What companies are competitors in the workplace analytics space to Rifiniti? https://rifiniti.com/ This could include sensor systems, badges, or any other system that tracks utilization and people movement in offices.

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What companies are competitors in the workplace analytics space to Rifiniti? https://rifiniti.com/ This could include sensor systems, badges, or any other system that tracks utilization and people movement in offices.

After extensive research, we found 8 primary competitors of Rifiniti. They are Agilquest, Asure Software, Condeco, EMS Software, Serraview, Teem (EventBoard), EmergingSoft, and Comfy. More information is detailed below.


After extensive research of Rifiniti to thoroughly understand the products and services offered, we found that the company offers products like badges, sensor systems, and systems that track people movement and utilization in offices. The end goal is to allow businesses to make the best decisions on workflow, space, fiduciary accountability, and employees. We determined that there were 8 competitors to Raffinity. We cross-referenced their business websites to confirm that they offered the same types of products.


Agilquest Software provides technology solutions for the contemporary workforce. The following is a list of the company’s solutions.

Work-Life Integration provides a work ecosystem that allows people to balance their work and life. As a result, employees are more satisfied, and there is increased revenue, increased productivity, and high retention.

Flexible Workplace Management supplies workplace strategies like telework, hot desking, hoteling, and managed free address that are becoming more popular with employers looking to reduce expenses and increase productivity and happiness.

Workplace Analytics supply solutions for reliable data management to people like real estate executives and space planners that allows them to make efficient and effective decisions.
Permanent Seat Management continuously runs and systematically maintains precise workplace seat assignments. It also measures the assigned utilization and actual utilization of assigned seating by employees.

Aliquest was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in North Chesterfield, Virginia. The company has approximately 48 employees and has a yearly revenue of $11.5 million.

Asure Software

Asure Software offers HCM solutions. Asure’s SmartMove tracking system uses current metrics systems, and interactive floor plans to help manage everyday logistics and effortlessly uses a broad range of devices from tablets to computers. It allows the business to move records on-demand and schedule future data movement. Its scenario planning and sandboxing allow companies to create and review many moving options before making the final decision. SmartMove enables managers to assign records like entitlements, job titles, and organization units while keeping up with current occupancy, space allocation data, and vacancy. Floor plans can be displayed by filtering options and highlighting or in table-style formats. The company was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in West Lake Hills. It has 179 employees and a yearly revenue of $48.9 million.

COndeco Software

Condeco Software offers solutions for workplace occupancy sensing which helps businesses understand how meeting rooms, desks, and break rooms are used in remarkable detail. Condeco’s product, Condeco Sense, gathers daily data about real estate use. It identifies decreases and increases in space use, providing valuable information to help determine if the workspace is meeting current and future demand. Condeco Sense includes discreet wireless sensors, measures real estate, performs intelligent data analysis, has low energy consumption, measures any workspace, and includes cloud-based reporting. The company’s yearly revenue is $10.6 million, and it was founded in 2005. Its headquarters are in London, England and it has 103 employees.

Ems Software

EMS Software products include:

Room usage reports that pull metrics for any selected rooms within a specified date range and compare actual usage to how many hours a room was available. The reports also ascertain when rooms are available and identify those with low utilization.

Meeting and group type analysis that pulls information on which departments or groups are using specific rooms to gain an understanding of rooms that are commonly used for particular meeting types.
Seat occupancy rating that discovers how often desks are unoccupied by tracking seat occupancy rates and enforcing check-in and check-out procedures." It also identifies trends in seat usage to help companies decide if office hoteling is something that should be considered to decrease the square footage per employee.

The company is headquartered in Greenwood Village, CO and was founded in 1986. It has 105 employees and $22.8 million in yearly revenue.


Serraview specializes in workplace space analytics. It brings together IoT, space management, mobile devices, and kiosks and calendaring to allow for recognition of frustration-free, just-in-time space availability. Its Workforce Enablement product includes desk availability, real-time presence tracking to identify workers’ locations, smart buildings, room availability, and a mobile app that guides employees through their phones. Serraview is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and was founded in 2006. It has $5 million in yearly revenue and 90 employees.


Teem provides 3 products. Manage-Go is a system that enables employees to meet efficiently and also provides a management dashboard that allows security and visitor management, among other things. Their Measure product is a solution for workplace analytics. The insights gathered reveal actions that can be taken to help the office to be more productive. Some features are recapture rate, meeting cancellations, and room use. It has a yearly revenue of $11 million and was founded in 2012. The company’s 20 employees are headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Comfy’s solution for workplace control is the Comfy console. It combines data from existing workplace and building systems and the Comfy app to empower teams of employees to have a better understanding of what is occurring in the workplace for better decision-making. The app connects users to the people, places, and tools they need to work effectively. The console can be used to track app adoption and ongoing engagement for a better workplace environment and experience. It can monitor specific temperature zones, energy savings, and problems within the building to save energy, time, and money. The console also sees which rooms are booked and occupied over time to improve space usage and reduce unattended meetings. It can also access data from people and systems about how people interact with the workplace to help decide long-term goals. It was founded in 2013 and is located in Oakland California. Comfy has 90 employees and $3 million in yearly revenue.


The EmergingSoft website isn’t accessible or it is no longer available. It is associated with the DEA and is a leader in the industry with cost-effective and easy to use conference room software solutions. Their products include:

MeetingPlanner, the industry’s leading Microsoft Exchange/Outlook “integrated, mobile device and web-based resource scheduling and reporting tool.”
SmartScheduler which has HVAC/Security/Lighting and third-party integration for Microsoft Exchange synchronization.
MeetingPlanner Touch that offers mobility and digital signage with digital signage hardware from TouchQuest, Cisco, Samsung, Apple, and others.
EmergingSoft has $4.4 million in yearly revenue and is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was founded in 1997 and has 35 employees.


Research illustrated that Rifiniti had 8 main competitors in the workplace analytics space. Those companies are AgilQuest, Asure Software, Condeco, EMS Software, Serraview, Teem (EventBoard), EmergingSoft, and Comfy.