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Company Research: Cooking

Outside the US and China, some of the largest, most innovative and fast growing internet food companies in the world are Cookpad, Deliveroo, Zomato, Ritual and Just Eat. The largest of these have a value that is over $1 billion.

1) Cookpad

2) Deliveroo

  • Deliveroo is a British food technology company that received close to $1 billion in funding since its creation in 2013. The company is now valued at $2 billion after experiencing strong growth in the last five years.
  • The Deliveroo app started providing food delivery services from restaurants that never offered it before.
  • In addition to making food from local restaurants available for delivery, the company also supports aspiring chefs with kitchens, and then makes their food available to order from their platform.
  • Deliveroo employ their own employees to deliver food from local restaurants to their clients, with 35,000 on their payroll.
  • Food ordering is optimized by Deliveroo's technology platform which includes a logistics optimization algorithm.

3) Zomato

  • Zomato is an Indian company that offers an app to search for restaurants and a website, with information about over 1.4 million restaurants in 23 countries.
  • Customers use the app to find new restaurants, and have the possibility to rate and review them, thus enriching the platform for all the community. If they want more trusted advice, they can even create their own private network of reviewers and foodies.
  • Other features of the app include online ordering and the possibility to make table reservations.
  • However, the most advanced functionality is a new Point-of-Sale system using top of the range technology to connect restaurants with customers in a revolutionary way.
  • The company has raised over $755 million since its launch.

4) Ritual

  • Ritual is a Canadian company offering a social ordering app aimed mainly at office workers.
  • It allows customers working in surrounding offices to order and pay for their food online, and to pick it up when it is ready, saving time. They can also have it delivered.
  • The social aspect of the app is that co-workers or friends can also add their orders onto an existing one. It makes it much easier and practical for a colleague to bring food to the office, as it would have already been paid for and ordered through the app.
  • The company has received $112.9 million in funding since its launch in 2014.
  • It has started offering ordering options in Toronto in 2015, before spreading to New York, Boston and Washington D.C.
  • It is now available in other US cities such as Minneapolis, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston and Santa Monica.

5) just Eat

  • Just Eat is a global leader in online food ordering.
  • The company started in Denmark in 2001 before growing its activities and spreading overseas, with a UK launch in 2006.
  • In 2009, the company received a Series A funding of £10.5 million, which allowed it to expand further internationally.
  • The company is currently based in London, and has received so far £55 million in funding.
  • It has operations in 12 countries around the world including the UK, Denmark and Ireland in Europe, and Canada in North America.
  • Just Eat has close to 100 thousand partners worldwide catering over 100 types of different cuisines, with a focus on small takeaway restaurants.
  • The company prides itself in always trying to innovate, having recently realized the first food delivery by robot, and using a chat bot to assist clients in choosing their favorite flavors.
  • Just Eat has grown rapidly since its IPO in 2014 and started the year 2018 with the highest valuation of any online food delivery firm.
  • The company entered the FTSE 100 list of Britain’s top companies with a valuation of £5.5 billion in November 2017.

Research Strategy

The companies listed above have been first selected because they are large, innovative and fast growing. The large size means that they are valued between $100 million and $10 billion. The value of the company has been provided if available, or the funding since the launch as a proxy in instances when the valuation was not communicated. The innovative aspect usually means a new service that was not provided or did not exist previously. Finally, the fast growth is represented by a quick rise of the valuation, the revenue, or the funding raised by the company. Most of the top companies in this industry are from the US, but these have been discarded as outside the scope.

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Company Research: Travel

Some examples of large, innovative and fast-growing digital companies that allow people to learn or research about travels are Hopper, Klook Travel Technology Limited, GetYourGuide, TourRadar, Evaneos, and TravelPerk S.L.

#1: Hopper

Overview of the Company:
  • Hopper is a mobile travel booking app that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to help users find the best price to book hotels and flights.
  • Powered by AI, Hopper claimed to help users researching its travel budget by providing the best booking price for hotels and flights with 95% accuracy up to 1 year in advance.
Reasons to be Selected:

#2: Klook Travel Technology Limited

Overview of the Company:
  • Klook is a Hong Kong-based travel activities platform to discover activities, attractions, and things to do.
  • Klook promises handpicked experiences from its travel curators so users can experience the best traveling moment.
  • Klook also ensures best price offerings with quality experiences in a platform designed to deliver a seamless and secure booking experience.
Reason to be Selected:
  • The company offers more than 50,000 activities and services from 5,000 partners in over 200 destinations across the world.
  • The company is growing rapidly with $1 billion in bookings milestones in only four years of operation.
  • In 2018, Klook had received funding of $200 million for its major expansions into the U.S. and Europe, which makes the company is valued more than $1 billion.

#3: GetYourGuide

Overview of the Company:
  • GetYourGuide is a travel activity booking platform, equipped with connected traveling activities across tourism destination worldwide, and guided by local tour guides.
  • GetYourGuide provides many customer-centric features for travel planning such a booking cancellation at any time (up to 24 hours before started), easy rescheduling, refundable option if a user is not completely satisfied, and a priority access.
Reason to be Selected:
  • After arrived at 10 million tickets sold milestone in summer 2017, the company has sold more 20 million tickets of tours activities through its platform in 2018.
  • GetYourGuide has been able to achieve at 15 million unique active users per month and experienced faster growth from its expansion to the US market.
  • The company has raised $170 million funding to November 2017 and soon will receive additional funding of $300 million from Singaporean company Temasek.

#4: TourRadar

Overview of the Company:
  • TourRadar is a traveling booking platform focused on multi-day experiences.
  • TourRadar enables users to browse holidays packages from more than 35,000 tour selections and to book tours at the best price through a trusted and secured platform.
Reason to be Selected:
  • TourRadar has served 1 million departures to more than 160 countries and generated over 100,000 reviews for its tours services since it has been launched in 2010.
  • The company claimed to be the largest multi-day online travel platform in the world with more than 35,000 tour selections.
  • In 2018, TourRadar has raised $50 million in Series C funding that makes the company valued at $200 to $300 million according to

#5: Evaneos

Overview of the Company:
Reason to be Selected:

#6: TravelPerk S.L

Overview of the Company:
  • TravelPerk is an online travel platform to enable business travelers and companies to plan their itinerary in accordance with company policy.
  • TravelPerk offers integrated business trip planning so users can book flexibly for themselves or others, create travel policies, manage travel purchasing through one vendor and one invoice, and control traveling spent.
  • TravelPerk claimed to be at least 90% complied with the company's travel policy, to save 20% travel budget, and to reduce 80% times to book business itinerary.
Reason to be Selected:
  • TravelPerk received the highest rating for online booking platform service from Capterra.
  • The company had secured a deal worth £4.4billion, equivalent at $5.76 billion, with fashion market Fartech.
  • TravelPerk has accumulated $75m funding in total and recently received $44 million investment from Yuri Milner.

Research Strategy:

We started by searching for information on digital companies with a valuation of more than $1 billion (or Unicorns). We found references from some lists of Unicorns in 2018/2019 such CB Insights and IndiaTimes. Insight listed 362 online companies categorized as the Unicorn, but there were only about 13 companies listed as travel tech companies. Not to mention that some of such companies were not relevant to the criteria available, which focused on the research travels/learn destinations/etc. We then investigated through all available startups and were able to only include Klook. This company has met the requirements because it provided travel experiences so that users were able to learn about the travel destination worldwide. Others, such as Traveloka or GoEuro, were operated as a booking platform and only served a specific market (such as Southeast Asian and Europe).

To complete the list, we utilized other data points. We focused on the most promising travel startups and found some list of top travel startups from Skift, Plug and Play Tech Center, E27, and Hackernoon. We explored companies mentioned on the list and verified if the companies have met the requirement. The criteria used to validate these companies, as also mentioned in the research criteria, were:
— Large, with a total valuation/market cap between $100 million to $10 billion.
— A digital business that allow people to research travel, learn about different destinations, build travel plans, or similar.
— Innovative and fast-growing, and worldwide (or has a plan or progress to expand the product worldwide in the near future, 1 year for example).

To simplify the process, our next strategy was to start from the company with a total valuation/market cap between $100 million to $10 billion. Considering the limited number of startups valued at more than $1 billion (only 13), it was assumed that there should be fewer companies valued at $100 million to $1 billion. Therefore, the process of selecting the companies should be faster by initializing from these criteria. We collected the information from press releases and found some numbers of funding given to the companies. Some companies such as Hopper, GetYourGuide, Evaneos, and TourRadar were passed by this verification because those are directly stated to accumulate funding more than $100 million. By receiving those amount of funding, those companies should be valued at more than $100 million considering that they were still in the early-stage and didn't subsidize by large corporations. Other startups such as Oyo and TripActions were also passed this verification.

We found one special case from TravelPerk because the funding that has been raised by the company were only reached about $75 million. However, since the criteria limited to the total valuation/market cap, we argued that the value of this company should be more than $100 million. This startup wasn't acquired so there should be some amounts of shares belong to the founders. Also, as an ex-startup activist, we found that many investors were only purchased for, at max, 50% of shares available until the company has been acquired or publicly offered. Considering the accumulation funding of $75 million, we argued that the company's valuation should be more than the funding that has been accumulated or more than $100 million.

Then, we investigated the features offered by the company and ensured that the companies included were providing users with the ability to research travel, destinations, travel plans, and similar topics. We searched through the company's official website and analyzed features and services offered. From this process, we decided to remove Oyo and TripActions from the list because it was more focused on booking platforms with less focus on the information of travel destination in general. The rest met the criteria with some differentiations such as Hopper which is reliable for comparing price when creating a travel plan, or TravelPerk which will be powerful to create a travel plan for companies.

Finally, we compared the company's performance to determine if those companies were rapidly growing. To indicate the companies' growth, we focused on the revenue generated and the growth of users. Hopper, Klook, and GetYourGuide were matched with these criteria because users (Hopper and GetYourGuide) and revenues (Klook) of those companies have been significantly increased in some months or years. We also included the indication of marketplace leader as an indicator of fast-growing since the online travel business is relatively new. TourRadar and Evaneos were two companies that matched this criterion because both companies were the leader of its market. For the TravelPerk, we found some other strong indicators of the company's growth. The company has secured a deal worth $5.76 billion with fashion market Fartech which means the company should be able to generate more revenue for the later years. From this process, we were able to conclude companies as examples of large, innovative and fast-growing digital media and internet companies that allow people to learn or research about travels which include Hopper, Klook, GetYourGuide, TourRadar, Evaneos, and TravelPerk.
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Company Research: Animals

Based on statistics from Similarweb, the largest, innovative and fast-growing digital media and internet companies that allow people to learn about animals are Zooplus, Pet4homes, Pet at Homes, Freesnapf, and Deine-tierwelt.


Zooplus AG

  • Zooplus AG is an online corporation from Munich that gives advice on animals and sells animal products.
  • Country: Germany
  • It is included because its subsidiaries are ranked in the top 50 on Similarweb.
  • Its market cap is €664 million. #8
  • It has subsidiaries in 48 countries. While the company is structured as an online marketplace for animal food products, it is also an education center where visitors can learn more about animals.


  • DeineTierwelt is an online animal store that offers advice on multiple animal subjects.
  • Country: Germany #9
  • It is included because it is ranked 7th in the pets and animals category on Similarweb.
  • DeineTierwelt has a large online animal community that supports and informs owners about the correct treatment of animals.
  • It has 104,683 unique visitors every day.


  • It is an online pet food shop that often publishes magazines, which are available to the store's customers for free, that talk about different types of animals.
  • Country: Germany #11
  • It is included because it is ranked 11th in the pets and animals category on Similarweb.
  • It had a turnover of more than €2 billion, which suggests that its market cap must be higher than $100 million.
  • It has over 1400 stores and 8000 employees in 12 European countries. However, it is not just a simple online store where people can buy animal food, it is also an education center where visitors can learn more about animals.

pets at home

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Company Research: Science

Some examples of large, innovative and fast-growing digital media and internet companies that allow people to learn about science are Elsevier, Georg Thieme Verlag KG (Thieme Publishing Group), Springer Nature, ResearchGate and Taylor & Francis Group.



  • Founded in 1880, Elsevier started as a small Dutch publishing house and became a modern provider of scientific, technical, and medical information products and services. Under it are internet websites such as ScienceDirect, MD Consult, Scopus, bibliographic databases, and online reference works.

Why selected

  • Elsevier’s Engineering Village won the 2018 SIIA CODiE Award which recognizes companies that produce the most innovative technology products around the world.

Georg Thieme Verlag KG (Thieme Publishing Group)


Why selected

Springer Nature


  • Launched in 2015, Springer Nature is a world leading research, educational and professional publisher, providing quality content to our communities through a range of innovative platforms, products and services which focus on the different aspects of science.
  • Headquarters — Springer Nature is based in London, United Kingdom.
  • Why selected

    • Springer Nature also made ePublishing innovations such as article tracking, book tracking and author academy plus in 2019, it published its first machine-generated book in chemistry.



    • Founded in 2008, ResearchGate is an online professional network for scientists and researchers to connect with each other share and discuss different scientific research.
    • Financial value — ResearchGate gains a total funding amount of almost $100 million and employs up to 250 people.

    Why selected

    • ResearchGate is a science digital company whose mission is to connect the world of science and enable everyone access research.
    • Aside from providing scientific resources, ResearchGate is also a hiring platform for the most qualified researchers.

    Taylor & Francis Group


    • Founded in 1978 and part of Informa PLC, Taylor & Francis Group publishes books, eBooks, text books, reference works and academic journals in all areas of the Humanities, Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Science, Technology and Medicine sectors.

    Why selected

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    Company Research: Sports

    Five large, innovative, and fast-growing digital companies that focus on sports include Top Gear, ONE Championship, Topgolf, Motorsport Network, Bleacher Report, and Fox Racing. More information on the topic has been presented below.

    1. Top Gear


    • The website of Top Gear was launched on October 20, 2002. It was developed by Jeremy Clarkson and Andy Wilman.
    • The website displays news, videos, and reviews of every car for sale in the United Kingdom. Its magazine “issue is packed full of motoring entertainment, the latest car releases, expert reviews, cool car culture, exciting news, motorsport, and everything from the world of Top Gear.”
    • Top Gear's YouTube channel also features car racing videos and clips.

    Reason for selection:

    • Top Gear is a digital media resource that provides motoring news, car reviews, and the latest innovations in the automobile industry.
    • It generates £150 million ($225.8 million) in revenue for BBC Worldwide. Additionally, the company is based in London and fulfills the research criteria.

    2. ONE Championship


    • ONE Championship claimed to be “Asia’s largest global sports media property in history with a global broadcast reach of 2.6 billion potential viewers across 140+ countries.”
    • ONE Championship is the world’s largest martial arts organization that covers taekwondo, judo, karate, sanda, kickboxing, kung fu, muay thai, and many more.

    Reason for selection:

    • It is a digital media resource that provides the latest news, schedules, and developments in the martial arts industry.
    • On Oct 7, 2018, ONE Championship announced that they closed a $166 million financing round. Therefore, they brought their total capital base to $266 million.
    • The company is based in Singapore.

    3. Topgolf


    Reason for selection:

    • Topgolf is a media and entertainment company, and its website provides information related to Golf through its blog.
    • The website also features the amenities and services of the company such as hitting bays, food and beverage services, monthly memberships, gift cards, space for events, games, leagues, live music, mini golf, academy, online games, and tournaments.
    • On Sep 13, 2016, Topgolf announced that they closed a $275 million financing round that brought their total capital base to $275 million.
    • It is based in Essex, United Kingdom.
    • Golf is not included in the top 5 most famous sports in the US.

    4. Motorsport Network


    • Motorsport Network is a global digital platform that covers everything about cars and racing. Its website contains information on automotive and racing industries globally.
    • Motorsport Network has acquired "24 online news, resource, and e-commerce sites since 2015".

    Reason for selection:

    • Motorsport Network claimed to be the largest global digital platform covering motorsports. Its website features news, reviews, and resources about the automotive and racing industry.
    • The company has a global workforce of 550 employees. The global workforce publishes 27 global editions of its websites, social media channels, and magazines.
    • Motorsports are specified in the research criteria.

    5. Bleacher Report


    • Bleacher Report is a digital media company and a sports content provider that was founded in 2007. The company provides updates on different sports such as Basketball, Football, Car Racing, Boxing, Gold, and more.
    • Bleacher Report also has a five-star-rated mobile app and some the of the internet's most popular email newsletters.

    Reason for selection:

    • As mentioned above, Bleacher Report is a website that covers most of the updates on sports and sports culture.
    • In 2012, Bleacher Report was acquired by Turner Broadcasting for $175 million.
    • Race cars and car culture have been specified in the research criteria.

    6. Fox Head Inc.


    • Fox Head Inc. (doing business as Fox Racing) manufactures and distributes motocross and other extreme sports apparel, accessories, and protective gear.
    • The company also sells the products through their online shop.

    Reason for selection:

    • Fox Head, Inc. generates sales up to $285.32 million.
    • Motorsports are specified in the research criteria.

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    Company Research: Men

    Lab Series, Maapilim, Mr Potter, Hackett, and Top Man are five examples of large, innovative, and fast growing digital companies that provide goods and services typically for men.

    Lab Series

    • Lab Series is a men's grooming brand under the parent company Estee Lauder, based out in the United Kingdom.
    • We have selected Lab Series because it's parent company Estee Lauder can be considered a major cosmetic industry disruptor and has stood the test of time, coming up with groundbreaking innovations and expanding its market with new brands over time.
    • They have great brand recognition and a yearly revenue that of over $13 billion.
    • Lab Series runs an e-commerce site.


    • Maapilim is a private company founded by Jonathan Keren at Tel Aviv, Israel in 2015. They innovate organic men's grooming products.
    • We have chosen Maapilim because, although it's market cap is yet to hit a $100 Million, it is growing at an exponential rate on monthly basis. Also, being that the men's industry is estimated to explode and awareness about the health benefits of organic products seem to have spread like wide fire, it is most likely that Maapilim will soon become a household name. Maaplim is also a very innovative company, creating organic products from scratch.
    • Maapilim has an e-commerce site that features all their products and ships globally.
    • Maapilim monthly revenue has been doubling on a monthly bases and was set to hit $5 million, if that's the case, it should hit a $100 million dollar before or by the end of the year.
    • Founder of Maapilim, Jonathan Keren, is certified with Inbound Certified Hubspot and experienced in internet related projects.

    Mr Potter

    • Mr Potter is a men's wear e-commerce arm of Net-A-Potter, a renowned, UK based E-commerce giant. The fashion site includes an eminently readable journal that regularly features interviews as well as a wide range of subjects which is an innovative way to attract more views.
    • We have chosen Mr Potter because it is considered an industry distruptor, well-known for providing top brands at very competitive prices.
    • Net-A-Potter has a market cap of $6.295 billion.


    • Hacket is a renowned men's clothline that has excellently migrated online.
    • We have chosen Hacket because it is an innovative and credible company with focus on men's clothing and known partners such as Aston Martins, British Army, and London Rowing Club.
    • Hacket records a market cap of $468,755 million.


    • Topman is a UK based online outfit retail company for men. It is a subsidiary of Arcadia Group owned by Sir Philip Greene.
    • We have chosen Topman because it remains a household name when it comes to Men's outfit inspite of the stiff competition in the industry, upgrading to e-commerce from the normal Brick and Mortar stores when the need arose.
    • Though our source records a 5.6% decline in Topman's turnover in 2017, the company still worth €1.9 billion, which is $2.15 billion.

    Research Strategy:

    To provide some examples of large, innovative, and fast-growing digital companies that provide goods and services
    typically needed by men, we made a few assumptions and triangulation. Specifically, Maapilim does not presently hit the $100 million market cap but definitely has the potential to do so from our findings. This is based on the fact that it has recorded an exponential growth and was set to hit $5 million at the beginning of the year. Also, since they have been doubling their value on a monthly basis, if it was $3.5 million at the end of last year, and set to be $5 million this new year, being January, then it is assumed that by February it should be;
    $5 million * 2= $10 million.
    If it continues at that rate, and it doubles or almost doubles the previous month's values, it should hit $100 million.
    e.g March = $10 million * 2= $20 million
    April = $20 million * 2= $40 million e.t.c.
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    Company Research: Women

    Some examples of large, innovative, and fast-growing digital companies that provide goods and services typically needed by women are Boohoo, Missguided, Nelly, MyTheresa, and Beauty Bay.

    1. Boohoo

    2. Missguided

    3. Nelly

    4. MyTheresa

    5. Beauty Bay

    Research Strategy:

    We did an exhaustive search to different market report website such as Grand View Research that could provide top digital companies for women, websites such as Prolific North, and media websites such as Forbes or Business Insider but there is no pre-compiled lists of digital companies that focus on women’s lifestyle needs such as beauty, wellness, and entertainment. We found a list of the top digital websites in two sources.

    Our second approach was to focus on women’s lifestyles or if they provide goods and services typically needed by women. Also, we made sure that these countries were outside of the US and China. Then we check the valuation or market cap. If unavailable, we use revenue estimates since some companies are private companies. The companies identified needed to have a total revenue between $100M and $10Billion.

    Using that approach, we identified five that match the client’s criteria. These are Boohoo, Missguided, Nelly, MyTheresa, and Beauty Bay. They are digital companies outside of the US and China.

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    Company Research: Home

    Seven examples of large, innovative, and fast-growing digital companies that provide goods and services typically needed in the home include Kogan (Au), Lazada (Sg), Snapdeal (In), Showroomprive (Fr), Privalia (Es), Ocado (UK), and Sainsbury (UK). More information on the topic has been presented below.


    • Website link
    • Valuation/market cap: $421.78 million
    • Overview: Kogan is a company in Melbourne that was founded in 2006. It is considered as one of the leading companies in Australia, and the company offers a wide range of products and services such as appliances, consumer electronics, home decor, homeware, and hardware.
    • Why it has been selected: It is one of the top-rated e-commerce companies in Australia and fits the research criteria.


    • Website link
    • Valuation/market cap: $3.15 billion
    • Overview: Lazada is a company in Singapore that was founded in March 2012. The company is one of the leading online and selling destinations in South East Asia, and the company serves 560 million customers in other Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia, offering various products in home and garden improvement, home decor, home tools, and DIY items.
    • Why it has been selected: Lazada dominates e-commerce marketplace as one of the most successful e-commerce companies in the Southeast Asia region. It also fulfills the research criteria.


    • Website link
    • Valuation/market cap: $6.92 billion
    • Overview: Snapdeal is an India-based e-commerce marketplace that offers a wide range of products such as home decor, tools and DIY hardware, and other household items. The company was founded in 2010 and has been rated as the number one e-commerce website in India by the Dataquest/Sapient E-commerce Survey 2011.
    • Why it has been selected: It is one of the top-rated e-commerce companies in India and fulfills the research criteria.


    • Website link
    • Valuation/market cap: $146.891 million
    • Overview: Showroomprive a France-based e-commerce website that offers various clothing and household products such as home decor items. The company claims that it holds second place in the list of the best private sales sites, serving a customer base of three million people.
    • Why it has been selected: As mentioned, Showroomprive is considered to be the second best European private online sales site. It also fulfills the research criteria.


    • Website link
    • Valuation/market cap: €500 million ($565 million)
    • Overview: Privalia is a France-based e-commerce website that offers fashion and household products such as home decor and interior items. The company was founded in 2006 by Jose Manuel Villanueva and Lucas Carne.
    • Why it has been selected: Privalia is a successful e-commerce company, and it is considered as “Spain’s leading online ecommerce platform”. It also fulfills the research criteria.

    #6: OCADO (UK)

    • Website link
    • Valuation/market cap: $9.678 billion
    • Overview: Ocado is an e-commerce website founded in 2000, and it is located in the United Kingdom. The company offers a variety of products in clothing, home, and household categories such as home improvement, tools, DIY hardware, home decor, and home furniture.
    • Why it has been selected: Ocado is one of the leading e-commerce sites in the UK that received numerous awards such as the 2016 Online Supermarket of the Year, Best Online Retailer for 4 years, Best Shopping Website, and more.

    #7: SAINSBURY (UK)

    • Website link
    • Valuation/market cap: 5.19 billion GBP ($6.794 billion)
    • Overview: Sainsbury was founded in 1869, and it is located in London, United Kingdom. The company operates as a supermarket, online grocery, and a general merchandise store offering various products such as home furniture and home decors.
    • Why it has been selected: Sainsbury has been included in the list of the top 25 e-commerce retailers in Europe based on online sales. It also fulfills the research criteria.

    From Part 01
    • "Cookpad is a tech company building a community platform for people to share recipe ideas and cooking tips."
    • "Our mission is to make everyday cooking fun."
    • "Cookpad was founded in Japan in 1997. "
    • "The company started its international expansion in 2013 with the aim to bring our mission to everyone in the world."
    • "Now on average 100 million people around the world use Cookpad every month and over 5 million recipes have been created on the platform."
    • "Cookpad is available in over 70 countries around the world in over 25 languages. Our goal is to be in 100 countries by 2021 - and the #1 in each of those countries."
    • "One of Japan’s startup old guard, Cookpad – a Pinterest-style recipe sharing platform – was founded in 1997 by Tokyo-based entrepreneur Akimitsu Sano. "
    • "So successful was the company, that Sano took it public in 2009, and stepped down as CEO in 2012 to invest in other startups like Japan’s Minnano Wedding, US food blog Cucumbertown and, most recently, Lebanese site Shahiya."
    • "The company’s fortunes have plateaued of late. But Cookpad is still one of Japan’s most popular apps. In 2014 it used a $9 million funding round to scale, and offers recipes in Japanese, English, Spanish and Indonesian, and has a staff of several hundred."
    • "Today, Cookpad enables close to 58.8 million users to share and find recipes to cook at home. The platform has over 6.8 million recipes. The company went public in 2009 and has reported a profit touching $19 million. As of 2015, the company’s shares had risen by 20 percent. Sano holds over 44 percent stake in the company, which is worth $1 billion."
    • "Deliveroo is a technology company focused on marketing, selling, and delivering restaurant meals to the household or office."
    • "Its technology platform optimizes food ordering and delivery by integrating web and mobile consumers with restaurant tablet-based point-of-sale order management terminals, and their logistics optimization algorithm by equipping delivery drivers with smartphone software."
    • "Launched in 2013, the online food delivery service has emerged as one of the most successful tech brands overseas. It's currently available in more than 200 cities across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia."
    • "While "unicorn" startups -- those valued at over $1 billion -- are more rare in Europe, Deliveroo's success has earned a $2 billion valuation in just five years. "
    • "Although revenue has soared in recent years -- for example, it jumped 611% from 2015 to 2016, losses have mounted, its most recent filing shows. This is largely due to its expansion plans into 12 countries. According to records at UK's Companies House, the company had a loss of $162 million in 2016. It hasn't yet reported 2017 revenue."
    • "Food delivery startup Deliveroo is one of the UK's hottest and most valuable startups, worth around $2 billion."
    • "Media reports suggest Uber is in early talks to buy Deliveroo."
    • "The Deliveroo app offers takeaway food from thousands of restaurants, many of which never offered delivery services before the startup came along. The eventual goal isn't just to make takeaway easier, but to kill off home cooking for most people altogether."
    • "The startup has revolutionized food delivery, racked up a $2 billion valuation, and is now reportedly in talks to sell to Uber for billions of dollars."
    • "Zomato is a restaurant search and discovery app and website, providing in-depth information for over 1.4 million restaurants across 23 countries. Zomato is used by consumers globally to discover, rate and review restaurants, as well as create their own personal network of foodies for trusted recommendations."
    • "In addition to restaurant search and discovery, Zomato has expanded its offering to include Online Ordering, Table Reservations, a Whitelabel Platform, and a Point-of-Sale system, creating cutting-edge technology to connect restaurant businesses and customers in ways that will revolutionize the restaurant industry."
    • "Ritual is a social ordering app that taps into networks of co-workers and colleagues for fast and easy pick up and pay at a wide variety of local restaurants and coffee shops."
    • "With Ritual, users can mobile order and pay at all their favorite local eateries and coffee shops and have it ready to pick up when they arrive. By also uniquely giving friends and colleagues the ability to add their own food orders onto an existing order, Ritual gives customers the choice of either picking up themselves or having their food brought right to their desk."
    • "This ‘social ordering’ saves customers time and drives incremental orders for merchants."
    • "Ritual, the Toronto-born takeout app that lets diners skip the line at their favourite restaurants, has spent the past few years quietly becoming one of the city's biggest success stories. After debuting in a handful of local restaurants in 2015, you can now order via Ritual in dozens of neighbourhoods in Toronto — not to mention in New York, Chicago, Boston and D.C."
    • "For many urban workers, their neighbourhood is their food court. Ritual is designed so that colleagues and coworkers can easily enjoy the local eateries around them and feel like they are one team dining together, said Ray Reddy, co-founder and CEO, Ritual. "
    • "Furthermore, Ritual makes it easy for teams to order and bring food back to the office for colleagues. Once restaurants have one customer on Ritual, they are giving that customer a tool to save time when they order and pick-up, and turning that same customer into an advocate for its brand in the workplace, leveraging a network effect that drives additional lunch orders and deliveries."
    • " The company also announced growth of 44,500 workplace teams added to its platform, largely driven by its Piggyback feature allowing users to connect with teams within their workplace."
    • "Goldman Sachs, Oath, Spotify, and SpotHero are among the companies using Ritual, and the app is available in cities like Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Washington, DC, and Toronto."
    • "Can't get out to grab lunch? Piggyback on a coworker's order have your food picked up"
    • "Be the office hero by picking up for your coworkers when they can't get away"
    • "Feel like a rockstar when you bypass the line and save a bunch of time."
    • "After starting the year as the most valuable online food-delivery company, Just Eat now has about half the worth of U.S. counterpart GrubHub Inc., while shares of European competitors NV and Delivery Hero SE have also increased, even after coming down from mid-year peaks."
    • "Just Eat tripled in value between its 2014 initial public offering and its graduation to the U.K. benchmark gauge, but since then the stock has progressed more slowly than the competition on many metrics. "
    • "Just Eat’s 300 millionth order caps a strong year of tech innovation, which includes delivering the world’s first takeaway by robot and creating a Chatbot to help customers find their flavour. With collaborations with leaders in social media, augmented reality, gaming and virtual reality, consumers will see Just Eat continue to push boundaries."
    • "A leading global marketplace for online food delivery, Just Eat has processed, on average, three orders per second in the UK in the last 12 months thanks to its nine million customers, which are helping driving the UK’s online food revolution. Today it has rewarded the customer who made the 300 millionth order with a free holiday."
    • "JUST EAT's vision is 'Order takeaway the smart way', a promise to consumers and restaurants alike. To consumers Just-Eat provide convenient and easy access to a huge variety of delivery restaurants and order food online, and to restaurants they help improve their business by increasing their exposure and providing new revenue streams."
    • "Just Eat £5.5bn valuation: online takeaway company now worth more than M&S."
    • "UK consumers’ love for pizza and curry delivered to their door sees takeaway company enter FTSE 100"
    • "Just Eat, the online takeaway company, was on Wednesday night officially promoted into the FTSE 100 list of Britain’s blue chip companies, with a valuation of £5.5bn – making it worth half a billion pounds more than the UK’s second biggest supermarket chain ."
    • "Little-known Danish technology entrepreneur Bo Bendtsen is the single-biggest shareholder in Just Eat with a 13% stake in the business now worth just over £730m. But Bendtsen, who had just 88 followers on Twitter at the time of writing, did not found the company, which provides takeaways to 19 million people."
    • "Those commissions (13% for existing restaurants and 14% for newcomers, plus a £699 sign-up fee for restaurants joining the service) added up fast. The company now works with 28,000 restaurants in the UK, delivering more than 2m meals a week. It boasts that “nobody offers more variety when it comes to bringing people food"
    • "After the UK, the business expanded into Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain and Switzerland. In the first nine months of this year sales were up 45% to £385m. The company expects to make profit in the region of £160m this year."
    • "Online and mobile food ordering delivery service Just Eat operates in 12 markets worldwide including Denmark, Ireland, the UK and Canada. It has 93,700 restaurant partners, offers 100 different cuisine types and is all about focusing on the small takeaway establishments."
    From Part 02
    From Part 04
    • "Elsevier is a leader in initiatives that drive the way information is reviewed, validated, archived and disseminated. Our many partnerships help to foster communication, build insights and enable individual and collective advancement in scientific research and healthcare."
    • "The SIIA CODiE Award recipients are the companies producing the most innovative businesses technology products across the country, and around the world. "
    • "Springer Nature employs more than 14,000 people in over 50 markets, supplying high-quality content and innovative digital services to 120 countries around the world."
    From Part 05
    • "Get BBC Top Gear magazine and every month you'll get exclusive access to the world's hottest cars, bringing you everything from mind-blowing supercars to family SUVs. Each issue is packed full of motoring entertainment, latest car releases, expert reviews, cool car culture, exciting news, motorsport and everything from the world of Top Gear."
    • "1. Earnings winner: The program is one the BBC's most powerful global brands. British media estimate that Top Gear makes £150 million ($225.8 million) in revenue for the broadcaster's commercial arm BBC Worldwide."
    • "Motorsports Network’s global workforce should help. The company has 550 employees across the world — 80 of them in Miami — who publish 27 global editions of its websites, social media channels and magazines, said Smith."
    • "“We are the largest global digital platform covering motor sports today,” Smith said. He declined to disclose revenues."
    From Part 08
    • "Founded in 2006"
    • " Limited operates as an online retailer in Australia. The company offers approximately 2,000 brands across a range of categories, including consumer electronics, appliances, homewares, hardware, toys, and others; and owns and operates 18 private label brands."
    • " The online retailer reaches over 560 million potential customers in the region. Its latest valuation was 3.15 billion US dollars."
    • "Lazada Group operates Lazada, an online shopping and selling destination in Southeast Asia."
    • "Lazada is the number one online shopping and selling destination in Southeast Asia – present in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam."
    • "Lazada helps more than 100,000 local and international sellers as well as 2,500 brands serve the 560 million consumers in the region through its marketplace platform, supported by a wide range of tailored marketing, data, and service solutions. Lazada offers an excellent customer experience through a wide network of logistics partners and its own first- and last-mile"
    • "Snapdeal, India's largest online marketplace features best-priced deals on branded products like mobile phones, electronics, computer peripherals, apparels, cosmetics, perfumes, watches, bags, sunglasses, footwear, kitchenware and more."
    • "Showroomprive operates as an online shopping website for clothing, cosmetics, and household products."
    • "Showroomprive claims to have the No. 2 spot in European private sales sites after Vente Privee, with 3 million members and 75 millions euros of revenue in 2009. Showroomprive came about when French entrepreneur and Internet media specialist Thierry Petit joined with David Dayan, an entrepreneur in the stock clearance and private offline sales profession with Showroom30."
    • "Privalia is an e-commerce website that enables users to buy and sell fashion and household products. Customers can search for goods based on brand name or product type."
    • "Privalia sells clothing products such as tops, cardigans and sweaters, jackets, shoes, accessories, sportswear, and swimwear for men, women, and children. The products in the home and décor tab are classified as kitchen and dining, furniture, textile, electronics and gadgets, suitcases, and leisure."
    • " Privalia España, one of Spain’s leading online ecommerce platforms."
    • "Ocado Group operates as an online grocery retailer. The company offers fruits and nuts, wine, vegetables, grocery and household items, milk, eggs, and fish and seafood. It also provides meals, desserts, drinks, cupboards, gifts, household products, flowers, toiletries, pet care products, and child and baby products. "
    • "Sainsbury’s operates supermarkets and convenience stores, an online grocery and general merchandise operation, as well as Sainsbury’s Bank."
    • "The company’s business structure comprises Sainsbury’s stores: operates a range of store formats that are designed to meet with specific customer requirements and locations; Sainsbury’s online: online groceries and non-food online sales"
    • "Sainsbury’s was co-founded by John James Sainsbury and Mary Ann Sainsbury in 1869 and is headquartered in London, United Kingdom."