Communication & Collaboration Tools for SMBs

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Communication & Collaboration Tools for SMBs

Seven communication and collaboration tools that are best for small and medium-sized businesses include Workplace by Facebook, Asana, Kustomer, Podio, Trello, Yammer, and Zoho Projects. Yammer and Workplace by Facebook are business social networking platforms. On the other hand, Kustomer is an omnichannel customer service platform.

workplace by facebook

  • Workplace by Facebook is a business social media communication tool suited for small and medium-sized businesses. It is a private social network that targets businesses.
  • The platform has functionalities such as information sharing, event organization, and video calling.
  • What makes the platform unique is that it enables organization to use it as a central communication center. In this case, organizations can send multiple messages, schedule events, and record videos.
  • Also, the platform has an instant message functionality that staff can use for communication.
  • Workplace has powerful integrations that allow users to connect to the services and apps they mostly use.


  • Asana is a mobile and web application focusing on project management. It is a platform that enables collaboration and communication between colleagues.
  • Asana stands out as a collaboration tool because it eliminates the need for using emails and third-party applications when communicating.
  • Through the software, tasks can be created and their progress tracked using different browsers and devices.
  • Files can also be shared among team members through the app.
  • The platform can be used to upload attachments and share notes.
  • Asana has more than 100 integrations that can be used for tickets, files, and emails.


  • Kustomer is an omnichannel customer service platform that enables both customers and agents to communicate through different channels such as voice calls and instant messaging.
  • The platform integrates different apps and software that can be used in customer service or managing business internally. It includes features such as intelligent automation, which eliminates the need for manually executing repetitive tasks.
  • Kustomer integrates a customer’s purchase history and activities from the different apps in the Kustomer timeline, which enables agents to have conversations that a driven by data without having to constantly switch screens.
  • Kustomer offers ticket-based solutions, customer objects, object reporting, segmentation, workflows, and APIs.


  • Podio is a collaboration tool that helps in the organization of projects and tasks.
  • It is a tool that also facilitates communication by designating a single location for context, information, and conversations. Therefore, users have access to all the content they want to execute their assigned tasks.
  • Podio organizes and monitors communication. All conversations are placed in a one location for easy monitoring by users.
  • The platform has other features such as task management tools, social collaboration, automated workflows, meeting scheduling, and integrated chat.


  • Trello is a collaborative tool that focuses on using boards in categorizing, monitoring, and managing tasks.
  • Users of Trello can discuss their assigned tasks in real time, through activity logs, and email notifications.
  • The platform allows members to vote on ideas presented on the board. It is user-friendly and has a drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Users of the platform can view information at a glance and include details by adding dates, attachments, and comments.


zoho projects

  • Zoho Projects is a project management platform that has features, which promote collaboration through feeds, forums, and chat.
  • The software allows users to plan projects using task lists. Zoho Projects also generates charts and graphs for users.
  • The software stands out because it can be integrated with almost any third-party application. Zoho Projects provides code-free customization.
  • The key features of the software include task management, social project management, time tracking, and issue tracking.

research strategy

To find the requested information, we looked through industry sites and media platforms, such as Business News Daily, Tech Crunch, and Finances Online. Using these sources, we found different lists of the best communication and collaboration tools for SMBs. To determine the top tools, we selected those that had been mentioned the most from the sources that we analyzed.