How do companies currently determine if their diversity & equity programs are working? What software, analytics, or research methods do they use to monitor that success and manage their diversity & equity programs? We're a startup building SaaS di...

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How do companies currently determine if their diversity & equity programs are working? What software, analytics, or research methods do they use to monitor that success and manage their diversity & equity programs? We're a startup building SaaS diversity & equity analytics software for enterprise and we'd like to better understand who our competitors are and the existing solutions currently being used.


Companies can determine how their diversity, inclusion, and equity programs are working by analyzing hiring and recruiting trends, as well as speaking to employees within the organization about their feelings related to these subjects. There are several companies who provide diversity analytic software to assist in these ventures, including Jopwell, Infor Talent Science, Diverst, Glassbreakers, and PeopleFluent.

Measuring Diversity in the Workplace

In order to measure diversity within the workplace, organizations must track their progress in the realm of hiring and recruiting, among many other personnel-related questions. Apart from viewing the trends in hiring and recruiting in a company, other methods of analysis include tracking how diverse individuals already within a company are actually progressing, including when and how often they receive promotions or access to higher-level projects. Additionally, companies can analyze the ways different individuals may represent several areas of diversity and inclusion, and ways they may or may not be served by the system. Actually speaking to employees via focus groups, surveys, and interviews about the state of diversity and inclusion within a company is a good way to look at inclusion from the inside out, rather than making assumptions based solely on hiring numbers or statistics.


Jopwell (short for Job Opportunities Done Well) launched in January 2015, and allows those who sign up for the service to emphasize their personal identity by using a plethora of options related to gender and ethnicity. Jopwell has been used by 40 leading companies, including high profile corporations like Facebook and Goldman Sachs. Job recruiters who utilize the service are offered the opportunity to create a profile for their company, contact potential interviewees, and keep potentially interested candidates abreast of positions that may be opening. Jopwell's purpose as a "specialty matching site" is specifically to connect corporations with potential employees from various ethnic backgrounds and gender identities.

Infor Talent Science

Infor Talent Science is a predictive hiring platform that scores candidates for positions based on a variety of criteria, including mental flexibility, verbal reasoning, and ambition. Infor Talent Science is also notable for providing companies a more diverse pool of job candidates to choose from due to its "elimination of unintentional bias." Because the site provides recruiters with information that is entirely objective, Infor Talent Science has been able to report that hiring of African American and Hispanic job candidates has increased by 26 percent with the use of their platform.


Diverst is a "diversity and inclusion (D&I) platform" that provides easy management of employee resource groups (ERGs) as well as access to actionable data. This allows companies to track how they are performing D&I related initiatives in comparison with their goals for those initiatives. Features of Diverst include:

360 Planning and Budgeting: aims for ease of management of the planning and budgeting processes.
Surveys, Sentiment, and Scorecards: allows effective measurement of D&I initiatives, including the ability to check biases and administer surveys.
Strategic Event Management: assists in the creation of "ERG-specific or global D&I events," and allows easier tracking and scheduling of these events with the use of specific calendars.
Talent Pool Segmentation: allows users to emphasize depth of inclusion and contact a wider variety of diverse candidates
Inclusion with Business Impact: helps encourage cross-collaboration
Diverse Hires from Internal Pipeline: uses Diverst's "unique Diversity Culture Index (DCI)" to encourage the advancement of diverse employees within the organization, and help in the selection of employees who can lead and mentor others.


Glassbreakers is an inclusion technology that was founded on the belief that at work, individuals should "always feel accepted and included." Glassbreakers emphasizes their "purpose-built matching algorithm" as being a simple way to make workplaces more diverse and inclusive. Glassbreakers aims to connect employees with mentors, communities, and other valuable colleagues throughout business organizations and around the world. Features of Glassbreakers include:

Data-driven mentorship: responsible for the aforementioned algorithms that connect employees to others based on their interests on a personal and professional level.
Talent development: encourages employees to share "resources and internal opportunities" via content channels that are curated specifically for diverse communities.
Community management: includes support on a global level, giving all employees access to an in-person manager at all times.
Actionable analytics: allows the measurement of several aspects of diversity and inclusion, and additionally assists in the calculation of a return on investment when it comes to inclusion.
Customization: uncomplicated user interface that can be specifically catered to the sort of businesses utilizing Glassbreakers services.
Easy on-boarding: Glassbreakers is an easy-to-implement program that can be integrated into every employee's work via email.


PeopleFluent's mission is to provide easy ways to "establish, track, and communicate" goals related to diversity and inclusion within an organization. PeopleFluent emphasizes the achievement of goals that are realistic on the way to a more inclusive workplace. Using PeopleFluent's software, companies can see where they stand in accordance with diversity and inclusion standards, and realistically see ways in which they can improve and progress via benchmarks and return on investment reporting. PeopleFluent allows companies to customize their service to fit the goals of their organization, as well as going a step further by providing specific training that promotes diversity and inclusion. This training includes, but is not limited to, ways to prevent discrimination in the workplace, and ways to prevent sexual misconduct.


In order to determine the effectiveness of diversity and inclusion programs within an organization, companies must not only analyze their hiring and recruitment processes, but must also review how diverse they already are by speaking with employees and researching the ways in which their organization tries to better itself from within aside from just making new hires. Software solutions like Jopwell, Infor Talent Science, Diverst, Glassbreakers, and PeopleFluent provide companies with a reliable method of analyzing and tracking diversity, and planning ways to improve on the environment in their workplace.

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