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Overview - The Partnering Group

According to Symphony Retail AI, The Partnering Group is recognized for its global retailer and manufacturer standards for its proprietary models and business processes to support excellence in organizational design and capability-building. A summary of the company's consulting solutions, organizational assessment offerings, competitive advantage, and target customer base is provided below.

The Partnering Group


  • The Partnering Group is a global consulting firm that specializes in strategic planning and general management consulting services for over 225 blue-chip clients across 45 countries.
  • Client entities for The Partnering Group include retailers, distributors, and consumer products companies worldwide.
  • The company provides services such as insights for growth and profitability, creating consumer and customer-centered strategies, embedding leadership planning and generation of best practices, and designing organizations to promote winning capabilities and cultures.

Consultancy Solutions

  • The Partnering Group provides solutions to support successful design and capability-building for organizations including assessment, design, implementation, culture, and mergers and acquisitions services.

Organizational Capability-Building

  • The Partnering Group's manufacturer clients seek solutions to enhance employee engagement and improve organizational productivity while the typical retailer client seeks solutions that synchronize organizational strategy and design, place accountability within the organization, and accelerate value creation among store support centers.
  • To achieve this, the company provides an array of consulting services to promote highly-productive cultures among organizations including cultural visioning, cultural diagnostics, cultural improvement planning, and culture evolution support.
  • Through these services, The Partnering Group supports its clients in developing a unified vision statement, clarity on its current state and drivers to achieve the future state, and developing a customized strategic plan to achieve the desired cultural vision, aligning the organization around key elements of the new culture.
  • In implementing these cultural changes, The Partnering Group supports the development and management of component plans to address several facets of organizational capability-building, including support of staffing for new roles and transitioning adapted roles, activating newly-designed work flows, addressing information and systems needs, clarifying new policies and procedures, communicating newly designed reward and recognition programs, building a robust training blueprint to align with desired competencies, and training new teams on new roles and business plans for the first six months following a launch.

Organizational Assessment

  • The Partnering Group provides organizational assessment services to its retail and manufacturer clients using its proprietary Organization Productivity Model, (OPM), which provides a multi-faceted approach to organizational assessment, which incorporates components such as Strategic Comprehension & Alignment, Work Processes Productivity, Role & Structure Design, Decision-Making Effectiveness, Talent Development, Performance Management, and Information & Systems Enablement.
  • The company uses qualitative employee surveys, work process analyses, document reviews, targeted stakeholder interviews, relevant best practices, and industry benchmarking to inform its organizational assessment process.
  • The assessment results in a final deliverable, a unique strategic improvement roadmap for the client, which identifies areas across the OPM that would benefit from process improvement in order to drive results and growth for the client organization.

Learning and Talent Development

  • The Partnering Group leverages its proprietary human capital analytics and solutions to attract, build, and retain top talent within its clients' organizations.
  • The organization provides service offerings including talent assessment, top talent development, succession planning, defining competencies, performance management, and training to support talent acquisition, development, and retention among its retail and manufacturer clients.
  • Additionally, the company offers training services to its manufacturer and retailer clients including curriculum design, course development, e-learning, and training course offerings.

Competitive Advantage

  • The Partnering Group distinguishes itself from its competitors in the strategic and management consulting space with its extensive expertise of the company's partners, who average nineteen years of executive experience as retailers, distributors or manufacturers.
  • The company's proprietary models and business processes have been perceived as best practices on a global scale by some of its clients.
  • The company's work has been recognized by its clients, such as gasoline mogul Shell, who awarded The Partnering Group with the Global Supplier of Excellence Award for the company's support in building Shell's global category management capability.
  • The company was also recognized by UK-based client John West for its "over [delivery]" against the client's high expectations on its work in strategic organizational assessment through delivery of a collaborative strategy outline plan with key strategic customers for the organization.
  • The company boasts success of implementing cultural shifts in design for organizations ranging in size from 8,000 to 25 employees.
  • A case study demonstrating the competitive edge from The Partnering Group for a large, multi-national consumer packaged goods company resulted in a 38% increase in customer contact time, 60% reduction in administration & travel time, and 1.5-1.8% incremental volume growth and establishment of the lowest known industry cost for retail coverage at significantly less than 1% of net sales from the customer model and business case built from The Partnering Group's proprietary organizational Assessment, Design and Implementation model.
  • Within talent development, a case study of a durable goods client of The Partnering Group resulted in a significant increase in sales and profit over a six-year period as a direct impact from The Partnering Group's execution of a competency-based and proficiency-leveled curriculum for category management across the client organization.
  • Additionally, another case study of The Partnering Group's work within talent development demonstrated an increase in industry benchmarking scores for Category Management among more established Category Managers in a global consumer products manufacturer client organization as a direct result of a hands-on and workshop-based program to mitigate gaps in skills and information among Category Team members, developed by The Parterning Group.

Target Customers

  • As mentioned previously, The Partnering Group tailors its service offerings to retailers, manufacturers, and distributors as its primary customer base, on a broader-scale.
  • In the retail space, The Partnering Group offers tailored services to customers in larger corporations as well as for private brands and those in the food services industry (i.e., food packaging).
  • Within the manufacturing space, The Partnering Group targets larger corporations, business unit leaders, and consumer products companies.

Research Strategy

Through accessing The Partnering Group's official company website, the research team was able to identify sufficient information on the company's serving offerings in organizational capability, training, and learning opportunities as well as its competitive advantage and target customers. The information pulled from the official website is summarized in the report.