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S.E.C. Accessories - Company Overview

S.E.C. Accessories operates two factories in China and Cambodia with sales offices in the Asia region- Hong Kong, Indonesia, Shanghai, Cambodia, Europe, and the United States.

S.E.C. Accessories - Locations Served


  • S.E.C. Accessories manufacture heat transfer products, which are categorized into three categories, namely sports, fashion, and sustainability products.
  • In all, the company offers 71 apparel products, which include 3D flock transfer, active sun transfer, animated transfer, chameleon transfer, coffer ink transfer, concrete transfer, digital-litho transfer, and F3 transfer.
  • Besides producing good quality heat transfer products, S.E.C. Accessories also provide "professional technical supports on the application of heat transfers."

Organization and Ownership Structure

  • After an exhaustive search through the company's website, business directory sources such as, ZoomInfo, Trade Easy, and Export Hub, and media publications and articles about S.E.C. Accessories, we were unable to obtain any useful data about the company's organizational and ownership structure.
  • In-depth research revealed that S.E.C. Accessories is a privately held company and are under no obligation to publish its finances for public consumption.
  • We were able to identify some of the company's top-level executives such as;

Target Customers

Value proposition

Competitive advantage

Recent innovative investments

Mergers & acquisitions


  • The company recently announced via its Facebook channel that Nike chose its "Yoga Film Transfer to apply on the U.S.A. national athletic team uniforms."


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S.E.C. Accessories - SWOT Analysis

S.E.C Accessories is a global leader for high-quality heat transfers that have worked with globally known brands such as Reebok, and Adidas.


  • S.E.C. Accessories has a global presence as it has offices in Asia, Europe, and the United States. Besides that, the company is expanding to cover more areas across the globe.
  • The company customers recognize it to be a global leader for high-quality heat transfers.
  • The company has a strong professional technical team that is working towards innovating new products and creating a brand value in the garment industry.
  • In 2016, the company was awarded "The Nike Innovative" reward for its innovative idea and designs. The company is one of the two that have been given the reward in an industry dominated by over 200 garment organizations.
  • The corporation has an Oeko Tex Standard 100 certificate which ensures that its products are free from chemicals or harmful materials when presented to their customers.
  • The company has a revenue of $31.20 million and 17 employees.
  • The company has big brands as its clients. Some of their clients known globally include Adidas, Puma, and Reebok.
  • S.E.C. has a strong customer service team dedicated to responding to their customers as quickly as possible. According to Alibaba, 36.4% of buyers who conducted the company in the last 30 days received a response within 24 hours.
  • The company makes use of advanced machines in its manufacturing industries. This not only ensures huge production capacity but also fast pace production.
  • S.E.C Accessories encourages the recycling of used materials to prevent or reduce environmental pollution.


  • The organization slightly engages in their social media accounts and as a result, they have a minimal number of followers. For example, their Instagram account has only 42 followers and their Facebook account has 299 followers.
  • The corporation only has a showroom based in Hong Kong which disadvantages other global customers elsewhere who might want to gain access to the showroom.


  • Effective use of social media accounts could help the company grow its market size as it will be able to reach out to new clients.
  • Garment industries based in Cambodia are said to benefit from duty-free access to the EU market through the Union's Generalized Scheme of Preferences.


  • There is no mention of key competitors of the company on their website and other third-party sources. S.E.C faces key competition from more than 200 garment companies globally.
  • According to Alibaba, the company has not sent any quote to any of its prospective buyers within the last 30 days. This can largely be associated with Covid-19 as the company is located in Hong Kong, China.
  • The garment market in the Cambodia region is generally threatened by political and social unrest in the region.

Your Research Team Applied The Following Strategy

To analyze a SWOT for S.E.C Accessories your research team looked at the company website to find more related information. We also looked at their social media accounts to gain more access to information regarding their interaction with customers and followers. The company is privately owned, therefore, we were unable to locate an annual report since they are under no obligation to publish such data.
We also proceeded to look at third-party sources such as Alibaba and any other news articles that had reported anything regarding the company. To add more insights into the opportunities, we made use of a source older than 2 years.
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Esquel - Company Overview

The Esquel Group is the largest producer of woven garments in the world. It is a family business with a focus on sustainability and manufacturing locations centered mostly in China and Asia. With products being sold worldwide, the Esquel Group is currently a leading garment producer and is positioned to maintain this title into the foreseeable future.

Company Profile

  • The Esquel Group has production companies throughout China, with a few in South and South East Asia, and a notable one in Mauritius. The Chairman of the company, Marjorie Yang said that the company maintains a factory in Mauritius, "because of the African growth initiative."
  • The Esqual Group has five major retail locations in China along with merchandising locations in the US, UK, Japan and China.
  • The Esquel Group produces high-end garments for clients and consumers alike. Clients include, but are not limited to — Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Muji, Anta, Patagonia, Lacoste, Brooks Brothers and J Crew.
  • The Esquel Group produces garments for its own clothing brands, PYE and DETERMINANT.
  • There are conflicting reports as to whether or not Nike is a direct client or is loosely associated with the Esquel Group.
  • Marjorie Yang, the daughter of founder Yang Yuan Loong, was appointed Chairman in 1995.
  • Marjorie Yang's sister, Teresa Yang is the Vice Chairman of the organization.
  • John Cheh is the CEO and Vice Chairman.
  • There are five non-executive board members who do not work directly for the company.
  • Marjorie Yang's daughter, Deen Poon is the chief brand officer of clothing label PYE.


  • Obtaining multiple awards and certifications from reputable sustainability organizations, the company's focus on sustainability are both the value proposition and competitive advantage of the Esquel Group. Already a worldwide leader, it continues to gain prominence in this area.
  • Adjusting to US trade tariffs, the Esquel Group is now utilizing robotic production. In 2018, the company invested in San Francisco robotics manufacturer, Grabit.
  • In 2019, the Esquel Group invested in YPB and it’s Anti-Counterfeit (AC) tracer thread. Paired with it’s highly touted RFID and NFC tags that provide efficient product authentication, the Esquel Group is a leader in maintaining its high product quality through an innovative and secure built-in authentication process.
  • There have been no mergers and acquisitions reported by the company in the last 5 years. The most recent acquisition was of Guilin Yinhai Textiles Group in 2011.
  • The 20-year joint venture of the Xinjiang White Field Company, that started in 1998, is notable because of the recent trade tariffs and the Esquel Group's reported involvement in controversies regarding worker's rights abuses. Muji, a client of the company openly admitted to using the infamous Xinjiang cotton. Conversely, the Esquel Group claims it upholds and prioritizes the rights and dignity of its workers as a central part of its company brand.
  • The Esquel Group's most notable acquisitions, mergers and partnerships occurred early in its development in the late 70s and 80s.
  • The company's annual revenue is around USD 1.3 billion.
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Esquel - SWOT Analysis

Esquel Group is a leader in providing sustainable apparel and is poised to gain the most as demand environmentally conscious brands continue to increase in the coming years. However, the company faces threats from government regulation and tariff as well as other challenges related to rising labor and raw material costs.


  • Esquel is an environment-conscious brand that is keen on sustainability and the brand has a reputation for walking its talk on sustainability.
  • The brand has been known to reject cheap labor in the past and demonstrated that it is serious about its green initiatives and sustainability goals in an industry that exploits cheap labor and that pollutes water. They take care of their employees who are in turn motivated to do good work.
  • The company is regarded as one of the leading producers of premium cotton in the world and is known for being progressive and dynamic.
  • They are also a brand with a reputation for being innovative.
  • They are a vertically integrated company, meaning that it owns or controls "its suppliers, distributors, or retail locations to control its value or supply chain. Vertical integration benefits companies by allowing them to control the process, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies."
  • Esquel isn't just known for quality, they also have the capacity to meet large demands, making over 100 million pieces of garments annually.
  • They also manufacture for leading brands such as Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Patagonia, Nike, and Muji.
  • The company is one of the first in the industry to extensively introduce robots and automation in the industry to help it compete in the face of rising labor costs.


  • Esquel Group's key challenges that weakens its performance in the industry include increased wages, inefficiencies in the supply chain, higher energy bills, and mounting logistics costs.
  • Esquel Group's largest market is the US but its manufacturing facilities are mostly in China. This leaves them vulnerable if the US implements protectionist policies targeting the apparel sector or decides to increase tariff on imported apparel.
  • Esquel group is a big employer of labor and also supplies a portion of the local electricity in some of the communities it operates in as part of its CSR programs. While this is good it also weakens the company's development flexibility as this may result in people in the community and the government being disappointed if funding for those programs is cut. This could have a negative impact on the company's image.
  • While a vertically integrated supply chain that Esquel Group operates has its benefits, it also results in higher operating costs for the company.



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ITW graphics/ Sporting ID - Company Overview

ITW Graphics' products include garment brand identity logos, sports sponsor logos, emblems and badges, heat-applied garment size & care labels, reflective & other graphic embellishments, and player identification branding.

Location served


  • The company's apparel products include garment brand identity logos, sports sponsor logos, emblems and badges, heat-applied garment size & care labels, reflective & other graphic embellishments, and player identification branding.

Organization and ownership structure

  • ITW Graphics is a subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works, which was founded by Byron Smith.
  • Chris Latter is the Global Sales Director, Peter Spitz is the Key Account Business Development Manager, and Roger Harvey is the Senior Global Sales Manager of ITW Graphics.

Target customers

  • ITW Graphics' target clients include Adamas Ventures Inc., Adveco Group Inc., Albany International Corp, Bebe Stores, Inc., and Blackcraft Cult, Inc.

Value proposition

  • As sustainability becomes the most preferred choice among people globally, ITW Graphics has also adapted the implementation of various green innovations to ensure the reduction of harmful solvents' usage from their production lines across the globe.

Competitive advantage

  • ITW Graphics' competitive advantage is that its offerings can be implemented to a wide array of substrates empowering clients to readily identify their products to a most visually-appealing end.

Mergers & acquisitions

  • ITW Graphics has not participated in mergers or acquisitions in the past 5 years. The firm's latest acquisitions were Despatch Industries Pte on 07/21/2011, and Durcon Inc. on 11/08/2013.
  • The company has a total revenue of $39 Million.

Research strategy

The research team's first strategy was reviewing the company's official website, followed by the annual reports, industrial articles, blogs, and press releases to provide any M&A deals, partnerships, and recent innovative investments. Unfortunately, we found that the company has not made any innovative investments, M&A deals, or partnerships in the past 5 years.
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ITW graphics/ Sporting ID - SWOT Analysis

A SWOT Analysis is a useful tool for a company to use in identifying what it is doing well, what it can do better, and where hidden opportunities in the industry may lie. As Sporting iD was sold to the FlexDev Group, the analysis of the Sporting iD and its previous owner — ITW Graphics — are presented below.


  • The Flexdev Group acquired Sporting iD Business segment of the ITW Graphics Group. Sporting iD is a pioneer in the personalization and sports brand identity segment, the years of knowledge and expertise of the company is a significant strength.
  • Sporting iD will support the end to end market solutions for the personalization and customization sectors, while joining the Elms division of the Flexdev Group composed by other five companies specialized in the same field: Chemica, Sefa, Stilscreen, and Elms Marketing & Transfer ID. All the current contracts held by Sporting iD will be fulfilled by the Elms group.
  • Flexdev Group is a French group owned by Dentressangle, which is an industrial investment company with €2 billion in revenues. Flexdev Group has the most important clothing brands as customers: Adidas, Armani, Asics, Benetton, Champion, Erreà, Kappa, Nike, Puma, and Reebok.
  • What sets Sporting iD apart from the competition is the long term global distribution of player identification names, numbers, and sleeve badges to clubs, brands, leagues, and nations from all over the globe. Some of their clients are NBA, NLF, EFL, UEFA Champions League, European Rugby Champions Cup, and national soccer teams such as Ireland and Italy.
  • Referring to a Facebook post on UEFA badges made by Sporting iD in 2013, it proves the customer loyalty to the company over the years.
  • The financial position presented at Elms Marketing Limited 2018's annual report establishes that the total equity of the company is £689.351. The company filed for the "total exemption full accounts" which means that the company can be between small or medium-sized.


  • Sporting iD website presents several products but does not give a description or comments on production technologies. The "About Us" section does not provide complete information about the company's history, the industry expertise, countries where it is located, and contact numbers. The same is seen on the Flexdev Group and Elms websites.
  • Considering the Elms group annual report of the year 2018 the total current debtors are approximately £1.15 million. Although the values of current creditors (approximately £1.5 million) are higher than the debtors, the proportion of the debt becomes a weakness of the company. DueDil informs that the current debt to capital percentage is 74.44%.


  • Considering the improvement of the content displayed on the websites associated with the company, such as Sporting iD, Flexdev Group, and Elms, is an opportunity to improve the perspective created by the clients. A study made on user experience using websites identifies that "38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive".
  • The Sportswear Pro is the global showcase for pioneering technologies in on-demand and customer sportswear production. Participation in events focused on the company's niche may be able to improve its outlook within its industry, besides the opportunity of observing which are the latest technologies adopted by the competitors.
  • A good way to attract more customers is to invest and publicize the practices adopted for industrial production that are concerned with environmental issues and greener technologies. A 2017 study about consumers' views on corporate social responsibility shows that "87% would buy a product with a social and environmental benefit if given the opportunity". Also, FESPA Print Census reveals that "76% say demand for environmentally sustainable products is influencing business strategy ".


  • ITW graphics is a worldwide company with offices located in Connecticut, Italy, Thailand, South Carolina, UK, China (Enping), Hong Kong, and China (Humen). Also, ITW has the ownership of many companies in the personalization and sports brand identity segment around the world, such as Chris Kay Ltd (Ireland), Metro Sport Limited (UK), Technopack (Brazil), among others. This company will be the biggest competitor for Flexdev Group.
  • Considering that the ITW's website has a more informative and complete domain than Sporting iD's and its associated companies, it can become a matter considered by the clients. The same study on user experiences established that "77% of agencies believe that a bad website user experience is a weakness for their clients".
  • In recognition of the Sporting iD changing their manufacturing supply chain to Flexdev Group industrial techniques, current costumers may feel the change if the quality is not maintained.
  • The Illinois Tool Works (ITW) values the environmental responsibility and their operations have measures for managing and reducing the environmental impact produced by the company. One of the takeaways of the study on corporate social responsibility reveals that 92% of the customers will be more likely to trust a company that supports social or environmental issues.
  • Also, ITW Graphics implemented green innovations such as a cleaner water-based transfer technology, reducing the use of harmful solvents.

Research Strategy

In order to effectively answer this request, we first searched for the recent news on ITW Graphics/Sporting ID companies. A news website about the printing industry said that the company Sporting iD was sold to the Flexdev Group. Conducting a quick search on Sporting iD's LinkedIn account confirmed the acquisition. Since we found no information on ITW Graphics acquiring other companies to maintain its sporting niche, we focused SWOT Analysis on Sporting iD and its holding companies. Considering this is a very specific industrial segment, we did not detect companies that can compete directly with Sporting iD/Flexdev Group in the sports section. However, ITW Graphics still is a major competitor, as it owns several subsidiaries around the world. Starting with the analysis, we identified the strengths of the company from an internal perspective, as well as from the point of view of the Flex Dev Group having a robust manufacturing supply chain and global distribution directly to the clients. Also, the long term international business partnerships Sporting iD created over the years and strong customer loyalty. Evaluating the weaknesses, we observed that Sporting iD's website and related companies are not at the same level of expertise as competitor ITW. In addition to the debts that are almost 75% of its capital. Opportunities were assessed considering new market trends and changes in technology, such as participation in niche events and investment in sustainable technologies. New technologies adopted by the competitor ITW Graphics are a major threat to Sporting iD. Other points that might negatively affect the company were addressed. Full details of the SWOT Analysis were outlined in the sections above.
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Bangkok Screen - Company Overview

Bangkok Screen was founded in 1985 in Bangkok, Thailand and has grown today to serve Thailand, China, and Britain. The company offers heat printing services for clothing and sports clothing as well as shoes and decorate. Details of the company have been provided below.

Company Overview

  • Bangkok Screen is a clothing and sports equipment sticker designer and manufacturer that was founded in 1985.
  • The company has an estimated annual revenue of $100 million USD.
  • Bangkok Screen is headquartered in Thailand which is their main retail location, however, they do serve Britain and China as well.
  • Value Proposition: "Our research and development team has invented and developed products. By adhering to the needs of customers and world standards as important In addition, we also select Environmentally friendly raw materials Because we are aware of the importance of protecting the environment"
  • Target Customers: While we can assume that the companies target market is sports c-suite personnel that handles team apparel or high end sports companies like Nike, there are no public details of the company actually releasing their intended market on the company website, press releases, news or media publications, or company profiles. The company does, however, state that they have worked with Nike as well as national sports teams.
  • Competitive Advantage: The company claims to be a leader in the industry due to their innovative investments and focus on environmental sustainability. In addition, they have testimonials from large companies such as Nike, Decathlon, Umbro, Asics, and Mizuno.


Organizational Structure

  • After scouring the company website, press releases, media articles on sites like Forbes and Business Insider, and company databases on sites like Pitchbook, Zoominfo, and Crunchbase, we were unable to find details of ownership for Bangkok Screen. This is most likely because the company is private. Additional C-suite executives have been provided.
  • Prasert Wongpanakij: Managing Director
  • Puangsoi Sriphraiwansuphakij : Director
  • Marco Mare: Sales And Marketing Specialist

Innovation Investments

  • After scouring the company website, press releases, media articles on sites like Forbes and Business Insider, and company databases on sites like Pitchbook, Zoominfo, and Crunchbase, we determined that the company does not disclose specific innovation investment details to the public.
  • The company boasts being a leader in the industry for innovation, however, there is no public mention of what investments or innovations they have been a part of.

Mergers, Acquisitions, And Partnerships

  • After scouring the company website, press releases, media articles on sites like Forbes and Business Insider, and company databases on sites like Pitchbook, Zoominfo, and Crunchbase, we were unable to find any mergers and acquisitions, or partnerships that have been publicly announced for Bangkok Screen. This is most likely because the company is private.
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Bangkok Screen - SWOT Analysis

Bangkok Screen is a leading manufacturer of heat transfer and garment accessories. The years of expertise and continuous innovations of the company are significant strengths. However, key challenges that weaken its performance include the weak stand of trade unions, disrupted supply chains, and the dependency on goods exportation. The SWOT Analysis discussion is below.


  • Bangkok Screen professionally manufactures heat transfer and garment accessories founded in 1985. Customer loyalty is noted by the long-term relationship with many of the biggest names in sports fashion today, such as Nike, Asics, Umbro, Mizuno, and Decathlon.
  • The company is noticed for quality control certifications (ISO9001:2008; ISO14001:2004; OHSAS18001:2007; SRM8000; TLS8001).
  • What sets Bangkok's business apart from the competition is its value for environmental responsibility and carefully selects environmentally friendly chemical materials for production. The company never uses harmful chemicals once it affects customers' health.
  • Bangkok Screen focuses on quality customer service and positive working relationships, so it offers services such as informational, laboratory, and technical consultants. The corporation has a complete website with lots of information on company history, products, FAQ section support, contact information, location, and news updates.
  • In 2019, the Ministry of Labor of Thailand presented an award for Excellent Establishment on Labor Relations and Welfare on National Level to the company.
  • Bangkok Screen gives high importance to technological advancement and continuous innovations in their field, given that the factory has energy production through solar cells and wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Regarding the financial position, Bangkok Screen Company Limited has a sales revenue of $9.21 million. The total revenue corresponds to $75 million.


  • The company's social media are not well managed. Their LinkedIn page has no publications, just an overview of the firm. Regarding Facebook, there is only a page for workers' recruitment, it doesn't express much about the company, and the texts are in Thai.
  • Considering the garment industry, Bangkok Screen's key challenges that weaken its performance include discrimination of foreign workers, a weak stand of trade unions, and the dependency on garment exports keeps wages down.
  • Thailand depends on exports, 46% of all garments go to the U.S. primarily because of a lack of domestic demand. Also, the country is the 28th largest exporter of functional textiles. If the U.S. implements protectionist policies and revokes trade privileges for Thai exports, as it happened in 2019, may leave the company vulnerable, considering that the manufacturing factory of Bangkok Screen is in Thailand.


  • The textile manufacturing global market is growing at a CAGR of 9.5%, and the expectation is that it will increase significantly in the forecast period. Asia and the Pacific textile manufacturing market accounts for the largest share in the global textile manufacturing market.
  • An e-commerce portal might be able to expand the Bangkok Screen market share. Once Asia-Pacific is expected to increase the sales volume of clothing and apparel goods through e-commerce portals, including eBay, Amazon, and Flipkart in Thailand.
  • The biggest trends noted in the textile manufacturing market are robotics and automation in textile units, relocation of production units. Bangkok's group can evaluate these innovations since it would improve the means of production.
  • Recent studies have shown that consumers increasingly tend to buy products with a social and environmental benefit, a key strength of Bangkok Screen.
  • Thailand has been a leading beneficiary from the ongoing trade fight between the United States and China. The export rates in Thailand growth $220 billion.
  • The increasing interest in health and wellness sportswear is experiencing a growth rate valued at $1.3 billion. While consumers in Thailand tend to wear sportswear for functional and fashion purposes, it becomes a possibility to be explored by the company and to improve its profits.


  • Considering the sales revenue numbers, three textile manufacturing companies in Thailand surpass Bangkok Screen. The mentioned companies are P.P. Textile Printing & Dyeing ($10.30M), Satin Textiles ($9.94M), and Yong Udom Karn Tho ($9.78M). Satin Textiles is known to have a niche market focused on beddings, home art and sleep wears. Although the three mentioned businesses had higher sales revenue than Bangkok Screen in Thailand, it was not possible to find more information about the other two companies' market niche or company website.
  • However, it is safer to consider other global companies in the same niche market as competitors, such as ITW Graphics ($39 million in estimated revenue) and Sporting iD ($65.6 million in estimated revenue). Both have customers all over the world, with high profits and global distribution of their products. Even so, as shown previously, they have lower revenues than Bangkok Screen ($75 million).
  • A recent survey conducted by Panvija reported that more than half of American importers interviewed were interested in new suppliers and in particular, those from Thailand. Although, the implications of disrupted supply chains due to the Covid-19 outbreak changed that scenario.
  • Globally, the textile manufacturing market will deal with restraints from factors such as lack of available resources, increasing inventory levels, counterfeit products, and reduction in free trade.


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  • "Chris Latter; Global Sales Director - Industrial Apparel & Equipment Peter Spitza; Key Account Business Development Manager Roger Harvey; Senior Global Sales Manager"
  • "Cosmetics and Personal Care Branding, High Performance Sport Apparel Branding, and Industrial Applications for Transportation Segment"
  • "The company has a long industry-renowned global developer and supplier of high-quality embellishment heat transfers."
  • "Innovative Heat Transfer solutions for leading industry brands in Sports Apparel, Transportation and Cosmetics"
  • "At ITW Graphics we have implemented various green innovations that ensure we continue to achieve our objectives towards ongoing environmental responsibilities. Our most significant move towards these objectives is to dramatically reduce (or totally eradicate) the use of harmful solvents from our production lines across the globe"
  • "Decorative and functional, our products can be applied to a wide array of substrates helping consumers readily identify your products. We work in partnership with brand managers, designers, colorists, and performance textile engineers to create unique opportunities to further enhance and promote your brand and products."
  • "Despatch Industries Pte Jul 21, 2011 Durcon Inc Nov 08, 2013"
  • "Revenue: $39 Million"
  • "Adamas Ventures Inc Adveco Group Inc.mju Albany International Corp Bebe Stores, Inc Blackcraft Cult, Inc."
From Part 06
  • "Elms and the FlexDev Group are delighted to be chosen as the partner and official licensee for the names, numbers and Sky Bet EFL sleeve badges for the next four seasons. We look forward to supporting the EFL with the exciting ambitions during this period and supporting the clubs in delivering a unique quality product to players and fans alike."
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