OTC Exchange Network

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OTCXN Founding Team

Rosario Ingargiola has been involved in creating highly specialized trading technology solutions since the beginning of his career, and he also has an extensive experience with managing and leading distributed teams of technology specialists. David Ogg has extensive experience designing Forex technology systems, and he also worked with Rutie Zhou on several projects in the past. John Morris started working in the blockchain space two years ago, while Vivek Bhandari had no previous blockchain or Forex-related experience before joining the OTC Exchange Network.

Rosario Ingargiola

  • Rosario Ingargiola, the founder of the OTC Exchange Network, has more than 15 years of experience in designing real-time trading systems for institutional investors like hedge funds and investment banks. Prior to founding the OTC Exchange Network, he founded FXone and Alphacet.
  • FXone develops completely integrated Forex trading solutions for institutional investors, while Alphacet develops algorithmic trading solutions that are used by quantitative analysts and traders.
  • His main areas of expertise are FinTech startups and various equity trading systems, and especially those related to Forex trading.
  • His current interests are mostly focused toward blockchain technology. For example, he is interested in Bitcoin, digital asset exchanges (especially decentralized exchanges) and cryptocurrencies. He is also interested in asset tokenization using blockchain technology.
  • His other interests such as peer-to-peer trading, alternative currency payments and Electronic Communication Networks (ECN) are also closely related to either blockchain or Forex trading technologies.
  • The information about Rosario Ingargiola is very scarce outside of his LinkedIn page. However, he was a guest in a Talking Markets podcast episode, and there is also a brief mention of him in the press release of Seabury Group, the global investment bank that acquired FXone in 2013.

David Ogg

John Morris

  • John Morris works as the chief strategy officer for OTC Exchange Networks. He was previously an advisor for the company before joining full-time.
  • Morris also works as an advisor for two other blockchain-related companies, Digital Currency Holdings and Fund3, an algorithmic trading fund that invests in cryptocurrencies.
  • Before working in the blockchain space (beginning at the start of 2018), Morris previously worked in the energy trading field. He founded two development companies in the space, and worked as a VP of trading in a number of gas and energy trading funds.

Rutie Zhou

Vivek Bhandari

  • Vivek Bhandari was one of the founding team members of the OTC Exchange Network. He joined the company as a director of blockchain engineering, and later became the senior director of blockchain engineering.
  • Bhandari recently (August 2019) left the company to join Rippling as a principal engineer.
  • Vivek Bhandari did not have any previous work experience related to blockchain or Forex trading, but he had extensive experience as a software developer. Some notable companies that he had worked for in the past include Juniper Networks, Fujitsu Network Communications, and Infosys.