Company Analysis - Real Estate

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Company Analysis - Real Estate

Skyrise, The Hive, Comfy, Office App, Bixby, Equiem, HqO, and Lane are companies that cater to the commercial real estate industry. None of these companies integrate Captivate.


  • Skyrise was founded in 2015 as a tenant engagement platform that helps property managers and landlords offer adequate office experience.
  • The company has only one location, which is in Dallas, Texas. Skyrise was founded by Bradley Joyce. No other founders or executives at the company could be found on LinkedIn, Crunchbase, or its official website.
  • Skyrise had its equity funding stage in September 2015. The company raised $40,000 in a seed round, presumably funded by an angel investor(s).
  • There are no case studies or client examples provided by Skyrise on its website. The company has also not been mentioned in third party service client references and review databases like FeaturedCustomers.
  • In a 2018 article about amenities tenants love, sponsored by Captivate, Skyrise was mentioned. Skyrise later thanked Captivate for this mention on Twitter. Other than this, there is no mention of a partnership or working relationship between both companies. On its website, Skyrise does not make any mention of Captivate being integrated.
  • Skyrise does not have any listed salesforce. It has less than ten employees, most of whom are web developers.
  • While is still officially an open company, Skyrise appears to be unofficially "inactive" as its website and social media pages have not been updated since early 2019.


  • The Hive is a mobile app that offers a tenant-driven mobile experience by enhancing tenant satisfaction. It is owned and managed by Building Engines. While Building Engines was founded in 2000, The Hive was released in 2016.
  • The Hive is a SaaS operations platform designed mainly for property managers in the US. Thus, its clients are mainly in the US. Some commercial real estate companies using the platform include Winstanley Enterprises and Urban Renaissance Group.
  • There is no mention of The Hive Tenant platform being integrated with Captivate.
  • Building Engines' only location is its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. The company has roughly 155 employees, about 15 of these professionals are on its sales and marketing team.
  • Building Engines was featured in the 2019 Inc. 5000 list as one of the most successful private companies in the US. It was ranked number 3290 in this list.
  • Building Engines is funded by venture capital firms like Wavecrest Growth Partners. In total, it has received $38.7 million in two venture rounds; one in 2016 and one in 2019. Wavecrest Growth Partners is one of its investors.


  • Building Engines' chief executive officer is Tim Curran, while its chief people officer is Nina Laven.
  • Scott Sidman is the Executive Vice President of Business & Corporate Development at Building Engines, while Lou Jordano is the Chief Marketing Officer.
  • The chief financial officer of the company is David O'Connor, with Daniel Cozza being its Chief Product Officer.
  • Other leaders at the company include Kyle Maikath, the Vice President of Solutions Consulting; Derek Lessard, the Vice President of Sales; Jody Saarmaa, the Vice President of Product Management; and Jim Hammel, the Vice President of Customer Services.


  • Comfy's main mission is to formulate good relationships between people and their workplaces. The company was founded in 2013 and has just one location, which is in Oakland, California.
  • It has roughly 80 employees, about nine of these employees are sales or marketing professionals at the company.
  • Comfy mainly caters to companies in the US, Australia, and Canada. A few of its US clients include Intel, AppNexus, Wework, Beacon Capital Partners, CBRE, and Under Armour.
  • Comfy's clients in other parts of the world include Cisco (its innovation center in Canada), Charter Hall, and Oxford Property Group.
  • Comfy makes no mention of its app being integrated with Captivate.
  • Siemens acquired Comfy in 2018. Prior to that, it was funded by angel investors and venture capital firms, including Emergence Capital. From 2013 to 2016, the company raised almost $20 million in three funding rounds.


  • Comfy's chief executive officer is Daniel Schroeder. He holds degrees in International Business Administration and Finance from Hult International Business School and Ruskin University.
  • Stephen Dawson-Haggerty is the company's Chief Technical Officer and Founder. He "co-developed the patented technology behind Comfy while completing a doctorate from UC Berkeley in Computer Systems and Networking."
  • The company's chief of strategy and operations is Erica Eaton. Before Comfy, she was with Johnson Controls’ Building Efficiency business for almost a decade. There, she was in charge of corporate development, strategy, and innovation.
  • David Kirkland is the Chief of Revenue at Comfy, where he is in charge of the company's customer success, enterprise sales, and business development teams. He has a BA from Bowdoin College and an MBA from George Washington University.
  • The company's chief financial officer is Jens Stottmann. He previously led vital initiatives in Europe and Asia Pacific at Siemens. He has an MBA from the Berlin School of Economics and Law.


  • Founded in 2014, Office App refers to itself as the "most advanced engagement platform for professionals in offices." It has over 35 employees. It is unclear how large its salesforce is. While only four of its employees are focused on sales based on LinkedIn, we believe the company has a much larger salesforce.
  • Although headquartered in Amsterdam, North Holland, Office App has three other locations; one in London, UK, another in Frankfurt, Germany, and a third in Toronto, Canada.
  • Thijs van der Burgt is the company's Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, while its Chief Technology Officer is Bob de Graaf.
  • Paul Tholens is the Head of Sales for the company's Benelux market, while Isabelle Sfez is the Head of Sales for its France & Italy markets, and Ikenna Nweke is the Head of Sales for the company's UK and Ireland markets.
  • Office App is funded by venture capital firms, some of which include SIGNA Innovations, Pi Labs, and JOIN Capital. It has raised a total of €4.3 million ($4.8 million) in one venture round.
  • Although Office App has a location in Canada, it has not fully gained traction in North America. It appears the company's focus is on its markets in Europe, as evidenced by its lack of a sales head for any North American location.
  • A few of the company's US clients include DELL, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and UBS. Some of its clients in other parts of the world include BNP Paribas, Apleona Real Estate Management, and LaSalle Investment Management.
  • Office App does not have any Captivate integration.


  • Established in 2016, Bixby is focused on enhancing the communication between property managers and their residents. In total, the company has six employees, one of which handles sales. Bixby has one location; its headquarters in New York.
  • Mark Smukler is the company's Chief Executive Officer and Founder, while Alex Ohebshalom is its Co-Founder and Director of Sales.
  • Eric Kwong is the Lead Software Engineer at Bixby, while Salina Mack is the Lead Designer, and Eric Kramer is the Director of Partnerships.
  • Bixby mainly caters to property owners or property developers in the US. It has a wide footprint in the country. A few of its clients include JDS Development Group, Friedland Properties, Empire Management, Gorjian, MD Squared Property Group, and Novum Properties.
  • The company is mainly funded by angel investors and venture capital firms. Since 2016, Bixby has raised around $1 million in more than five funding rounds, including one convertible note, an angel round, and a pre seed round. Some of its investors are Green Egg Ventures, SoundBoard Venture Fund, and Newark Venture Partners.
  • Bixby has not integrated Captivate, neither has it announced any future plans to do so.


  • Equiem was founded in 2011 in Melbourne, Australia. The company claims it is now a "global leader in tenant experience for commercial real estate." The company has 214 employees. Its sales team consists of roughly 20 professionals.
  • Equiem is mainly funded by venture capital firms and angel investors. In August 2019, it raised $8.4 million in one venture round led by investors like Leigh Jasper, Salta Capital, Grollo Group, and Regal Funds Management.
  • Equiem claims that over 8,900 companies use its platform daily. A few of its clients include Adams & Company, Global Holding Management Group, Grollo Group, Knight Frank, Lendlease, M&G Investments, Salta Properties, Spear Street Capital, Unico, and J.P. Morgan. These companies are based in all parts of the world, including North America. A more extensive of its clients can be found here.
  • It has six locations: one in New York, US; two in London, UK; and three in Australia (Melbourne, Brisbane City, and Sydney). However, the company mainly operates in five countries.
  • Equiem's chief executive officer is Gabrielle McMillan, who is also its co-founder. Steven Leong is the company's chief finance officer, while Julian Boot is its chief technology officer.
  • Jon Lesquereux is the regional head of the company's Asia Pacific market, while Deborah Greenwood Smith is its chief operating officer.
  • Equiem's platform is not integrated with Captivate.


  • HqO operates in the US, UK, and France. The company was founded in 2017 and has one location, which is in Boston, Massachusetts. HqO has roughly 93 employees, seven of whom are on its sales team.
  • The company's chief operating officer is Dan Koh, while its chief revenue officer is Mark Rosental, and its chief technology officer is Jim Butler.
  • Its founders are Kevin McCarthy, Chase Garbarino - who is also the CEO, Jared Stenquist, and Greg Gomer.  
  • HqO is funded by angel investors and venture capital firms. So far, it has raised $53 million in more than four funding rounds, including a seed round and a venture round.
  • The company's lead investors include Accomplice, Insight Partners, Gerald Chan, Navitas Capital, New England Development, Steve Pagliuca, and Allegion Ventures.
  • HqO has a wide footprint in North America, specifically the US. A few of its clients in this region include The Willis Tower by EQ Office and The Innovation and Design Building by Jamestown. Endurance Land is one its clients in England.
  • HqO's tenant experience app has no Captivate integration.


  • Founded in 2014, Lane has its head office in Toronto, Ontario. It has two other locations; Brooklyn, New York and Denver, Colorado. In total, the company has 30 employees, about seven of these employees are on its sales team.
  • Clinton Robinson is its Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. Rob Prince is the Chief Operations Officer of Lane.
  • Kofi Gyekye is a Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, while Rhea Claus is the company's Chief Client Officer.  
  • In 2019, Lane announced that it was adding 1,000 new users to its platform weekly. It has powered high-profile buildings like "The Gas Tower Company, Figueroa at Wilshire, EY Plaza, 777 Tower and Marina Towers in LA and the Allen Center and Houston Center in Houston."
  • Lane has an extensive footprint in North America as it powers buildings in Toronto, Houston, Ottawa, Los Angeles, Washington, New York, Vancouver, Denver, Winnipeg, Virginia, and Calgary, among several others. It powers buildings in other countries as well, specifically the UAE, Australia, Germany, Brazil, England, and India.
  • The company is backed by accelerators and venture capital firms. It has raised roughly $3.9 million in about four funding rounds, including a pre seed round and three seed rounds. Some of its investors are Alate Partners, Panache Ventures, and Techstars.
  • Lane has not integrated Captivate. The company has not announced any plans to do this as well.