Collaboration, Teamwork and Team Unity in Business

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Collaboration, Teamwork, and Team Unity in Business

Research reports on collaboration, teamwork, and business team unity published in the last six months include those from Gartner, IDC, the Australian Government, and Smartsheet. Podcasts from the same time period on the same topics include those from the Leadership Vision Podcast group, Workforce Communications, Ozy, the Collaborative Coaching series, EntreLeadership, and DMEXCO.

Research Reports

Market Guide for Collaborative Work Management”

  • This research report was published October 7, 2019 by Gartner, and was authored by Nikos Drakos, Jeffrey Mann, and Mike Gotta.
  • The report is a market guide for businesses wanting to excel in utilizing collaborative work management techniques, and was prepared for “business and IT leaders” to allow them to “better understand this emerging market, inform their digital workplace application choices, and look for ways to improve how their organizations work.” It’s designed to help readers how to effectively understand and use CWM (collaborative work management) tools to improve business services through greater collaboration.

Worldwide Team Collaborative Applications Market Shares, 2018”

  • This research report was published in July 2019 by IDC, and was authored by Wayne Kurtzman.
  • The report “explores the critical role collaboration applications play in today’s winning organizations”. It outlines the companies with the largest market share in the CWM market, offers advice for technology suppliers, and provides mini case studies on the companies with the largest market share. It also provides context for the market, like drivers, and offers insights into which regions are utilizing this software most.

How Collaboration Can Help Your Business”

  • This report was published on November 11, 2019 by the Business function of the Australian Government.
  • It provides recommendations on using collaboration to be more innovative. It outlines recommendations on why collaboration can lead to success, how to find partners with whom to collaborate, how to finance the partnerships like through a grant or program, and how to manage the intellectual property created.

Considering Collaborative Work Management?” Checklist

  • This checklist was prepared by Smartsheet in 2019 (no month available) with no author listed.
  • It is designed for IT leaders who are considering CWM software for their organizations, and offers a 10-point check-system for determining which features the CWM should have to provide the best options to the potential new client.


How We Help Teams Collaborate More Effectively”

  • This podcast was published on November 11, 2019 by The Leadership Vision Podcast group.
  • It features discussions and recommendations on how business teams can collaborate effectively (or more effectively than they currently are).

198: Want More Collaboration & Team Accountability?”

  • This podcast was produced by Workforce Communications on December 23, 2019, and was authored by Kim Nugent.
  • It features information and recommendations on how company leaders can help team members avoid becoming overstressed and burning out, and reduce blaming and finger-pointing when projects fail. She outlines the factors that inhibit strong collaboration, how to increase the element of “psychological safety” in team members, the attributes of highly-collaborative people, diagnostic tools for identifying problem roots, and tools for improving team performance in collaboration.

The Future of Collaboration: From Head-Hunting to Team-Hunting”

  • The first episode of this five-part podcast was published by Ozy on December 2, 2019.
  • The first installment features discussions and recommendations by “leading futurists and business executives” on the future of work and what collaboration will look like in the future.

Podcast Episode 10: Carlo Giardinetti Self-Organizing Teams & Holacracy”

  • This podcast was produced on October 18, 2019, and features the host of the Collaborative Coaching series, Yosh, and Carlo Giardinetti as the guest speaker.
  • It features discussions and insights on what it means to be a great collaborator, how “functional generosity” relates to a collaborative attitude, how self-organization and self-management play into collaboration, and how to set teams up for successful collaboration.

“#329: Carly Fiorina How to Create a Collaborative Culture”

  • This podcast was published through EntreLeadership and features Carly Fiorina. Although the date is not on the podcast, it was found through a date-filtered search that shows the publish-date of July 1, 2019.
  • It features insights on how collaborative leads to success, and why successful collaboration in so important to a company’s overall big-picture success. It also offers recommendations on how to create a successful collaborative culture at a company.

Dave King on Project Management and Collaboration Tools in Marketing”

  • This is episode 35 of DMEXCO’s podcast series, is hosted by Alex Wunschel, and was published on September 19, 2019.
  • Asana’s Chief Marketing Officer Dave King offers insights on how teams need to utilize the three C’s of collaboration in order to be successful content, communication tools, and coordination. Topics of discussion are the building blocks of efficient project management, the challenges facing marketing teams during campaigns, and the role played by communication and collaboration tools.