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Verint - Community/Forum Business

There were no reviews regarding "Verint Community" (Verint community/forum business) either in G2 Crowd or Capterra. Therefore, we were not able to find the information requested.

Useful Findings


Research Strategy

We were unable to provide:
  • What people like about their features
  • What people like about the user experience
  • What people say about the support from the company

In order to answer these questions, we consulted the G2 Crowd and Capterra for user reviews regarding Verint's Community/Forum Business, which is "Verint Community" or "Telligence."

We searched for both terms in these sites to find the reviews of the product. However, G2 Crowd showed this message, "There are not enough reviews of Telligent for G2 to provide buying insight. Below are some alternatives with more reviews:". The alternatives were reviews from other company's products. Capterra only showed reviews regarding Verint's Impact 360, which is another kind of product that is not part of the research. We provided evidence of these findings in our sources.

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Vanilla - Community/Forum Business

Vanilla forums reviews on both Capterra and G2 Crowd provided an overwhelmingly positive review with mostly 4 and 5 stars. The main points brought up was that people favored the customization feature, as well as the great customer service provided by Vanilla Forums.

G2 Crowd Reviews:

— Features and things people like about the features.
The Layout: Having the search function at the top where it's easy to see for new and existing users.
  • User Experience
— Easy to use [2018, 5 Stars]
— Amazing flexibility and scale [2018, 5 stars]
— Design is cool and UX is perfect [2018, 5 Stars]
— Vanilla Forums offer a very flexible solution that your able to customize and adapt as user base grows [2017, 4 1/2 stars]
— Easy to get up and running in a basic sense but hard to customize Notifications and the documentation for making custom headers was incredibly technical. [2014, 1 star]
— Solid Platform with lots of customization [2017, 4 stars]
  • Dislikes
— More control over the content of the email alerts that get sent out. [2018, 5 stars]
— Describes experience with Vanilla as perfect, there is not really a dislike but if they had to make a recommendation it would be the analytic portion needs further improvement. [2018, 5 stars]
— The analytic features included in the dashboard UI are rather underwhelming. [2017, 4 1/2 stars]
— No complaints [2017, 5 stars]
— Not geared toward less technical user base [2014, 1 star]
— Missing a dedicated mobile app that allows for push notifications which can alert users to activity on the forum immediately, without having to check their emails. [2017, 4 stars]
  • Support from the Company
— Vanilla team is very responsive, and provided best practice articles, webinars, and suggestions when needed. [2018, 5 stars]
— The team at Vanilla are able to port the collective knowledge into a platform that is mobile-friendly, intuitive and fun to use. [2017, 5 stars]
— Pushy sales people [2014, 1 star]
— Customer Service: Every time we had a query about the forums, we've been able to get it sorted very quickly and efficiently, with professionalism. [2017, 4 stars]

Capterra Reviews:

  • Overall Review Statistics
— Over All Stars: 4.5/5
— Ease of Use: 4.5/5
— Customer Service: 5/5
  • Features
Features according to company website: Sleek user experience, deep integration to your existing tools, flexible customization to fit your branding, scalable knowledge bases, out of the box gamification, ideation, and Q&A.
— Incredibly customizable [2018: 5 overall]
— Create beautiful, effective forums with awesome community management features. [2018, 5 overall]
— Killer API which allows you to make cool app integration, and software extensions. [2018: 5 overall]
— Features and Functionality: 4 stars: Looks somewhat outdated, out of the box metrics are basic. [2018, overall 4 stars]
  • User Experience
— Ease of use: 4.5/5 Stars: Issues with the super technical details, wished other gamifcation features were available in the open source product.
— Ease of Use: 4.5/5: Due to the high number of extra settings, plugins, and options available, it's a lot to take in and learn. [2018, overall 5 stars]
— Ease of use: 3/5 and Features : Hard to make changes sometimes, the product is easy to use from a user perspective. [2018, overall 3 stars]
  • Company Support
— Customer support is incredible [2018, 5 stars]
— Had problems, but grateful to have a wonderful customer success manager to guide us through these. [2018, overall 5 stars]
— Support has been great-4 stars for customer support. [2018, 3 overall Stars]