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Priva offers three types of process computers for greenhouse automation, while Argus provides complete management and automation control system. Below is an overview of the different products offered by these companies.


  • Priva horticulture products are divided into three categories: smart (re)use of water, greenhouse automation, and management information.

Smart Re(use) of Water

  • Priva Nutri-Line provides optimal control of the fertigation and ensures that the nutrients are used effectively.
  • Priva Vialux-Line uses UV-C technology to disinfect water and destroys all existing pathogens. The product can be used for recycled drain, discharge water, and treatment water.
  • Priva Neutralizer provides a stable PH value in the water used for irrigation by removing bicarbonate. The crops can then absorb fertilizers faster and achieve better growth.
  • Priva Moisture Balance Module controls and makes sure that the irrigation starts at the right time and also ensures that the crops receive an optimal dose of fertilizers.

Greenhouse Automation

  • Priva provides three types of process computers for automating the greenhouse processes: Priva Connext, Priva Compact CC and Priva Compass.
  • Priva Connext is a self-managing computer that allows users to manage and track all greenhouse processes. It has software applications such as Priva Office Direct and Priva Connext Operator, which provide different insights and help users change settings and analyze data.
  • Priva Compact CC manages all the vital processes in the greenhouse such as climate, lighting, CO2, irrigation, and energy. Users are also able to manage other conditions in the greenhouses such as heating, ventilation, and humidification.
  • Priva Compass allows users to manage photosynthesis, irrigation, and climate so that the crops can have optimal conditions for growth.
  • Priva Alarms for growers provide users with detailed information when the alarm is activated. It also offers an overview of all the existing alarms in the Priva systems through a cloud app.
  • Priva Sensors track different conditions such as the weather, climate, and water and can be connected to the Priva process computer. The computer can take appropriate action, based on the received data, to ensure that the crops have ideal conditions for growth.
  • Priva EcoFan+ maintains a balanced climate by recirculating air in the greenhouses.

Management Information

  • Priva FS Performance is a management information system that offers information about different growing processes, production volume, quality of production and employees' productivity.


System Access

  • The control system has an Argus Server PC which is used to access the system and change and adjust the settings.
  • The PC also stores and archives the information and performs backups of all the configuration data in the controllers.

Argus Controllers

  • Argus Titan controllers are programmed separately to manage specific applications and can be connected to control a facility.
  • Each system has an Access Point controller with a battery backup, smart charging circuitry and alarm contacts. Additional controllers can be added and connected via a wired network or a wireless controller.
  • Titan controllers provide a high level of isolation, application flexibility, and control safety because they use separate I/O modules for all equipment control outputs and sensor inputs.
  • Users can access the controllers through the Argus PC. In case the user is not online, they run automatically based on the settings and control targets.

I/O (Inputs/Outputs)

Multi-Feed Nutrient Injection

  • Multi-Feed injectors provide delivery and dosage control for different nutrients.
  • Multi-Feed RM is a new type of high-performance injector" designed for pressurized in-line injection and management of dilute tank hydroponic nutrient solution".
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Commercial Horticulture Control Products (2)

Hoogendoorn offers several horticultural control products including PlantVoice, Aquabalance and HGM Balance. Horticulture control products offered by HortiMaX includes HortiMaX Ma, Ekron III, HortiMaX FertiMiX Go, and HortiMax ProDrain. A brief description of each horticulture control product offered by both companies has been provided below.


  • Connected Screening — This software module enables growers to "fully control" energy savings, humidity transfer, and light transmission.
  • PlantVoice — This is a "monitoring and control" system that helps growers identify the most effective and efficient irrigation strategy and greenhouse climate, according to the needs of the plants. Features of the solution include plant stress detection, crop growth stimulation, and irrigation by crop evaporation.
  • iSii Process Computer — An "all-in-one" integrated solution for the management of all greenhouse processes such as energy, climate, and water. It can be integrated with other Hoogendoorn solutions, or other systems being used by growers.
  • iSii Compact — iSii Compact enables irrigation control in open fields and greenhouses. It also aids climate management in greenhouses. The product helps save fertilizers and water by setting the water dosage according to the plant's specific needs.
  • Aquabalance — It is a "special sensor" designed to identify the water requirements of plants for precise irrigation. It provides information on the amount of water absorbed by the plants and tailors irrigation according to the plant's needs. It also implements the required drain.
  • HGM Balance — This product aids irrigation "control and optimization". It is designed to accurately monitor plant and(or) substrate weight, and retrieve information on the irrigation requirements of the plant.
  • Sensors — Hoogendoorn offers different types of sensors that aid air temperature and water measurements, and help to determine crop activity and micro climate. The company's sensors provide precise measurements both within and outside greenhouses.

Other Products

  • Work-IT — This is a "management information system" designed to enable growers to efficiently manage food safety, production, and efficiency. The benefits of this solution are increased production and staff motivation and effective crop protection.
  • Hoogendoorn Analytics — An "online data analysis" platform providing "secure, instant" access to pertinent growth data regardless of the time, location or type of device. The solution enables growers to carry out accurate and easy cultivation data analysis, predictions and facilitates informed decisions.


Hortimax offers climate & energy and water and nutrition horticultural control solutions. They are;

Climate and Energy Control

  • HortiMax Ma — A computer designed to control all aspects of greenhouse operations including irrigation, energy processes and climate. The company states that this product offers "unparalleled reliability and flexibility", and several "user-definable" options.
  • HotiMax CX500 — An "adaptive greenhouse technology" that is easy-to-use, customizable, expandable, and grows with the experience and knowledge of the user. It is also custom-built according to the needs of the user.
  • HotriMaX Clima 300 — "High-quality" climate control solution designed for medium-sized operations. It is built with a numeric display, can be operated via PC or panel, includes 2-4 control models, and controls between 1 and 3 compartments or blocks.
  • HortiMaX MT/MTV Sensor Unit — This product captures exact humidity and temperature readings.
  • HortiMaX Weather Forecast — This product enables the automatic adjustment of climates in glasshouses, with "comprehensive weather forecasts".
  • HortiMaX PAR Sensor — This product aids the accurate determination of photosynthesis rates.
  • Ekron III — A "three-in-one" sensor unit built to aid the creation of the most ideal climate in glasshouses.
  • MCO2 — An advanced sensor built to measure CO2 levels instantaneously, in glasshouses.
  • PT Sensor — An "infrared" sensor designed to aid the retrieval of exact plant temperature readings.
  • Pyrgeometer — This product aids energy preservation by measuring "outgoing heat radiation".

Water and Nutrition

  • HortiMaX FertiMiX-Go — This is an "entry-level" fertigation system equipped with six upgrade options including pH monitor sensor, pump temperature protection, acid dosing, extra fertilizer dosing channels, and EC monitor sensor.
  • HortiMaX FertiMiX E-series — This is a "standard" fertigation unit with additional options such as 2 dosing channels, EC control sensor, and 400V.
  • HortiMaX FertiMiX Custom — This product is a "fully customized" fertigation unit with multiple benefits such as double pumps and filters, multiple filtration options, specific customization based on growers needs, and multiple voltage options.
  • HortiMaX Aqua CX300 — It is an indoor and outdoor irrigation unit equipped with multiple features including up to 100 valves, up to 10 valve groups, up to 4 irrigation valves which can work simultaneously, and pre/post flushing control.
  • HortiMaX VitaLite CXL — A software and hardware unit built to "effectively" drain and disinfect water.
  • HortiMaX Irrigation Checker — This product enables growers to monitor their irrigation applications "effectively".
  • HortiMaX Newton Slab Weigher — The Newton Slab Weigher helps in the optimization of crop's root environment.
  • HortiMaX ProDrain — This product enables water draining control and precise irrigation.
  • HortiMax FertiFill — This product offers "accurate and trouble-free" fertilizer dosing. It allows growers to define as much as 64 recipes and fills up to 20 A/B tanks.

Other Products

  • Labour & Productivity — HortiMaX offers labor and productivity-focused products, which have been designed to improve "labor and product" quality, and reduce cost. Some products in this category are HortiMaX Productive, a production registration software, HortiMaX MiniMaX, a "pocket-sized" terminal for easy input of harvest and labor data, and HortiMaX Monitor for checking loaded harvest carts.
  • Operation and Analysis — HortiMaX offers operation and analysis solutions to enable greenhouses to increase information processing flow. Products offered in this category are HortiMaX Synopta, an "easy-to-use" software for readout and controller setting management, HortiMaX 2,3,& 8 screens which are additional screens to display more information, and HortiMaX CropView for monitoring and fine-tuning crop development.
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Wadsworth, Damatex, and Autogrow provide horticulture control products for indoor growers and greenhouses. Damatex has the most expansive system and offers controls for climate, curtains, irrigation systems, and pH control. Information about the control products is provided below.

Wadsworth Control Systems

  • Wadsworth offers staged controls, integrated controls, and SEED.
  • The staged controls are MiniSTEP and STEP UP. MiniSTEP is a 4-stage control that offers more energy savings than thermostats by using a single temperature sensor and prevents heating and cooling systems from operating at the same time. STEP UP is a traditional staged controller with a brighter LCD screen and an upgraded user interface.
  • The integrated controls are EnviroSTEP, VeriSTEP, SEED 16, and SEED.
  • EnviroSTEP is an advanced integrated controller that "offers flexibility, functionality and a friendly user interface", and is the company's #1 selling control.
  • VeriSTEP is a flexible and powerful multi-zone control with 24 outputs that can be divided between one and eight zones. VeriSTEP is stated to be the perfect control for greenhouses with more equipment and multiple zones.
  • SEED is a touchscreen control with a user interface for managing growing environments. SEED 16 is a smaller version of SEED for smaller operations and has 16 outputs and 16 inputs that can be configured in any way.


  • Damatex provides a "highly sophisticated, advanced and expandable control system" that can manage all aspects of greenhouse or interior production including heating, ventilation, cooling, HVAC, irrigation, and fertigation". Damatex provides an alarm system with the control systems.
  • Climate control solutions for indoor facilities include HVAC, dehumidifiers, CO2 injection, and drying rooms. Climate control solutions for greenhouse production facilities include hot water heating, unit heaters, ventilation, heat retention, and light intensity management.
  • Damatex provides energy and shade curtains that can be operated on schedules, have thermal shock protection, venting, and sun shading. The blackout curtains can be operated on schedules, include wall blackout roll-ups, and have light intrusion detection.
  • Damatex offers Irrigation, Fertigation, and pH Control with equipment such as fresh water pump sets and irrigation water pump sets.
  • The light control system provides an efficient method of control for any type of lamps and can follow a pre-programmed schedule.


  • The products Autogrow offers for climate control are MultiGrow and IntelliClimate. IntelliDose and pH Mini Kit are controllers that manage nutrient and pH levels.
  • MultiGrow is an "all-in-one, multiple grow area controller" that runs 8 different growing areas, manages climates, reservoirs, and irrigation schedules.
  • IntelliClimate is a controller that manages all the aspects of climate control including temperature, CO2, lighting and humidity.
  • IntelliDose is provided for small commercial auto-dosing and manages nutrients and pH levels, sets remote alarms, and logs data. The pH Mini Kit is a controller that monitors pH levels and adjusts them with an automatic pH doser. A peristaltic pump can be added to the pH Mini Kit to make it a fully functional dosing kit.
  • The EC Mini Kit is the newest controller that monitors and doses and has proven quality dose control.