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Thought Leadership in the Media

Accounting and consulting firms have contributed to a variety of topics in the media including the fight against cybercrime, empowerment of women, the integration of artificial intelligence in businesses, diversity and inclusion, perceptions of millennials and generation Z, and web-based accounting solutions. Contributions take the form of new product or service offerings, research reports, and expert advice from senior personnel.


  • BKD discusses their new cybercrime simulation service known as the Red Team and how it can help companies strengthen their stance against data breaches. Along with providing details about how the service works, the article also includes statistics concerning the financial implications of not being properly prepared, and includes a link to know more about the service.
  • Deloitte describes their collaboration with data solutions company Relativity, to offer their clients a new tool that would help in the fight against cybercrime called Relativity Trace. The product and its benefits are described in detail and the article also features a hyperlink to the product's site.
  • Deloitte provided insights regarding the management of data risk by providing the expert advice of two of their Risk and Finanical Advisory principals and a senior manager in an article published in the Wall Street Journal.


  • CohnReznik was referenced as a sponsor of the Accounting MOVE (Money, Opportunity, Vital Supports, Entrepreneurship) initiative which teamed up with the Accounting and Financial Women's Alliance, to produce a report that analyzed the growth of female leadership in the industry and the factors that positively influence this trend.
  • Deloitte collaborated with The Ella Project, a group that supports girls' education, in a comic book series encouraging youth to choose STEM-related careers. The CEO of Deloitte, Janet Foutty also discussed the firm's commitment to supporting the careers of women and minorities, and the article describes how the dearth of STEM skills particularly involves young women.
  • The Women in Excellence Index for 2019 by PwC was used as the source for an infographic illustrating the best countries for female employees. The survey was based on several factors including female job security and pay equality, and also described the economic benefits of improving them.


  • An Ernst & Young survey was referenced in an article concerning the use of artificial intelligence for the management of the 2017 updated tax code. Along with providing statistics, the article also quotes the vice chair of EY Americas, Marna Ricker, who discusses how emerging technologies such as AI are benefiting the tax firms that use them.
  • Investments in AI and the perceptions of the executives that lead these initiatives were the topic of a Fortune article based on a KPMG survey. Obstacles and expectations with supporting statistics were all discussed with commentary from KPMG partner, Brad Fischer.
  • Referencing two of their own surveys, Deloitte discusses the growth of AI in business operations and introduces other less well-known strategic advantages for consideration.
  • The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning survey by Protiviti was referenced in a Forbes article discussing this growing trend in the workplace. According to it, most companies are not observing returns on their advanced AI technologies despite most heavily investing in these technologies.


  • Advocating for neurodiversity, Ernst & Young opened a Neurodiversity Center of Excellence in Chicago. Hiren Shukla, EY's neurodiversity leader explained the positive impact of the program to Accounting Today and the difficulties that affected individuals often encounter.
  • As a speaker at the Great Place to Work for All Summit, PwC's Mike Dillon introduced unique components of an inclusive workplace including forgiveness and vulnerability. As the Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at PwC, he enlightened the audience on how to promote an environment for employee growth and provided advice for organizations to meet their diversity goals.
  • In their 2019 State of Inclusion survey, Deloitte revealed that most employees believe that their employers promote an inclusive environment, and that they feel free to be themselves at work. However, they also identified room for improvement due to the prevalence of microaggressions with Chief Inclusion Officer, Terri Cooper providing expert commentary.


  • A Forbes article referenced an Ernst & Young survey while discussing behavioral differences between millennials and generation Z, and their consequences for strategic marketing. The survey provided insight regarding these generations and loyalty programs.
  • In their annual Global Millennial survey, Deloitte analyzed millennial and generation Z perspectives regarding politics, finances, and the economy. The article also addressed businesses, explaining the significance of the results and encouraging proactive solutions.


  • Grant Thornton partnered with Oxford Economics to show that a healthy work culture not only improves employee satisfaction, but also generates significantly more revenue. According to the study, factors that contribute to this include employee engagement, teamwork, and low employee turnover.
  • The CEO of Deloitte US, Cathy Englebert, was a keynote speaker at the Lake Nona Impact Forum on wellness, due to the company's remarkable progress in promoting employee well-being. She discussed how the key to client satisfaction is employee satisfaction and described numerous company initiatives including an app that aims to improve the employee experience.


  • Alvarez & Marsal introduced their new online accounting tool, LeaseSCRE, which aids in the estimation of discount rates for companies that subject to new lease requirements in an article on Accounting Today. The article describes the underlying technology and benefits of using LeaseSCRE, and also includes a link to the website for readers who want more information.
  • Deloitte describes the new capabilities of their online accounting tool, 990Capture in an article explaining the advantages of the updates, which include saving time and reducing errors. The article also explains how client feedback inspired these changes, as well as tax regulatory requirements.


  • "“The focus of the conversation has been on how culture makes people feel,” said Grant Thornton executive Chris Smith in a statement. “Now we have hard facts showing significant savings.”"
  • "The company has created a loosely-defined “culture of courage” that inspires people to do what’s right however they define it: by being entrepreneurial on the job, or by taking time off to spend with a dying parent. If it’s the right thing to do, it will ultimately be good for the employee and the company. "