Competitive Landscape: Neuromarketing/Neuromarket research

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Competitive Landscape: Neuromarketing Companies

The revenues for Neilsen, Merchant Mechanics, and OlsonZaltman Association are $6.5 billion, $8.6 million, and $18.4 million respectively. The requested information is provided in the attached spreadsheet.


  • Neilsen has annual revenue of $6.5 billion .
  • Some of the company's clients are Panoply Media, National CineMedia, Scripps Networks Interactive, RevTrax, Cumulus, among others.

Merchant Mechanics

Olson Zaltman Association

A comprehensive report is provided in the attached spreadsheet.


To provide a competitive analysis of the identified neuromarketing companies, our first approach was to search on the official websites of each company. We also searched for the annual reports of each company and on credible third-party websites for revenue data. While we found information on the revenue, clients, strategy, methodologies/approach, and competitive advantage for each of the companies, information on marketing efforts was found for only Neilsen.

To further search for information on the marketing efforts of Merchant Mechanics and Olson Zaltman, we explored third-party ad sources and magazines such as Adweek, Adage, among others. We also searched for any press release by the companies or interview excerpts from top officials of each company, but no marketing efforts or campaigns by these companies was publicly available.

Lastly, we searched on the social media pages of each company. Although we did not find efforts specific to marketing or campaign programs by the companies, we found that Merchant Mechanics occasionally advertise their services on their social media pages including Twitter and Facebook. We also found that in April 2018, a representative from Olson Zaltman spoke on the company's marking and consultancy at an event hosted by Pitt Behavioral Economics Club.