US Room Booking Software Products

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US Room Booking Software Products

Three additional easy-to-use room booking software products in the US are Condeco, Teem, and EMS Enterprise Workplace Management. A slide containing examples of their user interface is contained in the attached slide.



EMS Enterprise Workplace Management

  • A website link to EMS Enterprise Workplace Management is provided herein.
  • EMS meeting room scheduling software makes it easy for employees and visitors to find the ideal place to meet or work, whether it’s a conference room, board room, huddle room, or studio.
  • EMS room booking app and meeting room organizer has many robust features that users can benefit from, including room utilization analytics options, mobile capabilities, and comprehensive integrations.
  • These tools make EMS’s room booking app more friction-free and user-friendly than other options on the market even as a company scales and its needs change.
  • It can also help organizations cut costs, streamline booking, and create a flexible, activity-based workplace or campus.
  • EMS by Accruent "offers the greatest breadth and depth of functionality with the ability to configure everything to meet the needs of your unique organization while offering an open, extensible platform to work directly with your workplace technology stack including digital signage, visitor management, occupancy sensing, HVAC control, work order management, and much more."
  • Its features include one system-of-record for scheduling data, self-service scheduling via the web and apps, on-demand reporting and analysis, simplified video conferencing, and integration with related systems.
  • The benefits of the software are provided herein.
  • EMS Enterprise Workplace Management has not provided pricing information for this product or service. Interested parties are to get in touch for a custom quote.

Best Practices

Meeting Room Booking System Search: Software, Hardware, or Both?

Use of space

  • According to Meetio, "one should consider before buying software is how it can help you use your space more efficiently."
  • Lack of sufficient spacing causes a second team to barge in and possibly disrupt a sensitive meeting. And at a bare minimum, it causes frustration and delays due to scheduling confusion.
  • Good meeting room scheduling software products are said to include analytics to help manage space more efficiently. It can also help find other suitable rooms or use video conferencing so that everyone can meet in a virtual space instead.
  • The right meeting room booking system will also be integrated with commonly used platforms, like Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Teams, etc., so employees can continue to book meetings and rooms on a well-known platform.
  • According to AgilQuest, the three top features of a meeting room booking system for admins are data & utilization, business rules & configuration, and implementation.

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