Computer Server and Data Center Maintenance Changes

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Computer Server and Data Center Maintenance Changes

The emerging technology trends in cloud IoT, edge solutions, and power density has led to changes in how a data center operates. This, in turn, has led companies to invest in personnel training, hiring, and revaluation of job roles. Companies have also started focusing on employing military veterans to address the staffing needs and are also building a talent pipeline to address future staffing needs.

1. Personnel Training

  • Many IT organizations have implemented new types of advanced IT solutions such as flash storage, hyperconverged structure, Linux container management and orchestration tools, BYOD, SDN, and open stack. But, there is a gap in having the necessary skilled workforce to manage these IT solutions.
  • Companies experience difficulties in recruiting data center facility technicians, engineers, and operators in the areas of cloud architecture, Dev ops staff, and IT security personnel.
  • This has led to the increased investment in data center personnel for the past three years in the area of training and IT certification requirements for the personnel to work on the new technologies and retention costs for the existing staff.
  • The companies are investing in training and certification opportunities in operations, process management, and cloud followed by facilities management and data/or network security for their existing and newly hired staff.

2. Cloud Training

  • The major training investment focus would be on cloud strategies and solutions as that is the major IT technology for the data center.
  • Cloud Architect and Cloud Security skill set followed by data center and collocation connectivity expertise are the in-demand skillsets.
  • Cloud Certifications that are in demand are AWS, Azure , Google, Data Centre, Virtualization, and Networking.
  • Acquiring the right training and having certified personnel managing the new technologies in the data centre is a worthy investment for any organization.

3. Efficient Data Centre

  • Data centres are becoming lean and efficient as they adopt new technologies such as cloud computing, XaaS, collocation, etc.
  • To achieve the full potential of these technologies, it requires a shift in the work assignments and updated skill sets for the data center personnel.
  • The adoption of these technologies are re-defining the data center work environment in terms of the number of devices that would require human intervention.
  • On reduction of obsolete work levels, employees would be free to focus on strategic business priorities and employees will have a set of new work assignments to learn and deliver.
  • This is where the necessary training and certifications come in handy for the changing job roles.

4. Hire/Train Veterans

  • The companies are facing a challenge for skilled data center infrastructure staff due to the emergence of new technologies or dominated by a retiring workforce.
  • To address this challenge, Salute. Inc came forward. It was founded by Lee Kirby who has 30 years of experience in data center, the former CTO of Uptime Institute, an advisory organization focused on improving the data center performance on a design level.
  • Salute Inc. hires and trains veterans for data center jobs. They focus on veterans who have not served in the military in highly technical positions.
  • The entry job for them starts of as a data center cleaning program. In addition to this, veterans are offered higher job roles with relevant training opportunities by some companies.
  • Compass data centres, signed on with the company as it was just getting started and continue to utilize Salute’s services. Another long-time client, EdgeConneX, has a contract with them to help with its ambitious expansion into Europe.
  • Mission skill operations, highly specialized trades, cyber security, and computing systems staffing needs have been addressed by the hiring of U.S. military veterans for these specialties.
  • These veterans who have served on nuclear submarines understand the importance of mission-critical operation processes and accountability. Hence, are quality hires for these roles.
  • James Leach of raging wire data centres are partnering closely with military employment organizations and programs to build up the talent pool in this area.

5. Sustainability

  • One avenue to explore is diversity — inclusion of more women into this field from engineering backgrounds.
  • Collaborating with colleges and universities to address this skill gap in the data center industry by setting up degree and university programs.
  • SMU, Marist University in New York, and Global Skills X-change Corporation (GSX) are some of the examples.
  • Schneider Electric has trained 1,500 data center techs — they train staff with a relevant engineering work experience. They also recruit folks who are leaving the military and technical schools for their training programs.
  • Iron Mountain are hiring women in IT and stem programs across the market to build up the Talent Pipeline.

  • "With many seasoned data center employees reaching retirement age in an that industry that doubles in size every four years, data center operators face staffing problems."
  • "Kirby brings enough data center experience to the table to know more than a bit about staffing them. "
  • "since 2016 he's been the president of Uptime Institute, the advisory organization and operational sustainability, and focuses on improving data center performance on an industry-wide level. Before that he spent nearly three years as the organization's CTO."
  • "To take advantage of this opportunity, in 2013 Kirby and Jason Okroy co-founded Salute Mission Critical, or simply Salute, Inc., that hires and trains veterans for good data center jobs. "
  • "Compass Datacenters, signed on with the company as it was just getting started and continue to utilize Salute’s services. Another long-time client, EdgeConneX, has contracted them to help with its ambitious expansion into Europe."
  • "Since human resources are finite, CIOs have been forced to look inward to address their personnel requirements. "
  • "AFCOM’s recent State of the Industry Report found 60% of their respondents anticipate having to make increasing investments in their existing employees in the form of more certifications training and higher salaries to retain key performers."
  • "From a career perspective, data center personnel must continue to acquire new skills requirements "
  • "CIOs are looking for professionals with certifications either with specific cloud offerings (AWS, Azure, and Google) or ancillary technologies such as virtualization and networking. "
  • " Southern Methodist University (SMU) has established a post-graduate degree program in the data center discipline, Marist University has a Bachelor’s Degree in data center science and Global Skills X-change Corporation (GSX) recently launched a Certified Mission Critical Operator (CMCO) program."
  • "The U.S. Military has been a great source for our 7×24 operations teams. Our veterans, many of whom have served on nuclear submarines, understand the importance of mission-critical operations, processes, and accountability. We are partnering more closely than ever with military employment organizations and programs. "
  • "At Iron Mountain, we are investing in Women in IT and STEM programs across our markets to address this very challenge"