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Communication & Collaboration Tools - DAMs

Adobe Expierence Manager, Canto, Intelligence Bank, Frontify, Aprimo, and Web Dam are six DAMs that have the best collaboration tools for knowledge sharing, communication, and collaborative working. Each of these products include a variety of collaborative and communication features, built on a single platform.

1. Adobe Experience Manager

Collaborative/Communication features

  • Asset Link allow teams to design, revise, review, and approve any asset.
  • Find and use assets directly from within Creative Cloud apps, increasing collaboration with marketers to create and deliver content faster.
  • Adobe Experience Manager Assets brand portal can give distributed teams access to specific assets through a modern user interface.
  • Adobe’s new Single-Page Application (SPA) Editor in Experience Manager Sites enables developers and marketers to preview, edit, and manage content in-context and in one place for faster collaboration.
  • Interactive Communications in Experience Manager Forms enable authors to quickly create and personalize multichannel customer communications at 1:1 scale.

Product Features/Specs

  • Assets templates provide a dedicated workspace that empowers the user to make changes to InDesign documents without having to leave the DAM.
  • Asset check-out
  • Asset collections
  • Asset insights
  • Brand portal
  • Digital asset management workflows
  • Digital rights management
  • File type support
  • Version history
Minimum Requirements To install Adobe Experience Manager:
Minimum Sizing Requirements:


Collaborative/Communication features

  • Administrators and contributors can set up their own private workspaces to collaborate on media assets.
  • Keep the digital assets and team in sync by commenting on, approving, and rejecting steps of a defined linear workflow that was set up.
  • Comments can be targeted towards specific users and groups, which triggers an in-app notification and email for every new message.

Product Features/Specs

  • Portals
  • iOS app
  • Powerful search
  • Workflow automation
  • InDesign Client for Adobe InDesign
  • Metadata extraction, editing, and write back
  • Image and video publishing
  • Easy configuration
  • Version control
  • Asset relations
  • Secure file transfer and sharing
  • Social DAM
  • Roles and permissions
  • On-premise, private Cloud, and hybrid Cloud DAM deployment
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Configurable admin tools
  • RESTful API
  • Approval workflow
  • Collaboration portal
  • Keyword search
  • Version histories
  • Triggers

3. Intelligence Bank

Collaborative/Communication features

  • Allows the user to add an annotations to conversation to specifically mark up files prior to release.
  • Create email alert notifications when new files or new versions are added to the DAM platform.
  • The user can also email links, files, etc to both registered and external users — which avoids clogging up email with large file sizes.

Product Features/Specs

  • Advanced Search, Global Filters & Metadata
  • Automatic Keyword Tagging
  • Email Alerts & Email Links
  • Creative Collaboration
  • Public Link Tracking & Analytics

4. Frontify

Collaborative/Communication features

Product Features/Specs

  • Cover Page
  • Custom domain
  • Branded login page
  • Account manager
  • Multi-language
  • User groups and targets
  • Unlimited style guides
  • Unlimited viewers
  • Public sharing
  • Powerful search
  • Access request
  • Analytics
  • Priority support
  • Private cloud hosting
  • SAML-based SSO
  • Advanced security packages
  • Contracts and SLAs

5. Aprimo

Collaborative/Communication features


  • Images
  • Creative Files
  • Video
  • Emerging Content
  • Text Articles
  • Metadata & Taxonomy
  • Search
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Version Control
  • Localization
  • Content Workflows
  • Task Management
  • Annotations, Reviews & Approvals
  • Content Calendars
  • PIM For Product Experience
  • Configurable Product Structure
  • Product Content Localization
  • Content Analytics
  • Brand Portal
  • Integration Via Aprimo Connect

6. Web DAM

Collaborative/Communication features

  • Webdam unites teams and creative assets on a common, cloud-based platform.
  • Everyone stays in sync throughout the creative asset life cycle by working, reviewing, and approving from the same source.
  • Users can provide clear feedback and collaborate effectively during the review process by leaving comments and notifying team members at each stage.
  • New version uploads can be easily reviewed and compared side by side.
  • Enabling users to make requests and fill in the creative brief information.
  • Easily define a creative and collaborative processes.
  • Group projects and make them visible to colleagues and any relevant third parties.


  • Organize, approve, save and share images, videos, and creative content directly from a mobile device.
  • Integrated access to millions of visual assets hosted both inside and outside Webdam.
  • Webdam connects to Shutterstock and many other asset sources.
  • Scheduled publishing
  • Robust analytics
  • Auto-detect language
  • Direct publishing
  • Download rules
  • Adobe Connector
  • Custom metadata
  • File conversion and cropping
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Creative Approvals
  • Brand Templates
  • Brand Identity Guidelines
  • Bynder Analytics
  • Plugins & Integrations

your Research team applied the following Strategy:

We started our research by looking for up to date rankings, polls, reviews on various tech sites, business sites, blogs, and research sites for top/best DAMs for collaboration and communication. However, finding no specific data in regard to the communication/collaborative/knowledge features, we expanded the criteria to top/best DAM products. Once we were able to find credible reviews/rankings, we located lists of DAM product reviews such as, "Gartner's Top 19 Enterprise Digital Asset Management Solutions" and "Best Digital Assest Management Software". Based on these lists, we selected six DAMs with at least 4 out of 5 stars on Capterra. We also only selected the DAMs with communication and collaborative features, as per the criteria.
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Communication & Collaboration Tools for SMBs

The best communication/collaboration tools for small and medium-sized businesses are Google Hangouts, Slack, Skype for Businesses, Zoho (Zoho Projects, Zoho Meeting, and Zoho Cliq), Yammer, Trello, and Flowdock.


  • Google Hangouts is a collaboration tool for business communication.
  • It can be used to make voice calls, video calls, chat and send multimedia messages.
  • It makes all types of group collaboration very easy regardless of the team members' locations and devices.
  • Google Hangouts has a GSuites feature, business edition, and enterprise version.


  • Skype is the quintessential video chat platform. Its business edition comes with a lot of features which include large group meetings with up to 250 people, collaboration tools, and screen sharing.
  • It can be used on any device and meetings can be scheduled through Outlook.
  • Its features include editable whiteboards and polls. It also allows screen sharing and power point annotation.


  • Slack is a multipurpose platform for instant messaging, video conferencing, and project management.
  • It can create several channels for different teams and makes it easy to add new members to multiple channels.
  • It has a free version for unlimited users and a paid version of at $6.67 per month.
  • Its paid versions keep an unlimited searchable history of past messages and allow video meetings with up to 15 participants.
  • Slack integrates with numerous external services and third-party applications such as MailChimp, Zendesk, Google Drive, and GitHub.


  • Organizations utilize Yammer to manage internal communications.
  • The Yammer platform is very easy to use and can be accessed by using the email that is registered in a business’ computer domain.
  • Yammer uses a variety of channels to enhance communication and it comes with a document storage facility and supports collaborative document creation.
  • It is available in different pricing models starting from $5/user per month.
  • Its platform is similar to Facebook and offers similar capabilities such as profile pages, status updates, likes, comments, groups, private messages, chat, and others.


  • The Zoho tool is available in different forms such as the Zoho Meeting, Zoho Projects, and Zoho Cliq.
  • It is "a team communication software pitched at small and medium-sized enterprises".
  • It offers "a comprehensive online meeting solution that lets businesses hold live meetings to share product demonstrations with prospects, provide remote client support and more".
  • It doesn't require maintenance and can track bugs, test system, and fix it when necessary.


  • This tool has collaborative features and it uses the concept of boards to manage, track and categorize projects and tasks.
  • It has drag-and-drop functionality that makes tasks easier to accomplish while allowing in-line editing.
  • Trello is available in different packages. It can be free for individuals and small teams as payment grows slowly depending on how fast the business scales up the team size.
  • It also has SSO, two-factor authentication, file encryption at rest, custom security review, and its enterprise plan is good for mid-sized companies that manage multiple teams and want more security.


  • Flowdock is a chat-based communication and project management tool which brings conversations, work items, and tools into a single place.
  • It has a team inbox feature that keeps and organize emails and messages related to project management, customer support, and other sources.
  • Other features include the @ mentions to get a specific user's attention, hashtags, and chat histories with searchable transcripts.

Research Strategy:

To identify the best communication/collaboration tools for small and medium-sized businesses, our research team commenced with an extensive search for articles and press releases from credible sources such as CNN, Forbes, and others for the best communication and collaboration tools for small and medium-sized businesses. We hoped to find a precompiled list of tools for small and medium-sized businesses. This search result was favorable as it yielded several compiled lists on communication/collaboration tools for small and medium-sized businesses. Next, we took a critical look at these lists to come up with the best communication/collaboration tools. For this report, "Best" was determined based on communication tools with multiple occurrences from the available lists.

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