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Northwell Health Cancer Institute mainly uses digital ads, while Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer uses a combination of print and digital creatives. Both are well-known cancer care centers in New York. Screenshots of the creatives by Northwell Health Cancer can be found here, while that of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer has been provided here.

Northwell Health Cancer Institute

  • Northwell Health spends about $80 million on advertising annually. In 2019, it appointed StrawberryFrog, a digital agency in NYC, to handle its advertising, branding, and marketing account.
  • Northwell Health Cancer Institute released a social media ad on the 16th of January 2020. The ad features a cancer patient, Teresa O'Halloran telling her story and describing her experience with the health center. Northwell mentioned that it celebrated its 100th stem cell transplant of 2019.
  • In November 2019, it released a Twitter ad featuring a woman who had endometrial cancer. She described her experience with the cancer center.
  • Northwell Cancer Institute released another social media ad in November 2019 telling the story of a woman who beat cancer once but had lung cancer again and had to fight to live.
  • In October 2019, it released a TV commercial featuring cancer survivors. It ended the ad by mentioning that Northwell Health Cancer Institute sees and fights cancer differently. The tagline used in this ad is "cancer is a bully."
  • Northwell Health Cancer Institute released a Facebook ad in October 2019. The ad featured a family who dealt with multiple diagnoses of the breast cancer gene with the help of Northwell Health Cancer Institute.
  • It published a story of a woman who took several steps to beat cancer before it arrived because it led to the death of three women in her family. Northwell Health Cancer Institute urged people to schedule a mammogram in this ad.
  • This digital banner ad was released by Northwell Health Cancer Institute in September 2019. The ad mentioned that "more New Yorkers choose [Northwell] for their cancer care than anyone else."
  • Northwell Health Cancer Institute has a health and wellness website called The Well that it uses for advertising. There, it publishes real life experiences of cancer survivors. A May 2019 post featured a woman who reconstructed her breast due to cancer.
  • Screenshots of the aforementioned ads can be found here.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer (Uniondale Location)

  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer has a print OOH (out-of-home) ad in Union Square Station, NYC. The message passed across through this ad is "IT'S TIME TO CHANGE HOW THE WORLD TREATS CANCER."
  • It has another print OOH ad at a major bus stop cube in NYC. The message shown in this ad is "WE'RE LOOKING AT CANCER IN A WAY THE WORLD NEVER HAS BEFORE."
  • With the help of Media Max Network, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center ran a geo-targeted print ad in The NewYorker.
  • Currently, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has a PPC (pay-per-click) ad on Google. The ad comes up for searches related to "cancer care in NYC" or "Memorial Sloan Kettering."
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has a blog that it uses for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes. In March 2019, it published a post titled "7 Reasons to Come to MSK Nassau for Cancer Care." It made a case for its high quality cancer care through this post.
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center put out a digital banner at in March 2019. The marketing message was "At MSK, more breakthroughs in lymphoma treatment mean more options for you."
  • In August 2019, it released a digital banner ad mentioning that it has been a top-ranked cancer care center in the Northeast for three decades in a row.
  • It published another digital banner ad in October 2019 mentioning that it cares for young cancer patients than anywhere else.
  • Screenshots of the aforementioned ads can be found here.


In order to gather recent examples of print creatives by Northwell Health Cancer Institute and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer, we first examined advertising publications like Adweek and Adage. These publications only featured 2017 and 2018 creatives by each center. Next, we leveraged Moat, a marketing analytics database for print ads released by each center. This was somewhat fruitful as it helped gather some print ads. We also scoured the public domain for case studies of print ads. Typically, digital agencies publish these case studies for prospective clients to see.

These strategies revealed that both centers do not have up to seven print ads for 2019 and 2020. As a result, our search was extended to other types of ads, specifically digital ads. In addition, some of the ads we found for Northwell Health Cancer Institute were extrapolated from its social media accounts, as not enough recent ads could be found through the above-mentioned mediums.
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Competitive Creative - Hospitals (2)

Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center and NYU Langone use a combination of print and digital ads to market their cancer centers. Screenshots of these ads have been provided here.

Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center

  • In February 2019, Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center released a video ad titled "Live a Heart Healthy Life." It mentioned in this ad that it is the recipient of health grades excellence awards and two five star awards. It also stated that it is the number one hospital on Long Island.
  • Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center published a digital banner ad in April 2019 about being an ideal location for stroke and brain aneurysm.
  • In July 2019, it released a digital banner ad. The marketing message in this ad was "Always Here. Always Ready."
  • In October 2019, Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center released a YouTube ad featuring different patients with cancer. They described their positive experience at the center.
  • It recently put out a print ad for its Long Island Center. The ad featured a cancer patient with the words "I'd have gone to the ends of the earth for the best cancer treatment. Turns out I only had to go to the end of the block."
  • On the 4th of January 2020, it featured a woman with cancer sharing her positive experience at the hospital across its social media platforms.
  • Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center released another print ad recently with the tagline "IMRT Without the L.I.E." It mentioned in the ad that the most advanced "cancer treatments on earth are available in West Islip, Long Island." The ad featured its Long Island cancer cure team.
  • Screenshots of the above-mentioned ads can be found here.

NYU Langone Cancer/Perlmutter

  • NYU Langone shared a post about Perlmutter Cancer Center across its social media platforms in January 2020. It described how the center uses robotic surgery to treat lung cancer.
  • On the 11th of January 2020, it shared a tweet about a physician turned patient who enrolled in Perlmutter's pancreatic cancer screening program and beat the longest odds.
  • In October 2019, NYU Langone’s Perlmutter Cancer Center released a video ad featuring a patient describing her cancer journey. She discussed she world-class treatment she received at the center.
  • In July 2019, it released a print ad stating that "Perlmutter Cancer Center provides the most comprehensive services in Brooklyn."
  • Perlmutter Cancer Center published a video ad in May 2019 featuring a patient sharing his experience with colon cancer and describing how the center helped.
  • On its website, it features a video ad where it told the story of some of its cancer survivors, an example being a soldier with a 3D limb. It ends by indicating that Perlmutter Cancer Center has "assembled an extraordinary team of researchers for developing new treatments and clinical trials for patients."
  • It recently placed a programmatic ad on and
  • Screenshots of the above-mentioned ads can be found here.
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Mount Sinai Cancer Center and New York Presbyterian mainly use print ads to advertise their services and value proposition. Screenshots of these ads can be found here and here.

Mount Sinai Cancer Center

  • In January 2019, Mount Sinai published a digital banner ad claiming it uses immunotherapy, the "greatest advance in cancer treatment over the past 50 years."
  • In February 2019, Mount Sinai debuted a TV commercial during the Academy Awards. The theme of the campaign was "Which hospital you choose can make all the difference." The emotional ad was a montage of several "seemingly healthy individuals who were all patients of Mount Sinai Hospital at some point in their lives." It emphasized the high-quality patient care that the center offers.
  • In 2019, it released a print ad with the headline "You Don't Bring Outdated Technology to a Cancer Fight." It mentioned some of the advanced cancer treatments it provides, an example being innovative dendritic cell vaccines. The ad has been displayed on subways in NYC.
  • Mount Sinai put out another print ad in January 2019 titled "What's the Worst Kind of Prostrate Cancer? The Agrressive Kind that Goes Undetected." It mentioned in the ad that it has developed an innovate program that combines radiology and urology, among others, to help locate and aggressively treat cancers. The ad was shared on NYC buses.
  • The health center published a print ad in March 2019 headlined "If you need robotic-assisted surgery, consider whom the robot is assisting." This surgery is known for its use in cancer treatment.
  • In May 2019, Mount Sinai released a digital banner ad titled "Prostate Cancer: Treatment Redefined." It offered a clever definition of prostate cancer and urged people to set an appointment.
  • It published another print ad in 2019 titled "Every Hospital Will Do Everything It Can. But We Can Do Things Other Hospitals Can't."
  • Screenshots of the aforementioned ads can be found here.

New York Presbyterian

  • In May 2019, with the help of Lamar Advertising of New York City, New York Presbyterian released a billboard ad headlined "Amazing is celebrating 33 after a near-fatal stroke at 32."
  • Another billboard ad was released by the company in 2019. It was headlined "Amazing is giving birth after facing death."
  • New York Presbyterian put out another billboard board on a NYC highway headlined "Amazing is making John's spine shorter so he can stand taller." The medical center mentioned in this ad that it has more top doctors than any other US hospital.
  • It recently released a video ad in April 2019 featuring a young boy with severe spinal deformity. He battled with severe scoliosis and thoracic kyphosis for years — and after over a dozen unsuccessful attempts to treat his condition, his parents found New York-Presbyterian Hospital. There, they discovered Lawrence Lenke who saved his life.
  • New York Presbyterian published a TV commercial in 2019 featuring Tom Myers. He was involved in an accident and faced likely amputation. New York Presbyterian's medical team eventually saved his legs.
  • New York Presbyterian currently has a banner at the Queens Center Mall in New York with the headline "Amazing Things Are Happening In Queens."
  • Recently, it rolled out a series of print ads in magazines, brochures, and outdoor spaces. Each ad had a different headline. In one magazine, its headline was "Even Common Cancers Need Tailored Treatments." In another magazine, its headline was "Only Experts Deliver Expert Cancer Care."
  • New York Presbyterian rolled out a OOH (out-of-home) campaign with the headline "Expecting? Expect More." It was put on buses in NYC.
  • It published another OOH print ad in NYC subways headlined "Cancer Starts In One Single Cell. Healing Starts In One Great Hospital."
  • Screenshots of the aforementioned ads can be found here.