Company Analysis - IWCO Marketing Solutions

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Company Analysis : IWCO Marketing Solutions

IWCO Direct specializes in direct marketing solutions with an expertise in direct mail communications. Their customers are enterprise-level market leaders looking for integrated marketing solutions. One of IWCO Direct's main strengths is its G7 Colorspace Master Qualification and ability to offer one of the lowest direct mail postage rates in the industry.


  • IWCO Direct provides data-driven direct marketing solutions through its strategic, creative, execution and critical communications services.
  • The company's direct marketing strategies reach beyond basic demographic information to maximize return on investment for omnichannel campaigns.
  • Its tools help analyze customer behavior, predict actions and therefore help focus marketing efforts to boost ROI.
  • IWCO Direct's creative services include graphic design, copywriting, brand messaging, personalization, formattings, omnichannel integration and advanced testing methodologies.
  • Additionally, the company's execution services help coordinate marketing campaigns across all channels from print, mail, email, SMS, social media, display and digital.
  • IWCO Direct's critical communications section helps companies create a disaster recovery plan to keep communications running uninterrupted.


  • Case studies on IWCO Direct's website include companies from a variety of industries like telecoms, healthcare, financial services, insurance, hospitality, health & wellness, travel and retail.
  •  Major clients are primarily large enterprise-size companies and organizations that are market leaders in their space or area.


  • There are zero reviews for IWCO Direct on the Better Business Bureau website.
  • IWCO Direct has zero reviews on yelp.
  • However, the company has worked to achieve a top compliance qualification of G7 Colorspace Master, which likely increases positive customer perceptions of the company.
  • IWCO Direct's CEO Jim Anderson was named Graphic Arts Industry Leader of the Year in 2018, which also speaks to a positive perception of the company by customers and industry peers.


  • The company is one of the few that has achieved G7 Colorspace Master Qualification, meaning it meets stringent best practices and standards for its printing.
  • The company offers one of the lowest direct mail postage rates in the industry.
  • The direct mail industry is going through a "Renaissance" at the moment, with companies seeing a large increase in orders over the past 5-6 months.
  • IWCO Direct integrates digital intelligence with print direct mail, poised to capitalize on the new trend of personalized, relevant messaging conducted as part of a larger omnichannel campaign.


  • IWCO Direct does not have as comprehensive an offering for its marketing solutions as some of its competitors like InnerWorkings and RRD.
  • The company does not have as many environmental or sustainability credentials as some of its competitors like Quad.
  • IWCO Direct's Procurement Director has identified the company has a weakness in the paper supply chain which also affects the industry at large. Paper availability has been uncertain and supplier relationships are growing strained.
  • Constantly increasing postage rates consistently threaten the direct mail industry, especially as one of IWCO Direct's major advantages is its low postal prices.


  • Epsilon does not have any particular specialty or focus on direct mail or printing. This gives IWCO Direct an advantage with its G7 Colorspace Master Qualification and in-depth knowledge and experience in the direct mail segment.
  • InnerWorkings is a broader marketing agency, not only offering marketing solutions but also services like packaging, events, merchandise design, app design and more. While this could look advantageous as a 'one-stop-shop', this highlights IWCO Direct's expertise and focus on integrating digital and direct mail.
  • Merkle is a digital marketing agency, and therefore IWCO Direct has an advantage in the direct mail and print space by offering more holistic omnichannel capabilities.
  •  Aurora focuses on packaging and displays. Therefore, while they do compete in the broader commercial printing space, Aurora and IWCO Direct do not operate in the same market space for marketing and direct mail solutions.
  •  Quad is most similar to IWCO in that it specializes in robust omnichannel marketing solutions that include print and direct mail and their delivery. One key advantage IWCO Direct appears to have over Quad is their G7 Colorspace Master Qualification, which Quad does not have.
  • RRD again is a marketing firm with broad capabilities. While they offer direct mail as part of overall solutions, there is no specific focus on efficient postal strategy and optimization.
  • Overall, IWCO Direct's specialization in printing and direct mail, as well as offering unique services like critical communications for disaster recovery give it an edge overall other more broadly-focused marketing firms.


Most of our information was sourced directly from IWCO Direct's website, utilizing its product pages, news releases and other relevant information to synthesize the company's value proposition, customer landscape, strengths, weaknesses and competitive advantages. We also examined trade press articles on the industry as a whole to look for industry-wide strengths and weakness that IWCO Direct may be susceptible to. We then utilized competitor websites to compare offerings and determine what competitive advantages IWCO Direct offered over its rivals. As a note, we could not find any customer reviews or editorial comments about IWCO Direct or its marketing solutions for the customer perception section. We examined several review websites and dug into any press coverage of the company. Therefore, we triangulated some perceptions based on accolades and achievements by the company and also concluded that the absence of any negative reviews or press speaks favorably about IWCO Direct.