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Market Watchlist Tools - Stocks and Funds - Individual Investors

We located 22 tools that are market watch lists or products that help in tracking stocks and funds used by individual investors. For each, we have provided the name of the tool and a brief description, including whether it is app-based or web-based and who offers the tool, when relevant.

Below you will find our list of 22 market watch tools.


It is worth noting that these tools were located through several compilations of market watch tools for individuals as well as some articles about individual tools. Each employed different methodology to achieve their results, making a method of structuring our list difficult to select. Since no specific type of ranking was requested, we opted to simply include them in the order they were located.


1) Personal Capital Finance: Available as an app for Android, iOS, and Amazon provided by the website Personal Finance.
2) SigFig Wealth Management: This is a mobile app by SigFig that also allows a user to monitor their investments for free.
3) Ticker: Stocks Portfolio Manager: The mobile app from Ticker allows users to manage multiple stock portfolios from one dashboard.
4) Yahoo! Finance: This is the mobile market watch tool from Yahoo. It is free and has an easy to use design.
5) MoneyControl: Available on Android, iOS, and Windows, allows users to track Indian and Global markets.
6) Real-time Stock Tracker +Alert: A stock tracking app designed for iOS.
7) Stock Ratings: Another iOS based stock and investment tracking app.
8) Stock TickerPicker: A highly rated iOS based investment monitoring app.
9) MSN Money: A mobile app from MSN that provides investment tracking and management tools.
10) Jstock Android: A mobile app that provides portfolio and dividend management tools.
11) IIFL: The most downloaded share market app for India. Mobile app only.
12) Schwab Workplace Retirement: A web-based app with several useful features.
13) Google Finance: Google's free tool to track stocks and funds.
14) The Portfolio Tracker: A web-based app from Equitymaster that allows an individual to monitor stocks in India at any time.
15) Equitystat: A web-based app that allows users to track their individual investments.
16) ET Portfolio: A web-based tool provided by the India Times, it offers real time reports and customized alerts.
17) Simplemoney: A web-based app that allows users to track their mutual funds and equities without data entry.
18) NDTV: A web-based tool that offers the ability to build investment summaries and reports.
19) StocksTracker: Web-based stock charts and streaming quotes.
20) Sharesight: Web-based app labeled as a stock portfolio tracker for investors.
21) Capital Market: A web-based app that provides live market news, stock prices, and a portfolio tracker.
22) Bloomberg Markets: A mobile app from Bloomberg, it also offers performance charts that identify leaders and laggers.


In the 22 market watch tools in this list, we included attempted to provide a global selection that included both web-based and mobile apps. They are some of the more popular and widely utilized tools for investors to track their stocks and funds.
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Market Watchlist Tools - Cryptocurrency - Individual Investors

There are many tools available for watching the cryptocurrency market and analyzing personal portfolios, but below are some of the most well-known and utilized options. These were determined to be the most qualified resources from a number of lists that ranked cryptocurrency analysis tools and more. Below you will find an overview of some of the well-known cryptocurrency tools available to individuals today, as well as what each tool entails and contains.


CoinMarketCap is an online website that tracks the current prices of all cryptocurrencies that are available for trading. The currencies are listed based on highest market caps in USD. There are options to view just coins or just tokens, and the tables can be organized by circulating or total supply as well. Individuals cannot trade currencies through this website, but they can track relevant information about cryptocurrencies.

There are charts available for each cryptocurrency that show currency data ranging from 1 day to the current year-to-date. All charts also show the currency value and history in relation to the top currency at the moment, Bitcoin. The website states the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies combined, and users have the option to download a widget for the webpage that can data about specific currencies in real-time.

Coins.Live is an online website on which users can track current data on cryptocurrencies, as well as trade and exchange currencies. The site provides the total global market cap of all currencies as a whole, but also breaks down each coin and lists them based on highest market caps — all values are provided in USD. Individuals who want to do more can create accounts through for free and trade cryptocurrencies through the site, and view current news on cryptocurrencies. is similar to, in that users can view top lists of cryptocurrencies for free, but also have the option to create accounts to track their personal portfolios. Through this site, individuals can form personal watchlists for certain currencies that they want to keep an eye on. The top cryptocurrencies at the moment are listed at the top of the webpage, which also gives the percent change of each currency in the last 24 hours. Market caps of all cryptocurrencies are also provided, as well as current values and the top gainers/losers in currencies. General news relating to cryptocurrencies is listed on the site, and users can search through the news for information regarding specific currencies by keywords or names.


CryptoCompare is an online website that shows the top, featured cryptocurrencies on their homepage, as well as associated percentage changes, 24 hour volumes, and current prices of each currency in Euros. This website goes further to provide detailed guides and information on how to get involved in trading cryptocurrencies and how cryptocurrencies function. Information regarding the funding of upcoming cryptocurrencies that are not currently available for trading is provided through this site, in addition to the availability of portfolios to track an individual's trading processes. Through the personal portfolios, users can buy, trade, and sell their shares in cryptocurrencies straight through the website, and even use partnered wallets and conversion applications to transfer their sold shares into money they can use.


CoinTracking is both an online website and a mobile app that provides users with free information and a free trading platform for cryptocurrencies. The website/app monitors the profit/loss on all digital coins, including user-specific profits/losses based on their investments. Lists for all trades and prices are provided, in addition to the relevant tax information for converting and processes coins. CoinTracking also provides an historical analysis of all coins available on the market in real-time, with their market cap, price in Euros, value in Europe, and percent change over the past seven days. There are graphs that organize this data for multiple currencies onto a single graph for comparisons.

Users with portfolios through CoinTracking can view their total balance of coins, commodities, currencies, and accounts all in one place. Charts depicting user data are interactive and show the user's value in each currency in which they have invested, plus their trades and balance per exchange or currency. This data can be compiled into a single graph to show total personal daily balances, as well as in the form of a timeline that lists an individual's actions on the cryptocurrency trading platform.

Delta — Bitcoin, ICO & Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Delta is a free Android- and iOS-compatible mobile app that allows users to manage their cryptocurrency profile wherever they go. The application provides information such as total portfolio balance, total profit/loss since the opening of a portfolio, and total profit/loss of the user's portfolio in the last 24 hours. The trends of an individual's investments are all shown on a single graph that shows value in local currency, USD, and in Bitcoin. Users can add custom lists for ICOs that are not yet available for trading on the cryptocurrency market yet, and when they do become available, users can merge their values with the live market.

Just like other devices and applications, Delta also provides current market data such as top cryptocurrencies by market cap, relative percent changes over the last 24 hours, and more. The application supports data from over 2,000 cryptocurrencies, and can provide a deep market analysis of each currency in which a user is currently investing. Users can set up alerts for specific currencies, and individuals can also exchange their currencies directly through the app. Deductions and holdings for currency exchanges can be completed at once; they do not need to be done for each individual currency when exchanging from cryptocurrency to other monetary values.


Blockfolio is an iOS-exclusive mobile application for cryptocurrency portfolios and trading. The app tracks over 2,000 cryptocurrencies in over 30 countries, and users can exchange and sell their shares right from the app. A user's portfolio provides detailed information on their specific investments, and just like Delta, users can set up alerts for when their investments pass certain value thresholds. Candlestick charts, order books, and market details are available for all cryptocurrencies in the app, as well as current news about currencies. Any new cryptocurrencies that enter the market are added to the app on the same day they enter the market.

Coin Stats

Coin Stats is another iOS-exclusive mobile app that tracks cryptocurrencies and personal investments in the market. This application supports over 1,000 major cryptocurrencies, and provides real-time market data. Users can track their personal Bitcoin and altcoin investments/earnings, and can even have more than one portfolio through the app. The app has a free version that supports up to $5,000 in altfolio investments, and a subscription version for $4.99/month that allows full access and unlimited investments. Users can choose specific coins as "favorites" that will be tracked in a different portion of the app, and can see how such currencies are playing out through relevant news. Portfolios from other sources can be synced with this application for accurate tracking of personal investments.

Crypto Tracker

Crypto Tracker is a free, Android-exclusive mobile application that allows users to create a portfolio for cryptocurrency investments within the app. The app supports all cryptocurrencies currently on the market, and will convert currency values to different monetary currencies in 14 different countries (USD, Euro, etc.). Users can filter through the available cryptocurrencies to just show their favorites or personal investments, and their relative values and percent changes over the last 24 hours.


CrytoPort is another free, Android-exclusive mobile app that allows users to monitor and manage their cryptocurrency portfolios in real time. Users can sync information to their portfolio from other apps and websites, and the app will convert all values into local currencies based on user-location. The app provides real-time data of market caps and values of all cryptocurrencies on the market, but users have the option to customize their list based on preferences or personal investments. This application also provides a percent analysis of portfolio holdings, in addition to total loss/profit for each investment/coin from all current and synced data, including unpaid mining balances. Users can sync private wallets to this app for BTC and ETH payouts.


There is a wide range of sources and tools available for tracking the current cryptocurrency market in real-time, as well as personal investments in all types of cryptocurrencies. While some applications or websites only provide data on the state of the cryptocurrency market, there are others that not only contain this data, but also allow users to manage a portfolio of their investments. Such apps and sites usually allow users to link mobile wallets or exchange platforms for payouts of investments, but some can do this right from the webpage or in the app. There is no "best" tool or platform for watching the cryptocurrency market or managing an individual's portfolio. It is all dependent on personal interests and needs.
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Market Watchlist Tools - Cryptocurrency - Financial Advisers


There are a variety of tools that help in tracking cryptocurrency. The five indexes to track bitcoin and other digital currencies are FS Crypto 10, FS Crypto 40, FS Crypto 250, FS Crypto 300, and FS Crypto Aggregate.

The current list of all cryptocurrency Tools operating in the market are: - Live Coin Watch, Block Cypher, Block Chain Info., Insight Bitpay, Ether Scan, Currencio, Crypto Compare etc.

The websites which are used by Financial Advisors most commonly in keeping track of the large and rapidly growing number of cryptocurrencies are: List of Altcoin Faucets, Coinchoose, CryptCoin Monitor, CrypTrader, BTC Trader, Cryptsy, Quandl Bitcoin Markets, Bitcoincharts, Cryptocoincharts, Ripple Charts, Cryptocoin Explorer and Block Explorer etc.

These are the most frequently used tools which are cryptocurrency market watch lists and continue to be widely used by financial advisers in tracking cryptocurrency.

For those interest in cryptocurrency, these sites are all valuable tools in a growing cryptocurrency toolbox. Multicurrency online wallets are perhaps the one application that still can be worked on.

There are wide range of monitoring tools available online to capture the statistics of the Bitcoin network’s past and present data. Many of these online tools are useful to track and chart the protocols daily action as well as give answers to questions concerning the cryptocurrency’s behavior. This includes various blockchain explorers, node counters, and many more interesting analytical tools that provide a different perspective on the Bitcoin ecosystem. Blockchain explorers are useful to Bitcoin users as they help identify every transaction that takes place since the inception of the cryptocurrency’s distributed ledger.

Some of the tools that cryptocurrency market watch lists, used by financial advisers are, “open exploration tool” (OXT), Blockseer, Node Counter, Bitnodes, Coin Dance etc. In addition to these watch lists, we also found that the best application and web-based products used by financial advisor's in tracking cryptocurrency include Bitcoin Ticker, Coinage, Coin Tick, and Trade Interceptor.

Based on the research and findings above, there are a variety of tools which help in tracking cryptocurrency. These tools include websites, blockchain explorers, node counters, and apps. We specifically noted that the best websites used for tracking cryptocurrency by financial advisor's are - List of Altcoin Faucets, Coinchoose, CryptCoin Monitor, CrypTrader, BTC Trader, Cryptsy, Quandl Bitcoin Markets, Bitcoincharts, Cryptocoincharts, Ripple Charts, Cryptocoin Explorer and Block Explorer etc.

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Market Watchlist Tools - Stocks and Funds - Financial Advisers

From our research, 11 notable tools for financial advisers were identified: Lightspeed Trading,, Finviz* Elite, Bloomberg Terminal, Quotestream, JStock, MarketWatch, Scottrade Advisor Services, Stock TickerPicker, Worden, and eSignal. Below is the detailed list with brief description for each tool, as well as their website. The list consists of both app-based and web-based products.


To compile this list, we looked at articles from trusted sources written for and by financial advisers, not articles written for individual investors. We then vetted each tool to ensure that it does include market watch lists and tracking for stocks and funds, not just cryptocurrency tracking. These 11 tools are all currently operating in the market.

Most market watch list tools for financial advisers are observed to fall into one of two categories:

1. They are robust tools for professionals that include many features beyond just market watch lists.

2. They are tools for everyone to use — not just financial advisers.

Within the second category, we stayed away from listing tools that are clearly for individuals, and instead only listed tools that are either routinely recommended for professionals (like JStock) or tools that have a "professional" version, not just free/individual versions.



Lightspeed Trading is a trading platform recognized by many industry experts (Deloitte, Inc.5000, as a leader for active trading, including being voted multiple years in a row by Barron's as the Best Broker for Frequent Trading and voted by as #1 in Active Trading. They have several tools available for both individuals and professional users, including Light Speed Trader, Sterling, Livevol X, RealTick Pro, Web/Mobile Trader. In LightSpeed's platforms comparison, while all these 5 platforms can be market watchlist tools, the best ones for active and professional traders are Light Speed Trader, Sterling, Livevol X, RealTick Pro. provides independent, live market analysis of the U.S. and international equity markets for both individual investors and institutional professionals. It is a reliable tool for traders, as it has been recognized by different industry experts (Barron's, Forbes). You can find the full list of the website's awards here. Briefing offers 3 services: Briefing In Play (its basic market coverage service for individual investors), Briefing In Play Plus (its most popular streaming service for financial pros and active investors) and Briefing Trader (its premier streaming service for active traders). Therefore, financial advisers can use either Briefing In Play Plus or Briefing Trader for their research. For complete reference, a full comparison of Briefing's all three services can be found here., or Financial Visualization is a free tool providing market maps, advanced stock screeners and analysis tools for both individual investors and financial advisers. The site also includes a paid upgrade — Finviz* Elite, which is suitable for active investors. Finviv* Elite's tool is for financial advisers managing 100 portfolios or fewer. At the bottom of Finviz* Elite's web page you can find different professional traders using Finviz.

4. JStock
JStock isn't limited to just professionals, but it is one of the most-used apps out there for traders, and listed on several "top" lists for pros and individuals alike, so it is worth including on this list. This tool includes stock watchlists, alerts, indicator filters, charting, and more.

Like JStock, this is not an app that is solely for financial advisers, but it is so commonly used by everyone and included on top lists that it is worth including on the list.

Stock TickerPicker is a tool for both individuals and financial advisers, but it has the capability for unlimited nested watch lists, which makes it ideal for tracking multiple stocks for multiple portfolios at once.

7. Worden

This tool has both desktop and mobile options. Worden was voted " the best software under $500" in 2017 by Stocks & Commodities Magazine. Their version 16 includes "manual sorting of personal watchlists" as well as real-time data, alerts, custom charting tools, and an easy-to-use layout. More about the tool's features can be found here.


Bloomberg Terminal is Bloomberg's professional services offering. They have both PC and mobile tools, which use real-time data. Bloomberg is a trusted site for financial advisers, as it is "sitting on the desks of 325,000 of the world’s most influential decision makers."

Quotestream Professional was designed to meet the specific needs of Financial Industry Professionals, offering fast, reliable, comprehensive market data, analysis and research information, along with unparalleled functionality, in the most advanced and user-friendly application on the market.

Scottrade Advisor Services is built for registered investment advisers, "for institutional use only". This page has more information about Scottrade Advisor Services's stock-related features. It's a very robust tool and market watch features are just a part of the offering.

4. eSignal

eSignal is a very robust product, it is more than just a market watch list. However, all of eSignal's products, as outlined on this page, include market tracking features. This page is a great comparison between the products.


To sum up, there are 7 market watchlist tools that can be used by both individual and financial investors: Lightspeed Trading,, Finviz *Elite, JStock ,MarketWatch, Stock TickerPicker, and Worden and 4 market watchlist tools that are multi-functional for financial advisers: eSignal, Scottrade Advisor Services, Quotestream, Bloomberg Terminal. Please note that these categories' division is quite relative, as most of the tools included are multi-functional. A single Wonder list comprises at least 10 items, and if you need more entries, you can submit a new request and we'll pick up where we left off.
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Market Watchlists - Other than Financial Products

I've compiled a list of 17 examples of non-financial watchlists in areas like eCommerce, retail stock, online media, and even fantasy sports. Read on for a full rundown of my criteria and the example watchlists!


To get a clear understanding of the purpose and capabilities of a watchlist app in a financial context, I used Investopedia's definition. From that, I came up with a few criteria that I used to determine whether I should include an app or website on my list of non-financial watchlists: the solution should either let a user monitor either a whole industry or vertical within an industry (as financial watchlists track whole markets or exchanges), give them the ability to track prices or other information about a specific product, item, or other object (as financial watchlists track single stocks), or it should aggregate information about either a product, topic, or industry from several different sources (as financial watchlists can give news updates on companies or market trends that could affect stock prices). I found 17 examples of websites, apps, or services that fit one or several of these criteria -- my list is below.


Seafood Watch, created by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, lets consumers track the most sustainable possible options in seafood consumption. Their website has trends, recommendations, and educational resources, and their mobile app gives on-the-go recommendations for eating at restaurants and grocery shopping.

A few Amazon-specific price-watching tools exist, including Camel Camel Camel and Keepa. Both tools show price histories, pricing for popular products, and allow customers to build watchlists of specific products. Keepa also offers Amazon wishlist imports.

Similarly, several tools exist that let users track brick-and-mortar retailers' stock of hard-to-find items. Notable examples include NowInStock and BrickSeek, which both came into the public eye in early 2017 due to stock issues with the Nintendo Switch. Both tools allow for specific product alerts on popular or rare items like limited-run LEGO kits, game consoles, and more.

IsThereAnyDeal is a wide-ranging watchlist for digital game download services. This service lets users track prices and sales across a huge variety of sites and stores.

Lookmark is an iOS App Store and iTunes wish list app, letting users track app updates, prices, and other changes.

Giftster is a group gift list tracking app aimed at families and friend groups. Users can track their purchases, see what their friends and family members requested, and more.

In the news and media area, feedly is a popular aggregation service. It lets users build keyword lists for tracking and populates a dashboard of new information.

Can I Stream It is a popular service letting users track what's available on a variety of streaming and on-demand platforms including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and others. Site or app users can see if a specific show or movie is available on a service, set up alerts to see when a show or movie comes to their preferred service, or see what's new on the major platforms.

The Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict is aimed at nonprofits and humanitarian organizations, giving them recommendations and data on areas of the world where children are endangered and abused due to war and conflicts.

Distill is a web service and browser extension that allows users to build a watchlist of websites. The service will monitor those websites and notify users of content changes like new product reviews, price changes, and updated news stories or blog posts.

The coupon and promo code service Honey runs its own watchlist service called Droplist, letting users build a list of products to monitor for price drops.

For college sports fans, ESPN has a recruiting watchlist that lets users search for recruits by name and shows their position, location, skill ratings, and committed schools.

Along those same lines, several fantasy sports watchlist apps and services exist. NFL Fantasy and ESPN Fantasy both offer league-specific watchlists for team owners to track specific players to trade or acquire, and FantasyPros has a suite of watchlist tools that work across fantasy sports and leagues, giving users news, injury, and performance updates.


Non-financial watchlists exist in a variety of industries: Camel Camel Camel and Keepa are specific to product prices on Amazon, while Honey's Droplist tracks prices across a variety of eCommerce sites. In the sporting world, ESPN offers a watchlist to track college sports recruiting, and several watchlist applications exist for fantasy sports as well. All told, I've found 17 examples of watchlists that track non-financial products.