LA UX Companies Landscape

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LA UX Competitive Landscape-Part 1

Details regarding the prices, number of employees and the industries served by the companies in row 2-4 have been provided in the attached spreadsheet. A brief overview of our findings is provided below.




  • Clay is a software sector company that serves business, education and finance industries.
  • It is a full-service UX and UI design company based in San Francisco.
  • It is majorly focused on providing digital products, enterprise software, and website development services.
  • Other offered services include prototyping, website marketing, mobile and website application development, and product strategy.
  • Google, Facebook, and Slack are some of its major clients.
  • Based on the data provided by Clutch, a renowned marketing database, it is estimated that they employ between 10 to 49.


We commenced our research by first reviewing the official websites of the given companies along with private companies' databases including Crunchbase. Through this search, we were able to gather information regarding the prices for their services and employees but it was in the form of a range of numbers. The companies' didn't seem to publicize the exact figure for their number of employees and the prices for their services are based on an hourly basis that varies per project. So, we decided to provide the range and hence provided the same in the spreadsheet. Unfortunately, none of the sources contained any relevant data regarding the average duration of product engagement of each company.

We then searched for the investor relations and annual reports published by the companies hoping to get any relevant statistics regarding the usage of their services. We were especially looking for some graphical representation of their services engagement pertinent enough to conclude the average duration of the engagement. Unfortunately, none of the companies publicized their annual report.

We then attempted to look for research publications, surveys and case studies done on the companies' user base hoping to get information regarding distinct durations of product engagement by different consumers. We then hoped to finally add all the achieved durations and divide by the total number of those consumers to get the average. Following the same approach, we searched through several research databases including Research Gate, Research Guide, Pew Research and others. However, none of the sources contained any relevant information most likely due to the unavailability of such data as no previous researches or case studies seem to have been conducted on these companies.

As none of the above strategies yielded any useful result, we then looked for the consumer's perception of the products/services of the given companies. We then searched through the social media handles of the given companies including their Facebook and Twitter accounts. We were hoping to synthesize relevant commentary/statements and opt for the most common ones using appropriate assumptions to infer the approximate duration of product engagement. Unfortunately, the majority of the comments made by the consumers on social media handles were focused on their experience with the product or service. Hence, none of the strategies yielded any relevant information regarding the duration of the product or service engagement.
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LA UX Competitive Landscape-Part 2

Brave UX has 12 employees and most of its clients are IT companies. UX Studio, on the other hand, has 30 employees and mainly caters to companies in the business services, financial services, healthcare, IT and eCommerce sectors. The requested information on both companies has been provided in the spreadsheet.

BRAVE UX - Overview

  • Founded in 2014, Brave UX is a privately-held company that builds and designs functional interfaces.
  • The company is headquartered in Washington, DC where it has 12 employees.
  • Brave UX solves problems with "design and technology." They work with companies in all industries — from healthcare to financial and IT companies
  • It appears most of their past and current clients are in the IT field. A few of the company's clients include Upturn, Upside Development, Field One from Microsoft, Center for Digital Transformation, Federal Occupational Health, Marriott, Rokt, LifeCents, Sonar, and FourthWall.
  • According to Clutch, the company's average hourly rate is between $200 to $300 while its minimum project size is $50,000+.

BRAVE UX: Average Duration & Cost of Engagement/Project

  • When FourthWall Media employed the help of Brave UX, they began with a "five-week discovery phase so that both companies could become mutually acquainted with each other’s team, processes, styles, businesses, and products." After this, there was a "seven three-week sprints, with each sprint dedicated to equal parts information architecture and visual design." In total, FourthWall Media's engagement with Brave UX took around six months and the company spent about $300,000 to revamp the UI of their analytics platform with Brave UX.
  • Another company that needed to "solve some pretty complicated user experience challenges within a software product" sought the help of Brave UX. The company also spent paid Brave UX around $300,000 for the project. It was completed in about nine months.
  • Sonar, a Canadian based company needed to rewrite their application. In total, they spent $370,000 and the project was completed in six months.
  • A project with a computer software company took Brave UX less than two months to complete.
  • Brave UX was paid $250,000 and took around four months to design a UX for an app by a sales training company.
  • The company's work with Rokt - a marketing & advertising firm in Singapore - took around four months. Rokt invested $300,000 for this job.
  • A project for iConstituent - a computer software company, was completed in about four months and cost iConstituent $150,000.
  • Brave UX took four months to complete its work for Responsum Health. The cost was between $100,000 to $200,000.
  • On average, it appears Brave UX' project completion time is four months or more depending on what exactly is being done, and the client's cooperativeness. Based on over ten reviews, Brave UX completes projects within the allotted deadline and at an affordable rate.

UX STUDIO: Overview

UX STUDIO: Average Duration & Cost of Engagement/Project

  • UX Studio did a search feature redesign for Campanda GmbH which took around six weeks.
  • The company's work with "a leading recruitment platform in Hungary" took over a month.
  • UX Studio developed a UX design for InQuery Labs - an IT company based in Budapest. This project took them less than five weeks to complete.
  • UX Studio's work for a telecommunications company in Hungary - VVC Live, took a year.
  • UX Studio helped TruckIN build a prototype for their mobile and web applications in roughly a year.
  • The company's work with StyleLike, a marketing & advertising company was completed in three to four months and cost StyleLike "$9,000 to $10,000 per month."
  • In general, companies that have worked with UX Studio claim that they are fast. On average, it takes UX Studio from a month to a year to complete projects. This depends on the project itself.


In identifying Brave UX and UX Studio's prices, industries served, number of employees, and average duration of engagement, we primarily relied on their respective official websites. This helped us get the specific number of employees each company has. Both companies did not list their prices, industries served, and average duration of engagement, thus, we turned to company databases like Crunchbase and Bloomberg. These platforms only offered the date of establishment and headquarters of both companies. No information on their prices, industries served, and average duration of engagement was found. Therefore, we proceeded to leverage review websites like Clutch and Featured Customers. Both websites offered case studies of successful projects that Brave UX and UX Studio worked on. After reviewing case studies of more than ten companies they each worked with, we were able to deduce their prices, industries served, and average duration of engagement. Of note, here, we defined average duration of product engagement as the amount of time it takes these companies to complete projects.