College Choice Key Factors

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Undergraduate College Choice Factors

Key factors that students and parents consider when choosing an undergraduate college are accreditation, type of school, geographical location, size of the school, and the costs involved. Below is a detailed overview of these factors.


Type of School

  • When choosing an undergraduate college, the types of the college is a major factor that prospecting students look at.
  • The type of college is mainly determined by the type of education that the student want to pursue.
  • The type of schools determines the type of academic programs available.
  • In addition, students consider schools that excel in specific programs.
  • The type of school can also be public or private. Public schools have limited access to money as they are funded by the state.
  • On the other hand, private colleges are smaller and often offer more financial aid thanks to their private funding.

Geographical Location

Size of School

Financial Fit

  • The cost of education is one of the major factors that prospecting students and parents look out for when choosing an undergraduate college.
  • Although some may go for pricier schools, many always choose colleges that won't leave them with huge student loans.
  • When calculating the cost, one should look at the tuition fee, cost of accommodation, meals, application fees.
  • Students and parents also look at availability of scholarships and other forms of financial aid.

Research Strategy

We managed to get the key factors for parents and students when choosing an undergraduate college from pre-compiled sources. To select the key factors, we considered those that features in multiple credible higher education sources.