homes, Credit Sesame, Credit Karma, Quizzle, among others, searching for a list ranking Connecticut as a place for millennials to live and work. However, these sources majorly provide data on the best "cities" for millennials and very minimal information on the best "states" for millennials; hence, WalletHub was the only option.

Additionally, we could not access the WalletHub website because it requires an IP address to log into it. However, all sources we have used during the research claim they have imported their data from the WalletHub website. Therefore, the team has provided the source of ranking as "WalletHub" because it is a primary source for the data provided even though we could not access it.

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Hartford - Lists

Hartford has been ranked among the best cities for millennials by and Jetty Insurance in 2018 and 2019. More details have been provided in the attached spreadsheet.


  • Hartford, Connecticut was ranked the 8th best city for millennials by
  • Data on the median home price, millennials population, number of entry-level jobs were used to determine the best cities for millennials by Homes.
  • The city was also listed among the top 25 cities for millennials according to Jetty Insurance.
  • Data from the U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis and Zillow on the average millennial income, cost of living, millennial population growth, unemployment, and millennial share of the U.S. workforce was used by Jetty to determine the best cities.
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Stamford - Lists and have ranked Stamford as the best city for millennials. More details on Stamford are provided in the attached spreadsheet and a summary presented below.


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New Haven Lists

Some recent lists that rank New Haven, Connecticut as a place for millennials to live and work were published by Niche, Zippia, and Insurantly. The information regarding these lists is provided in the attached spreadsheet.

Lists That Rank New Haven as a Place for Millennials to Live and Work

  • In 2019, Niche published the Best Places for Young Professionals in Connecticut.
  • New Haven was ranked 15th on this list, which was determined based on the number of millennial residents, job opportunities, and access to bars, restaurants, and affordable housing.
  • In 2018, Zippia published "The Best Cities to Start Your Career in Each State," where New Haven was chosen the best in Connecticut.
  • Insurantly published "The 15 Best Cities for Single Millennials." Their results were based on the total population, the share of single millennials, the percentage of single millennials employed full-time, the median income for full-time millennials, and singles gender balance for millennials.
  • New Haven was ranked 28th in the complete list of the best cities for single millennials.
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Connecticut - Attributes

Favorable economic conditions, presence of education opportunities, strategic location, favorable cost of living, and good quality of life are among the attributes of Connecticut that millennials like the most. A detailed presentation of the attributes is presented below.

Attributes Of Connecticut that Millennials like the Most

  • Connecticut has favorable economic conditions attractive to millennials. Connecticut is among the leading states in terms of per capital income in the country. High wages and numerous employment opportunities is driving more millennials into different parts of Connecticut.
  • Millennials like the favorable economic and employment opportunities in Connecticut because they need opportunities with good income levels to sustain their lives. Moreover, the majority of the millennials are entering adulthood and independence where they need stable income to sustain themselves and their families.
  • Presence of education and learning opportunities in Connecticut is one of the attributes most liked by the millennials. Connecticut hosts multiple colleges and education institutions for the Millennials, including some of the top colleges in the country such as Yale University, University of Connecticut, Wesleyan University, Trinity College, and Fairfield University among others.
  • Millennials like this attribute because education is one of their top priorities in preparing them for future careers and development. According to Pew Research Centre, millennials are more likely to be educated at college level than previous generations. With amazing education opportunities in Connecticut, Millennials tend to like it.
  • Connecticut is also strategically located to allow greater and convenient access to major financial hubs, markets, and universities across America’s northeast corridor as well as Canada. This is supported by a well-developed transportation and communication infrastructure for easy movement and accessibility.
  • Millennials tend to like this attribute because it allows them to enjoy adventure and more challenging opportunities than in the traditional settings. Essentially, the strategic location and developed transportation infrastructure enable millennials to have more flexibility in their work and life aspects. Flexibility is a major consideration for millennials.
  • Connecticut has a favorable cost of living where housing costs are more affordable than in many other states. This means that millennials can enjoy more affordable cost of living in Connecticut than in other areas. Compared to Boston or New York, living in Connecticut can cost between 14 percent and 48 percent less.
  • This attribute is liked by millennials because low cost of living means that they would avoid incurring high expenditure on critical factors such as housing that would otherwise deplete their incomes and force them to work multiple jobs or extra hours to make ends meet. Most millennials are unable to purchase their own houses. Hence, they refer renting, which is much cheaper and allows them to cater for other expenses such as their children’s education and health.
  • Connecticut has a good quality of life that provides a great place to live, raise a family, work, and achieve one’s dreams. This attribute is supported by the availability of essential amenities and services, including excellent public schools, quality healthcare, affordable housing, low child care costs, and low crime rates.
  • Millennials like this attribute because they are more interested in achieving good work-life balance. In Connecticut, millennials can achieve a better balance between their work and their lifestyles, including raising their families well. With the family-supportive environment, millennials feel more attracted to the state.

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Hartford - Attributes

Recently, many millennials are choosing to live in Hartford, Connecticut. Some attributes that they like the most in the city are the strategic location and proximity to large urban centers, the offer of jobs with wages above the national average, the possibility of buying a property, quality of life, entertainment and the adoption of sustainable actions.


  • The article suggests that one of the aspects of Hartford that attracts the most millennials is the location. The region is close to major centers, such as New York, but offers reduced costs and a better quality of life.
  • According to Pedro Argueta Marroquin, resident of Hartford, the city's location allows you to enjoy the "best of both worlds." Being close to Manhattan, young people are able to take advantage of the possibilities of a big city, and still live the tranquility of a smaller place.
  • The article suggests that the millennials like great opportunities, but they also need financial security. Thereby, they prefer Hartford's location because it allows them to maintain this balance, considering the average income of this generation, they would not be able to afford to live in large centers.
  • During the "2018 New England Knowledge Corridor's Forum", Hartford's location was mentioned as one of the attractions for the millennial generation. By comparing cities in the same region, it is the closest to West Springfield. Also, the expansion plans for the "CTrail line", which reaches Springfield, is expected to increase the millennial's migration to Hartford.

Jobs and Good Salaries

  • A survey coordinated by the real estate agency showed that one of Hartford's main attractions is availability. Based on this, the city is among the top ten cities for millennials to live in.
  • According to the survey, the city has more than 5,500 jobs for every 100,000 inhabitants, being above the American's average.
  • By analyzing the data from the US Census Bureau, the company Fabric evidenced that the professionals of the millennial generation that lives in Hartford receive the 4th best salary in the United States. The annual average income is around US $49,116.
  • Many millennials don't get jobs that pay for their spending and student financing. For this reason, the article classifies them as "side hustle generation", as they need to keep two or more jobs in order to increase their wages.
  • Thereby, jobs with decent wages are one of the most desired attractions for millennials. According to the article, it's one of the things Generation Y loves most about Hartford.

Possibility of House Ownership

  • One of the attributes of Hartford that attracts the millennials is the possibility of purchasing a property. According to LendingTree's 2019 report, the city is among the 30th most sought after by millennials for real estate acquisition.
  • The survey suggests that 52.6% of requests to purchase local homes were made by millennials, with an average annual payment of US $28,002.
  • According to MoneyWise magazine, "Generation Y may buy 38% of the homes listed for sale in the Hartford metropolitan area". This is due to a combination of lower mortgage values, higher wages, and a low unemployment rate, representing around 3.7%.
  • The study showed that the real estate value is being decisive which the millennials choose where to live. Millennials are a generation that intent on buying their own home and establish a family. At the same time, they face huge student financing expenses. Therefore, one of the reasons they prefer the most to live in Hartford is the possibility to stop paying rent and acquiring their property.
  • Richard Thomas, a newly rented millennial in Hartford, says that the value of housing is one of the attributes that most attracted him to the city, "making it an affordable alternative to the larger, more expensive nearby cities".

Quality of Life

  • The millennials who live in Hartford reveal that one of the characteristics they like most in the city is the quality of life it offers. The city does not have a lot of traffic or parking difficulties, a small city atmosphere.
  • Youngsters also mention that they esteem the feeling of living in a town that has big metropolis opportunities with aspects of the countryside, at the same time.
  • There are options to walks on green hills or by the riverbank, a combination that the millennial generation loves.
  • Another desired aspect is that Hartford is becoming a city of young people. And millennials tend to live in places where other millennials reside.
  • Also, millennials are very concerned about their well-being and are very fond of the sense of safeness they feel in Hartford.


  • Millennials are attracted to entertainment and festive environments. One of the attributes that they like most in Hartford is the cultural wave that has taken over the town. Festivals, nightclubs, museums and activities on the riverside are some of their favorites things to do.
  • Millennial interviews for the Hartford Courant article say that entertainment in the city costs much less than in other larger cities in the region. In addition to the city starting to offer a variety of interesting attractions, the millennial generation feels that entertainment makes them feel happier in the place where they live.


  • The "nonprofit American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy" chose Hartford as one of the cities that has been most concerned with becoming sustainable. This concern is linked to the opportunity to attract more millennials.
  • One of the transformations that occurred in Hartford is the transition to clean and renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind energy. The article suggests that the city is at the forefront of the transition, compared to other areas of Connecticut.
  • Another initiative is the improvement of the public transport network, intending to reduce the use of private cars.
  • The city is starting a forestation project that aims, in the coming years, to reach 40% of the territory of Hartford.
  • The millennial generation is known for its concern with environmental issues and for being an aware consumerist. One of the attributes they like most about Hartford is the sustainability project. According to Governor Ned Lamont, the region is very determined to attract this generation to the region.

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Stamford - Attributes

Five attributes of Stamford, Connecticut that millennials like the most are that it is close to New York, the amenities that Stamford companies are including to entice millennials to work there, Downtown Stamford, the infrastructure of the city, and the activities that are available.

Close to New York

  • A major reason why millennials like Stamford, Connecticut is that it is located "just a few short miles from New York without all the cost and crowding."
  • As a result, millennials can work in New York and live in Stamford, where the cost of living is cheaper.


  • Stamford, Connecticut developers are focusing on adding amenities that draw millennials to jobs such as upscale gyms and pools.
  • Other unique amenities that developers are using to draw in millennials to offices in Stamford are kegerators and dog washing stations.

Downtown Stamford

  • The Stamford Downtown Special Services District has revitalized Downtown Stamford to cater to millennials by adding "outdoor concerts, events such as the Thanksgiving parade and annual public art exhibits."
  • The reason these activities are appealing to millennials is because they prefer experiences over owning material items.


  • Stamford is investing heavily in parks, roadways, and schools to lure in millennials many of whom are currently raising families.
  • According to Mayor David Martin, "Stamford is the place people are moving to because it is a wonderful place to live, work, play and raise a family."


  • Stamford has also introduced millennial friendly activities to its offerings such as kayaking on Long Island Sound and sunrise yoga classes in Mill River Park.
  • These activities are appealing to millennials who often have the philosophy of "work hard, play hard" and desire activities that allow them to relax after work.
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New Haven - Attributes

Attributes that millennials like the most about New Haven, Connecticut include the quality of public schools, affordability, good job market conditions, the local community, and culture and entertainment options.

Cost of Living

  • Local press, as well as state officials and prominent city entrepreneurs, agree that affordability of living is the main factor that drives millennials to New Haven.
  • Experts mention that the cost of living there is much lower compared to big cities like New York and Boston.
  • According to a study by the National Association of Realtors, 29% of the houses for sale in the New Haven area are affordable for millennials.
  • The same study found that 28% of millennials who moved to New Haven could afford to buy a house there.
  • While the area is already economical, there are initiatives in place to create more affordable housing opportunities.

Employment Growth

  • According to the Connecticut Post, favorable job market conditions are one of the top reasons why so many millennials move there.
  • Recently, there was a 1.4% employment growth in the New Haven-Milford area.
  • Since 2000, New Haven noted a 4% rise in employment. It is the most prosperous area in Connecticut.
  • In April 2019, compared to the same month in 2018, the region added 1,700 more jobs.
  • In 2018, 465 new businesses launched in New Haven.
  • Two sectors that contribute the most to New Haven's economy are healthcare and higher education. Thanks to them, the area is not affected by difficulties in the job market throughout the state.

Quality of Public Schools

  • According to the panelists that took part in a discussion hosted by the Connecticut Business & Industry Association, the quality of public schools is among the top factors that make millennials move to New Haven.
  • David Salinas, the area's top technology entrepreneur, emphasizes that many people from this generation are looking for a place to start a family, which is why this attribute is so important.
  • Connecticut is the third best state in the US when it comes to the quality of public schools, as per the report by WalletHub.
  • The New Haven Public School District is the second-largest public education system in Connecticut.
  • There are 20 magnet schools in New Haven, which makes it the top interstate magnet school program in the state in terms of size.
  • Thanks to the quality of those institutions, the city "has the highest suburban student enrollment of any district in the state."
  • In 1995, the mayor of New Haven started a 15-year $1.5 billion program to modernize all of the city's public schools.

The Community

  • When discussing why so many millennials are attracted to New Haven, Tyisha Walker-Myers, president of the New Haven Board of Alders, said that the community is what makes people love the place.
  • According to her, millennials want to settle in the area where they can get involved and make an impact.
  • Capital City Bins, a company that specializes in relocating, agrees that a close-knit community in a city like New Haven is an advantage for millennials who want to start a family.
  • The New Haven community is praised for its diversity, offering both a typical New England feel and the atmosphere of the global university.

Entertainment and Culture

  • Domino thinks that millennials are more inclined to live in New Haven than in other small cities because of its reach cultural and entertainment offerings.
  • Salinas also believes that New Haven can give this generation what they seek, which is unique experiences.
  • Thanks to being a university town, New Haven is home to many top-notch art galleries, museums, theaters, and entertainment venues, which are available both for students and post-graduates.
  • The city is recognized for its ethnic cuisine. Overall, it has over 120 restaurants, of which 56 are Zagat-rated.
  • It also offers a wide choice of concerts, events, and festivals, such as the New Haven Jazz Festival and the Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival.
  • Additionally, it has three shopping districts that include an "eclectic mix of shops and boutiques."

Research Strategy

Since we didn't find any comprehensive surveys, polls or reports on the topic, we determined which attributes millennials like the most about New Haven, Connecticut by analyzing articles in local and national media. We chose factors that appeared in more than one article or were supported by quantitative data or local experts' opinions.

From Part 06
  • "What I like about Connecticut is that it's not that big of a state, so you can have a big-city feel and be in a rural town in no time."
  • "Best of both worlds."
  • "As the proclaimed ‘insurance capital of the world,’ Hartford offers plenty of well-paying employment opportunities for recent graduates as well as reasonable housing prices, making it an affordable alternative to the larger, more expensive nearby cities."
  • "The recent addition of the downtown UConn campus brings more youth into the city and the university is surrounded by restaurants, cultural arts and entertainment."
  • "Transit has improved, with the most recent addition of the Hartford prepare line that connects Connecticut to Massachusetts and onward to New York City. We have additionally seen redevelopment of factories into housing. There are new downtown flats, riverfront actions and festivities."
  • "Every day we are thinking about, as a state, what we can do to attract and bring and keep young people, the millennials, here in the state?"
  • "One thing we found is they care a lot about our values and what we stand for as a community and what we stand for as a state."