Compensation Rates for Electrical Engineers

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Compensation Rates for Electrical Engineers

According to the Economic research Institute, the average annual salary of a mid-level Electrical Engineer is $26,078.90 in USD. Were unable to find enough data to offer a high confidence estimate of the average wage for an electrical engineer specifically in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, but we did find a few examples that may provide some insight into averages in that region.



  • ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES: "Researches, develops, designs, tests, and evaluates electrical components, equipment, and systems, applying principles and techniques of electrical engineering."
  • The tasks of electrical engineer include: design, maintain, implement, Inspect completed projects and improve electrical instruments and equipment. Also, he or she may supervise and train project staff as needed.(Source 3)
  • EDUCATION: 66 percent of the electrical engineers in Bulgaria possess a bachelors degree and 23 percent posses a masters.
  • TOP SKILLS for an electrical engineer include: designs tests, develop specifications, and interface with MATLAB, C++ and study cases.


  • ENTRY LEVEL: an electrical engineer with less than two years of experience makes approximately BGN 17,436 per year, i.e. $10,060.60 USD.
  • MID-LEVEL: an electrical engineer with an experience level between five and ten years lands a salary of BGN 27,099 per year, i.e. $15,632.90 USD.
  • SENIOR LEVEL: an electrical engineer whose expertise spans between ten and fifteen years gets a salary of BGN 34,478 per year, i.e. $19,892.00 USD.
  • The average annual salary for an electrical engineer in Sofia, Bulgaria ~BGN 37,573, i.e. $21,676.20 USD but this average does not clarify the years of experience or seniority level on which the salary average is based.


  • Glassdoor provides an old data from 2013 with average salary for an electrical engineer in Sofia, Bulgaria. This estimates the average to be BGN 850/month or BGN 10,200 annually (850*12) i.e. $5,884.00 USD.
  • Another source places the average gross salary for electrical engineer in Sofia, Bulgaria at $16,655 USD. The most frequent education level is a masters degree. The most frequent experience level is 4-8 years. However, a closer inspection of the source reveals that this estimate is derived from a single salary profile.
  • The ERI salary estimator, which offers to generate a customized report on the average annual compensation rates for electrical engineers who do design and development work in Sofia, Bulgaria, was unhelpful as its algorithm and data lay behind a paywall.
  • According to Teleport, an electrical engineer's annual salaries in Sofia is below average, ranking 182nd for salaries among 265 cities. It set that average salary at $28,051, but the salary data does not account for years of experience in the estimate. (Source 8)
  • The average net salaries in Sofia, Bulgaria (after tax) is BGN 1,340.38 per month, i.e. BGN 16084.50 annually, i.e. $9,278.9 USD.
  • Glassdoor provided around 21 jobs for Electrical Engineer in Sofia, Bulgaria by companies such as DXC, Sensata Technologies, and others, but none disclosed the salary details.
  • Emerson Sophia, Bulgaria has recently posted a job requirement for Engineer (System control) but does not share any details related to salary.

Research Strategy

We began our research by exploring credible market report and market research firms such as ERI reports and its peers. While these sources provided many insights into compensation rates for electrical engineers, often broken down by experience and region, none of these sources allowed us to isolate the city of Sofia with enough precision to create a useful picture across multiple experience levels.

Next, we turned to salary estimation tools and resources, often included in career websites like Glassdoor, SalaryExpert, AverageSalarySurvey, Payscale, SalaryExplorer, and others. Once again we were able to gather some information but when the information for a single city was isolated, the reliability and sample sizes diminished below useful levels.

We then tried exploring career and business media sources such as, The Independent, EuroNews, Duma, and others. We had hoped that articles discussing salaries, cost of living and other regional factors may provide insight, but nothing emerged from this strategy that was sufficiently granular to be useful.

As a final strategy, we turned to attempt to resolve our own estimates by compiling current past job postings from individual companies hiring in Sofia, Bulgaria. Unfortunately, there were not enough postings containing salary information to form the foundation of a useful estimate.

In our research, we discovered several key pieces of information, presented above, that may offer some insight into the average salaries offered to electrical engineers in Sofia, Bulgaria, even if we could not meet all of this request's requirements.