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Australian Aged Care Companies


Ustwo is a company that provides and innovates technological solution to aged care. The company doesn’t focus on simply providing the standard care for the elderly but on more mindful and holistic techniques with a digital basis, such as the soothing PAUSE app. The researched companies (except one, Opal, which is larger and more established) are also innovative, technology focused firms. Ustwo could potentially collaborate with any of them to combine services leading to exciting opportunities in the aged care field.


Opal Aged Care states that it wishes to be “different” from other aged care companies. They want to “approach [the] many things we do with fresh thinking.” Opal Aged Care changed its name after a merger between Domain and Principal Aged Care to reinvent its identity. They note that they will devote “significant” resources to develop new programs which makes them a good candidate to promote your products to. They may be amenable to the type of innovative products offered by Ustwo Health as well as willing to spend the money.

Contact: 61 2 8241 1600

RSL LifeCare

RSL LifeCare is known for its innovation and for using technology. An article in Aged Care Guide describes RSL LifeCare’s John Edmondson VC Gardens branch which uses robots to help take care of its aged population. Ken Wyatt, the Minister for Aged Care, states that, “Technology will never replace the dedication and service of trusted care and health professionals but it can support them to provide even better and more efficient care.” RSL LifeCare has a robotic seal, for example, to entertain residents but to also track them and report back to staff.

RSL LifeCare and Ustwo could collaborate to bring helpful technological solutions to the aged population. The John Edmondson VC Gardens branch is the perfect branch for collaboration as it shows a willingness to experiment with new technologies.

General telephone number: 1300 853 146

Telephone for John Edmondson VC Gardens: (02) 8777 2000
Email for John Edmondson:

Better caring

Better Caring is a nascent aged care start up that attempted to solve a problem faced by one of the founder’s parents. Using a new technological platform, Better Caring connects the aged population in need of a home care specialist with exactly the type of caregiver that they request. The government provided system provided caregivers from large organizations and those people would cycle. Better Caring’s technological platform allows users to define parameters and everything, including invoices and ratings, are handled on their end. Better Caring’s technological embrace and focus on closeness to their clients makes them a great candidate to contact. Furthermore, they have won grants from the government for their innovations.

Better Caring. Telephone: 1300 73 65 73


Lumin is another technology oriented company. Lumin provides a communication and monitoring platform for aged citizens. Their goal is to stimulate the mental health of aged citizens by allowing them to keep their independence and communicate with family members while also keeping them safe. Lumin creates smart monitoring devices to help the elderly as well as their family and friends. Lumin’s focus on technology and mental health correlates with Ustwo’s goals and products.

Telephone: 1300 336 038


Aged care in Australia has evolved in the past several years due to companies such as Lumin and Better Care. Ustwo’s software, which doesn’t only target the elderly, is in a great position to find a foothold in aged care by working with some of these nascent startups or a larger company such as Opal. The benefits of all of these companies is that they’re open to new prospects in aged care which aids Ustwo’s pitch.
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Australian Mental Health Companies

Our research of mental health companies and programs in Australia led us to compile the following list of companies. We believe that these companies are most likely to entertain partnerships to design and develop digital products to help people dealing with mental health issues. We based our research on each company's digital products and mechanisms, audience specifications, and service characteristics. Details of each of the companies are provided below.

Black Dog Institute

Black Dog Institute is dedicated to understanding, treating and preventing mental illness. Their mission is "Enabling mentally healthier lives through innovations in science, medicine, education, public policy and knowledge translation". They offer numerous online "e-mental" health tools, education and training, clinical resources, and research on numerous mental health areas, including suicide prevention, workplace mental health, treatment in young people, depression, grief, and trauma. The point of contact for Black Dog Institute is Nicole Cockayne, Director of Discovery and Innovation.


Being is an independent organization whose vision is "for all people with a lived experience of mental illness to participate as valued citizens in the communities they choose". Being's role is to advice State Government and influence decisions which will impact users' experience of mental health services. They may be a good fit for partnership because they gather information through interactive websites, consumer groups, committees, forums and research. They focus on consumers’ experiences of mental health services. They also provide training to consumers and staff working in mental health service providers. The point of contact at Being is David Peters, Operations Manager.

The Banyans

The Banyans Health and Wellness is a retreat which provides the environment, experience and expertise to help people from various walks of life to rediscover wellness following experiences of trauma, grief, stress, depression and substance abuse. They work to create positive education and awareness to help combat the negative connotation that comes with mental health. I did not find a specific person as a point of contact but they have a phone number as contact -300-226-926. Ruth Limkin is the CEO of Banyans.


MindSpot is a free online and phone service in Australia for individuals dealing with mental health challenges, including depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. MindSpot has a team of over 30 Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Mental Health Professionals who provide free service to people all over Australia. They also offer online assessment quizzes for anxiety and depression, as well as resources and treatment courses. The point of contact is Dr. Nick Titov.

Beyond Blue

The vision of Beyond Blue is that "All people in Australia achieve their best possible mental health". The programs of Beyond Blue support people of all stages of life, wherever they live, work, study and play. They partner with numerous organizations in academics, government (and non-government), corporate companies, service providers and others to help promote positive mental health across Australia. Emma Ponsford, Marketing and Campaigns Advisor, is the best point of contact.


headspace (whose name is properly presented in all lowercase letters so as not to be confused with "HeadSpace") provides early intervention mental services to people aged 12–25 years. They focus on four areas of practice: mental health, physical health, work and study support, and alcohol and other drug services. They also have an online counseling service called eheadspace. Their audience also makes them an ideal partner as they focus on reaching the younger generation, which is more in-tuned with the digital space. The points of contact for headspace are Julia Smith, Executive Director of headspace Services and Simone Williams, Head of Strategic Communications and Marketing.


To sum up, each company presented above is identified as a potential partner for designing and developing digital products. Additionally, each company is focused on improving mental health for people from all walks of life in Australia.
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Australian Pharmaceuticals Companies

Nine Australian companies in the pharmaceuticals industry that may be interested in partnering up to develop digital products are API, Alphapharm, Sigma Healthcare, MyChemist, Chemist Warehouse, Priceline Pharmacy, Chempro Chemists, Blooms and TerryWhite Chemmart. Among these companies are pharma manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

Please find a detailed list, along with an overview of each company, as well as a person of contact and contact details, in the attached spreadsheet.

In order to answer your query, we first focused on locating pharma manufacturers headquartered in Australia. However, according to the Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, there is only one local manufacturer with significant presence in the market — Alphapharm, based in Sydney, which holds 13% of a market strongly dominated by international players like Pfizer or GSK.

We then moved on to wholesale distributors and wholesalers, of which we included two — Australian Pharmaceutical Industries (API) and Sigma Healthcare, two of the largest pharmacy chains in the country. API, in particular, may be of interest to you, since it has shown initiative into the digital side of distribution and sales by partnering up with Magento in developing an online self-serving tool.

The remaining companies on the list are retail pharmacy chains, most of which do have e-commerce capabilities and many offer medical advice on-premises — and thus may be interested in developing a digital product combining and streamlining their services.

To wrap up, API, Alphapharm, Sigma Healthcare, MyChemist, Chemist Warehouse, Priceline Pharmacy, Chempro Chemists, Blooms and TerryWhite Chemmart are nine Australian companies in the pharmaceutical industry worth reaching out to for a potential partnership.
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Australian Wellness Companies

This list includes 10 Australian companies in the wellness industry that could be possible partners for Ustwo to design and develop digital wellness products. A brief description of the company and contact details are provided. Since most of these companies do not share the name and details of an individual in charge, I have provided Linkedin profiles of the most likely individual in the company, usually the CEO or co-founder, who could take the conversation forward.

The company claims to be the pioneer in digital wellness. Their app Kiqplan provides coaching for teams and tracks their progress through inputs individually and as a team. Users input data points like water intake, sleep time and movement.

Contact person: Kelly Maslen (Co-founder)
11/30 Florence Street
Australia 4006
Telephone: +61 7 3257 3595

Activate is a digital platform created by Healthworks, committed to improving the well-being of corporate employees. Their technology is 100% online. They keep employees engaged by encouraging them to compete with each other through gamified challenges.

Contact person: Ken Buckley (CEO & Co-Founder)
PO Box 615
North Sydney NSW 2059

Level 1, 50 Nicholson Street
St Leonards NSW 2065, Australia

Phone: 1300 90 10 90 (or 9954 1888 for Sydney Metro)

Happy waves app uses technology to nurture good habits through meditation, mindfulness and nutrition. Their team includes doctors, relationship experts, holistic therapists and meditation gurus.

Contact person: Nick Bracks (Co-founder)
Contact through web form

Uprise believes that computerized cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is as effective as meeting a therapist in person. It brings efficiency by saving time and also provides analytics. They provide coaching, wellness checks and e-learning.

Contact person: Jay Spence (CEO)

Michael Crouch Innovation Centre,
University of New South Wales, Kensington,
NSW, 2033,
+61 (408) 202 680

The Bupa health foundation is one of the leading charitable foundations of Australia dedicated towards educating and empowering the community with regard to health. Bupa has a host of mobile apps to track varying aspects of health including weight, calorie consumption and BMI. They are very open to partnerships and collaboration.

Contact person: Eerik Sandstrom (Strategic partnerships manager)

Smiling mind is a not-for-profit organization dedicated towards making the benefits of mindfulness easy and accessible to all. Their app has a reach of 2M users across the globe.

Contact person: Emily Clarke (GM - Marketing & Partnerships)

Stepathlon provides solutions for employee wellness in a way that is enjoyable, motivating and sustainable. They keep users engaged on the app through fitness tracking and gamification.

Contact persons:

Shane Bilsborough(Co-founder)
Raj Krishnan (GM)

Resonanz recordings is the leading distributor of meditation and hypnosis related material. They represent 20 authors and more than 250 albums. The product formats are usually electronic music, DVDs, books and CDs.

Contact person: Rick Collingwood (Mind Motivations Director)
Resonanz Recordings Int. Perth, Australia
Phone: 1300 658 064 (Australia)
Phone: +61 07 3358 4989 (International)

This company offers several web-based solutions for employee wellness. These could range from nutrition planning to more education led programs.

Contact person: Wayne Dart (Owner and CEO)

I Giant Mind is on a mission to create a stress-free world and is working on making meditation techniques available to all through their app and other education programs.

Contact person: Jonni Pollard (Co-founder & Executive director)
PO Box 3139,
Brighton VIC 3186,

To conclude, the companies mentioned above could be possible partners for creating digital health solutions. Linkedin profiles are provided for initiating contact wherever the individual email IDs were not available.