Color Trends in Skincare

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Trends in Skincare

The use of minimal content on designs, use of big texts, and black packaging, minimum content, pastels, doodles, and holographic are some of the trends in skincare product design.

Black Packaging with a Twist

  • The use of black is currently prevalent in skincare packaging. Black is used in conjunction with small pops of color to make the products conspicuous. Most retailers like black because it appeals to both males and females, and such packaging is considered to be refreshing.
  • Some brands are also choosing black to communicate a black ingredient in the product, while others are using it for aesthetic reasons. Black is also associated with luxury and quality.
  • Boscia, Neutrogena, Retrouve, and Laxmi are some brands that illustrate this trend.

Minimal Content on Designs

  • With minimal content on product design, customers can make more intuitive decisions. Brands are therefore opting for more visual language, which helps to communicate a product better than having many words written on the products' packaging.
  • Naturaglace brands illustrate this trend.



Use of Big Texts

Use of Holographic

Throwback Designs

Research Strategy

To provide trends in skincare product packaging design, we leveraged several industry-related sources like Beauty Packaging, Cosmetic Design, AK Graphics, among others. These sources discussed current trends in skincare product packaging design, which we have provided in our findings above.
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Men's Skincare Brands

Dove, Nivea, Neutrogena, Avon, Suave, L'Oreal, and Gold bond are some brands in men's skincare market in the United States. Screenshots of the brands have been provided in the attached document.


  • Dove men's deodorant, men's cleansing, body lotions and creme are available in tubes that are gray and have been incorporated with small pops of color to make them conspicuous.
  • There is also the use of big texts on the products to communicate the names and various types of dove's men's skincare products.
  • For instance, Men+Care Elements Body Wash Charcoal and Clay Comes in a 13.5 Oz squeeze dispenser. In keeping with the charcoal and clay theme, the product packaging is gray.
  • Dove Men Plus Care Non-Irritant Deodorant Extra Fresh is available in an 85grams tube, which is gray. The tube has some touch of green, which is used to communicate the hours of freshness the product gives to the skin.



  • Men's facial cleansers, moisturizers, and shaving products are available in black and gray squeeze bottles that have been incorporated with blue, orange, and white colors to make them eye-catching. Big texts have been used to communicate the various purposes of each product.



  • Suave men's body wash and antiperspirant deodorants are available in 15oz to 28oz navy blue bottles. The bottles have also been topped up with sky blue, green, orange, red, and yellow colors to make them noticeable as well as communicate the different purposes for each body wash.


  • L'Oreal men's cleanser and aftershave cream are available in a 3.0 to 5.0 oz black and a light gray squeeze tube, which is combined with a bit of orange color to make it more apparent. Moisturizers are also available in 1.5 to 1.7 oz squeeze bottles.
  • Also, there are eye-rollers available in orange tube and facial scrub available in a clear tin with brown lid. Big texts have also been used on the packaging.

Gold bond

  • Gold bond hydrating body lotion and intensive therapy are in gray squeezing tubes and bottles. The packaging has some touch of yellow, gold, sky blue, and navy blue colors to make them more attractive.
  • The hydrating body cream is in a 6.6oz tube and the lotion in a 14.5oz squeezing bottle. The intensive therapy cream is in a 5oz tube and the lotion in a 13 oz bottle.
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Gender Neutral Skincare Brands

Noto, Ursa Major, Malin+Goetz, Aesop, Asarai, Non Gender Specific, Schaf Skincare, and Allies of Skin are some gender-neutral skincare brands in the US. Screenshots of the brands have been provided in the attached document


Ursa Major


  • Their hand and body skincare products have been packaged in white tubes and squeeze bottles with pastel labels.
  • Facial products have been packaged in navy blue, white, black, and clear bottles, squeeze tubes, and tins. They are also available in different quantities. Labels are in pastel, white, and navy blue.



Non Gender specific

Schaf Skincare

Allies of Skin

  • The products are available in 30ml to 100ml airless pump bottles that prevent them from breakages. The products have been packaged in white, black, silver, and pastel colors. Labeling is also in white, black, and pastel.

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