Collagen Supplements

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Ingestible Collagen Uses: UK

UK consumers purchase and use collagen supplements to reduce the signs of aging, reduce inflammation, and improve digestion. UK users report firmer skin and fewer wrinkles; stronger, shinier and softer hair; stronger nails; fewer aches and pains; and improved digestion.

Anti-Aging: Skin, Hair, and Nail Care

  • UK consumers use collagen supplements to combat collagen depletion and reduce the signs of aging. Users report firmer skin and fewer wrinkles; stronger, shinier and softer hair; and stronger nails.
  • Supplements are commonly available and consumed as capsules, liquids or drinks, powders, and chews.
  • Testimonial for Absolute Collagen, from September 2018: "I have been taking Absolute Collagen for over 4 weeks now and can highly recommend!!!! I'm in my early forties and keen to slow down the aging process. Since taking AC my crow's feet/wrinkles and lines on my forehead have plumped, friends and colleagues have started saying how well I'm looking."
  • Testimonial for Skinade, from January 2020: "[...] in only a couple of weeks I have noticed changes to the texture of my skin. The skin on the back of my hands appears plumper and smoother, which is surprising but great to see. I’m excited to see improvements as I continue taking it."
  • Testimonial for Absolute Collagen, from November 2018: "I've only been using this product for 2 weeks but have noticed my eyebrows have returned." The review noted that her eyebrows had started thinning due to age.

Reduce Inflammation: Joint Health

  • UK consumers also use ingestible collagen to reduce inflammation and improve joint health. Users report reductions in arthritis pain, general joint pain, and improved mobility overall.
  • Because the same collagen supplements that are marketed for their anti-aging properties are also promoted for their effect on joint health, supplements are commonly available and consumed as capsules, liquids or drinks, powders, and chews.
  • Testimonial for Edible Health, from September 2017: "Very easy to take. I put a tablespoon in my tea/coffee in the mornings. Dissolves well with no taste. I have noticed less aches in my joints, I have arthritis, my skin looks smoother too. Very happy with my purchase and will purchase again."
  • Testimonial for Skinade, from September 2019: "I started Skinade to help my skin on my face. I have noticed improvement of fine lines and skin looks healthy! HOWEVER, what I really noticed is how good my entire body feels! The high dose collagen has done wonders with my joints! I feel much better than I used to."

Improve Gut Health: Digestion

  • Although less common, people in the UK also use ingestible collagen to improve digestion and overall gut health. Supplements claim to "heal and seal the gut," soothe the stomach, reduce bowel inflammation and food sensitivities, and promote metabolism and muscle function.
  • Our research suggests that collagen supplements targeting gut health are primarily available and consumed as powders.
  • Testimonial for Edible Health, from January 2018: "Great product, had problems with my gut, acid reflux, indigestion, this calms the stomach and [I] was able to eat spiced food."
  • Testimonial for Edible Health, from September 2019: "This is one of the best collagen formulas I've ever tried. I noticed a significant boost in my energy levels and an improvement in digestion and gut well-being."
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Ingestible Collagen Uses: Canada

Recently ingestible collagen has started to make inroads into the Canadian health and wellness market. Ingestible collagen products are touted as being able to assist in a range of different ways, and Canadian consumers are increasingly incorporating these products into their daily health and beauty regimes. The efficacy regarding ingestible collagen is mostly anecdotal, but that is not slowing the uptake in consumption. Canadians are taking ingestible collagen supplements to improve the elasticity of their skin, assist in managing conditions associated with bones and joints like osteoarthritis, and to prevent breakages and promote the growth of hair and nails.

Prevent Skin Aging and Improve Elasticity

  • Collagen is one of the main proteins in the skin. It is primarily found in the skin layer known as the dermis and contributes to firmness and elasticity. There are an increasing number of products filtering onto the Canadian market that claim to improve skin elasticity and slow the skin from aging.
  • Canadian consumers are looking to ingestible collagen products to improve the elasticity of their skin. Skin elasticity reduces the appearance of wrinkles and gives it a younger and healthier appearance.
  • The type of products used by Canadians to improve skin elasticity are capsule supplements taken either intensively over a given period or routinely indefinitely, collagen electrolyte drinks, or various chocolates and sweets that have incorporated collagen into the product.
  • An example of an ingestible collagen supplement available in Canada that is used to improve skin elasticity and assist in slowing aging is Age Quencher's Beauty Vitamin. They also do beauty electrolytes and protein drinks.
  • Genuine Health's Healthy Chocolate Chews are an example of a product that has incorporated collagen into the chocolate. The consumer is told that by consuming three chew daily, they can eat their way to "healthier and more radiant" skin.
  • Jeffrey Munoz had this to say about Healthy Skin Chocolate Soft Chews, "Great taste — Hydrated skin inside out."
  • Collagen Peptides Powder is a popular choice of ingestible collagen for a number of Canadians and is one of the more popular choices on Amazon Canada. Delia from Ontario had this to say, "Very nice!! I've noticed my skin is much smoother and softer and my nails are growing faster! I have those red bumps on my arms and they are greatly minimized/practically gone!! I've had 2 kids as well and notice my tummy skin seems to be in a better state as well. Doesn't upset my stomach and I mix it right in with my coffee, has no taste or texture!"

Assist in Management of Osteoarthritis and Health of Bones and Joints

  • Collagen is the main structural protein in humans. It plays a role in several tissues in the body, including bones, ligaments, cartilage, and tendons. A number of Canadians are taking ingestible collagen to assist in managing osteoarthritis.
  • Some small studies have found ingestible collagen can increase the bio availability of specific amino acids. These amino acids assist the body in producing collagen, which is beneficial to bones and joints. There are some claims that it reduces joint pain for those with osteoarthritis. Other studies suggest it is useful in the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • The majority of the ingestible collagen on the Canadian market that specifically target bones and joints are in the form of capsules or tablets. There are several ranges of powders that can be mixed with coffee, tea, water, or milk that have been popular with Canadians.
  • Canadian Tim Lindhe said "I noticed the effects with in the first week," in a review for Collagen by Nutritionn's Natural Collagen Capsules for Joints, Bones, and Muscles.
  • Constancia said, "Works so far I see improvement in my bones," in a review for Neocell Super Collagen Type 1 Tablets.
  • Barb, from Quebec had this to say about Adrien Gagnon's Triple Action Collagen Capsules, "I use this for joint and muscle pain. So far it works well. Been only taking it for a month and I have about 70% less pain."

Encourage Growth and Prevent Breakage of Hair and Nails

  • One of the much-heralded uses for collagen is for hair and nails. There is a claim that consuming ingestible collagen products will result in fewer nail breakages and encourage hair growth. There is little conclusive evidence to support this; most studies are either too short or too small to draw meaningful conclusions.
  • The type of ingestible collagen products used to improve the health of hair and nails are similar to those used for skin health. Canadian consumers typically use supplements in the form of capsules or drinks. There is also a range of food products, like chocolates that have incorporated the collagen into the food. Most supplements are taken multiple times a day, which has raised an issue for some Canadian consumers due to the price.
  • Within Us Natural Health, a Canadian company, has seen huge success in Canada with its 50 serving box of TruMarine Collagen, which among other things, is said to improve the health of hair and nails.
  • One anonymous Canadian who had used a 30-day collagen supplement purchased from Amazon said, "Amazing for my skin, nails and hair — would recommend to anyone with weak or brittle nails, thinning hair or problem skin. I take 2 caps per day with no side effects."
  • T had this to say about Codeage's Multi Collagen Protein capsules, "This is my 4th bottle, and I will continue to order this product. Have tried other collagen products that were much more expensive with no results. I have found my hair nails and skin to look smoother and younger, and my knee pain has diminished. If I stop taking this, within 2 to 3 weeks, my skin starts to show dullness, and my nails begin breaking. I will continue taking this product regularly."
  • Another anonymous Canadian consumer said, "Nails are stronger, hair hasn't shown a significant change, skin didn't break out during the period. I only used 2/3 pills a day because the price if used at a proper dose is way too high for a month's supply."
  • Sally Daniels is a fan of Collagen Peptides Powder saying, "At 62 I bought this product to give me more collagen. I've been blessed with good skin and strong nails but this product is making a further difference. My nails have always been good but heavily ridged. After about 5 weeks I happened to notice one day that the ridges are pretty much gone (I thought it was genetic) and my nails are a soft shade of pink. They look like they've been buffed. They are even stronger than before and I almost have to use a hacksaw when cutting them. Not sure about joint pain as yet. I'm not sure about my skin as yet. Product is tasteless and dissolves well in coffee or tea."

Research Strategy

To determine the ways that Canadians were using ingestible collagen for health and beauty, we reviewed a range of Canadian health and beauty magazines, media articles, and local blogs. By doing this, we were able to identify three uses that Canadians have for ingestible collagen. These three uses were mentioned repeatedly, in multiple Canadian sources. We then reviewed each of these uses individually, to obtain an overview of how collagen has been used for each specific purpose. Testimonials regarding ingestible collagen generally were not available, despite a rigorous search of the aforementioned sources. We attempted to source resources from the product pages of the various suppliers. While these reviews were useful, it was unclear if they were from Canadian consumers. Given this, we have used Amazon Canada as the basis for the testimonials. We identified several of the more popular products for each use and reviewed the comments and reviews left on each. By checking the profile of the reviewer, we confirmed that the reviewer was from Canada.