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Soliciti is a comprehensive software tool owned by Accendo software corporation. The tool was launched in July 2017. Soliciti offers live intervention on a website's operation. Live interventions provide key insights into a website's performance in terms of its search ranking, uptime, speed, security, structure/build, CRM interface (email system) and functionality. Effective performance monitoring results in the smooth and optimal running of website operations. Optimal website operation helps in building a consistent interface with customers. Soliciti is headquartered in Hagerstown Maryland with customers around the globe. You can access the full details on this spreadsheet.


Through its software tool, Soliciti helps in answering key questions regarding a customer's website performance. The questions that the company helps in answering are the following:

1. What is your website's rank on search engines?
2. Is your website running?
3. Does your website have the required security?
4. Do all parts of your website work?
5. Is your website structured/built correctly?
6. What is the speed of your website?
7. Is your website accessible around the world?
8. Is your website desktop/mobile friendly?
9. Is the identity of your website safe?
10. Is the website’s email system healthy?
11. Can your website be reached?

Insights on all these questions helps in the optimization of a customer's website operation.


Soliciti's major competitors are Pingdom, Insping, UptimeRobot, StatusCake, Cabot, CULA, internetVista Monitoring and AppBeat. The website performance optimization software market is highly fragmented as there are many small providers providing this service. Soliciti is a relatively new product having been launched in 2017.

Soliciti has an advantage over its competitors due to its comprehensive monitoring services, search ranking capabilities and live tracking. The website's email system health checkup is a unique feature of Soliciti's offering. In addition, features such as checks on a website's desktop and mobile compatibility are not found in its competitors' offering. Through its email and SMS service, the company provides real-time alerts on the customer's website performance. Soliciti services are quite affordable. Affordable pricing gives Soliciti a competitive advantage in the market and makes it attractive for smaller companies.


Website has become an integral part of an organization's success. Optimization of a website is necessary for all organizations small or big. Due to its low cost and utility, Soliciti is targeting small businesses who would like to know more about their website's performance and availability.


Soliciti uses a subscription-based pricing that is reasonably priced.
Soliciti's services are priced between free to USD20. Single Scoop is its basic service that is free. Double scoop is priced at USD10 per month and includes advanced features. Triple Scoop is the most advanced subscription having additional features such as search engine optimization (SEO) to help improve ranking on search engines. Triple Scoop is priced USD20.


Soliciti is a small provider that targets smaller businesses to help them improve their website's availability and optimization. The company has economically priced its services which gives it an edge over the competition. The breadth of services offered by Soliciti is far superior to its competitors such as Pingdom. Soliciti's search ranking optimization is its most premium feature for which it charges maximum. The details have been compiled in the attached spreadsheet.