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Company Overview - Simeio

Simeio provides professional services for numerous avenues of security, including CyberSecurity, Identity and Access Management (IAM), Identity as a Service (IDAAS), and planning and managing current and future security needs. As they are a privately held company, no specific financial information is available as it relates to funding and revenue, however estimations are included in this write-up. What follows is a list of the services provided by Simeio (as previously mentioned above), as well as the leadership team for Simeio, and information as it relates to their funding status and subsequent available information. We found no evidence of any acquisitions having been made by the company.


Name: Simeio Solutions
Founding Date: July 21, 2007
Estimated Revenue: $5 Million. Please note, this is only an estimation, as no financial information is publicly available as Simeio is a privately held company.
Funding Stage: Privately held (working on growth capital)
Funding amount: Estimated that they received $1 million in funding in April 2015, which is when they partnered with the investment firm Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe.


Hemen Vimadalal, Chief Executive Officer. Hemen is the founder of Simeio, and previously worked with Vaau from its beginning, where he gained experience “as the leader in the identity and access management industry”.
Krishna Prabhu, President and COO. Krishna previously worked for NTT data, where he was the COO of Financial Services & Insurance. He has over 23 years of experience working with managing client relationships across numerous industries, “including Financial Services, Consumer/Retail, Manufacturing, Telecom, Healthcare & Life Sciences”.
Naynesh Patel, Executive Vice President. Prior to Simeio, Naynesh worked for KPMG as practice director and leader for identity and access management services. He has “over 15 years of experience in the implementation, strategy, design and assessment of identity and access management solutions for clients” in numerous industries.
Shawn Keve, Executive Vice President. Shawn works in sales, business development, channel partners, and marketing for Simeio, and has grown the business 20 times, “making Simeio one of the fastest growing companies in North America”. Prior to Simeio, Shawn was the Consulting Director at Oracle.
Elizabeth Shannon, Vice President of Finance. Elizabeth works with the global finance and accounting teams for Simeio, and was the Senior Finance Leader of Coregistics; Motorola Solutions, Inc. prior to working for Simeio.
Asif Savvas, Managing Director. Asif works with sales and delivery for Simeio Canada and Simeio Gulf IAM practices. Prior to Simeio, he worked at Sun/Oracle, dealing with providing identity solutions for clients in Canada.
Anshuman Chakravartty, Managing Director. Anshuman works with sales and delivery for Simeio, and works with “sales and delivery enablement, business development and operations”. Prior to Simeio, he worked at Vaau, developing solutions for security and identity programs.
Siddharth Gandhi, Head of India. Siddharth manages the cost center for Simeio in India, and is also “responsible for Simeio’s Gulf operations, part of global delivery operations and MIS”. Prior to Simeio, he worked for Karma Capital Advisors as their Assistant Vice President.
Welsh, Carlson, Anderson & Stowe is an investment firm that partnered with Simeio in April 2015. It is estimated that their investment amount was $1 million USD.

Products / services

Simeio will provide the following identity solutions, through various products (4) listed below:
IDENTITY SOLUTIONS: Identity Access Governance and Administration, Identity Administration, Privileged Identity Management, Access Management and Federation, Core Directory Services, Risk Intelligence, Data Security & Loss Prevention, and Cloud Security.
(1) IAM Planning and Consulting Services:
IAM (Identity and Access Management). Simeio provides “initial needs assessment and strategy development all the way through solution design and implementation”. They work with their clients to address their needs, and help form a plan that is tailored specifically to them.
Simeio will provide support to clients that already have an IAM solution in place, but don’t know how to implement it. They’ll also help improve performance of an existing IAM solution, and create a plan to help the company succeed in the future.
(3) Managed IDAAS Services (Identity As a Service):
Provide secure access for all employees, and gives a single point of contact for the client’s operations and support team, and will work directly with your IT team for day-to-day operations
Provide updates and upgrades for a client’s IAM software, as well as help move information onto the cloud, and will continue to manage any necessary updates in the future.


Founded in 2007, Simeio is a privately held company that provides advanced security services for their clients, as it relates to IAM Planning and Consulting Services, IAM Implementation, Managed IDAAS Services, and Optimization Services. With 100 – 250 employees, their estimated revenue is $5 million USD (estimated because they are a privately held company, so no financial information is made public).
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Company Overview - Appway

Appway is a private company assisting its clients in transforming digitally with the Appway platform, the solutions for financial services, and its native workspace. It is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland with their offices in EMEA, North America, and APAC and generates an estimated annual revenue of $8 million. Hans Peter Wolf is the founder and CEO of the company. The company was founded in 2003.

Company Information

Name: Appway AG.
Founding date: January 08, 2003.
Estimated revenue: $8 million.
Estimated number of employees: 101-500.
Company CEO and Founder: Hans Peter Wolf.
Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland.
Acquisitions: None.

General Information

In 2016, an estimated 2,000 developers used Appway, 10 new partners were added, the company served 225 global clients, 6 new e-learning modules were introduced, the office space grew twice its size, the number of new employees increased by 40%, 120 live training sessions were delivered, and a new office was started in London.

The company currently has over 225 clients with an annual growth of 81%. Appway is the global leader as "4 of the world's top 5 wealth management firms choose Appway" with over 420,000 users. Appway's competitors include Appian, Pegasystems, and Avaloq.

Number of Employees

The estimated number of employees of the company between 101 and 500 with 231 employees on LinkedIn. The company hired over 40 employees in 2014 with plans to hire 80 more people in 2015. The number of employees increased by 40% in 2016.

Identity of Owners

Hans Peter Wolf founded Appway in 2003. He is also the CEO of the company. Rene Hurlimann is the Director of Sales and Oliver Brupbacher is the co-founder and director of R&D at Appway.


The amount and stage of funding of the company have not been disclosed.


The company has not made any acquisitions in the past.


Appway's products and services include the Appway Platform, financial services solutions, and the Native Workspace.

THE APPWAY PLATFORM: The Appway platform allows clients to "develop and operate" business applications in order to facilitate digitization.

FINANCIAL SERVICES SOLUTIONS: Appway offers financial services for its clients to facilitate the "adoption of technology" in the banking sector with the latest Appway 7 technology. These solutions include "Onboarding for Wealth", "Onboarding for Retail", and "Digital Banking".

APPWAY NATIVE WORKSPACE: The Appway Native Workspace is an "add-on" to the Appway platform that enables applications developed with the Appway platform to be available as native applications on iOS and Android and in the browser.


Appway is a privately held technology company founded in 2003 with an estimated revenue of $8 million and over 100 employees.
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Company Overview - Sipi

Sipi Asset Recovery, a division of Sipi Metals Corp. (Chicago, IL), serves clients in need of IT asset disposition (ITAD) and asset recovery services. The privately-held company places great emphasis on securing sensitive data, and complying with security, safety, environmental and industry regulations.


Sipi was founded in 1905 as a scrap trading company, expanding to include precious metals in 1969. The name "Sipi" is a blend of the founders' names (Silverstein and Pinsof). In 2001, Belmont Technology Remarketing was created as a joint venture between Sipi and Belmont Trading Company in Hayward, CA, leading to the 2008 merger between Belmont Trading West and Belmont Technology (operating in the U.K.). Over time, the company further expanded operations into Latin American countries and Hong Kong. In 2015, Sipi Metals bought out the remainder of Belmont Technology Remarketing and renamed the subsidiary "Sipi Asset Recovery".

Sipi Asset Recovery is based in Elk Grove Village, IL (just outside Chicago) and is still sometimes referenced as Belmont Technology Remarketing. The company carries various certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, HIPAA, and is R2 certified. It is listed as a Women Owned Business, headed by owner and Chief Executive Officer Marion Cameron.


As a privately held company, revenue information is not made publicly available. However, Sipi's Manta profile provides an estimated revenue of $12,310,178, a marked difference from the $0.14M noted in Hoovers' database. The Hoovers site may only reflect revenue generated through the Elk Grove Village site and not include data from other locations.

Based on the company's LinkedIn profile, headcount is estimated at 51-200, with 77 employees listed on LinkedIn. Crunchbase estimates the employee count a bit higher at 251-500.

A search of Sipi Asset Recovery's Crunchbase profile and news articles did not yield evidence of any recent funding rounds or acquisitions.


Sipi serves industries worldwide, but notes a particular interest in "data-intensive fields like healthcare, finance, technology and value-added reselling." Services offered include:
* On site data destruction - securely wiping and destroying data from IT devices, packing, and removing assets,
* A Box Program - for remote locations with fewer assets,
* In House Asset Recovery - including migrating data to other devices and recycling or reselling existing IT assets.


Sipi Asset Recovery is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sipi Metals Corporation as of 2015. The privately held company is based in Elk Grove Village, IL and provides services worldwide in IT asset disposition (ITAD) and asset recovery. The company is certified according to various standards which demonstrates leadership's commitment to security, safety, environmental and industry best practices and regulation compliance.