Cognizant Social Media Audit

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Cognizant Facebook Audit

Cognizant is less active on Facebook than its other social media accounts. The company only posts a few times a week on this social media platform and does not engage with its followers. A synthesis of the general themes in Cognizant's messaging on Facebook over the last 6 months, as well as, what exactly it posts about has been provided.



  • On average, Cognizant posts less than five times a week on Facebook
  • Its posts mainly feature its employees at different locations including the UAE and Argentina. These employees are either at a conference, volunteering, or celebrating an award/recognition.
  • A lot of the company's posts are about its 25-year anniversary as well. One of its most liked posts is a picture of a cake with "celebrating 25 years" on it. It was shared 16 times by Cognizant's followers. Another is an 8-second video of its journey so far. It now has 344 likes and has been shared 93 times.
  • Cognizant also posts about any recognition it has received. In January 22nd, it mentioned that it was listed as one of the most admired companies on Fortune.
  • Over ten posts are about its inclusion and diversity initiatives, as well as, its outreach volunteer activities. On March 8, it posted a video of its female executives and highlighted its support for women in tech. It also mentioned its pledge to employ at least "100,000 women around the world by 2020."
  • The company also posts updates on its finances. On February 6, it posted an infographic of its fourth quarter and full year earnings for 2018.
  • There are a few posts featuring its recruiters at colleges. On March 20, it posted a picture of some of its recruiters at The Chinese University of Hong Kong for a job fair. The picture now has 79 likes and no comments or shares.
  • From April to May 2019, quite a few people commented on Cognizant's posts using the hashtag #justiceforchetanjayale. Chetan Vasantrao Jayle is a 26-year old software engineer that worked at Cognizant. He committed suicide due to "alleged mental harassment from his seniors" at the company.


  • Cognizant's Facebook posts average over 50 likes, over two shares and less than five comments per post.
  • While its posts generally have positive reactions, there are a few "angry" face reactions.
  • On January 1st 2019, it posted a picture of some gift bags with its name on it. The photo received 151 reactions and two shares. Four of those reactions were "angry faces" with the rest being positive reactions. One of the comments under this post was "Racist?" It is unclear what exactly the commenter was referring to.
  • Cognizant does not engage with its followers on Facebook as much as it does on its other social media accounts. It does not reply to comments like it does on Instagram.
  • Over the past few months, the company has lost more followers/likes that it has gained on Facebook. This could be due to its less than average engagement.

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Cognizant Twitter Audit

On Twitter, Cognizant tends to post about how its products are helping companies, job openings it has available, and awards/achievements it received. An analysis of its tweets and how followers are responding to these tweets has been provided.



  • Within the last six months, Cognizant has tweeted 11 times daily, on average.
  • Its tweets are mainly about its achievements such as being positioned as a leading company in the manufacturing and banking transformation industries and helping companies save money—it helped companies save $100 million in seven years.
  • A lot its posts also have to with job openings at any of its locations. Cognizant provides a link to its career page on these posts.
  • It also tweeted a lot about its 25 years anniversary. "Cognizant officially turns 25 — wishing our associates, clients, and communities around the globe a happy #Cognizant25!" (tweeted in January).
  • Other tweets mention how its products/services can help different industries. One of its tweets in May 2019 indicates that its "AI-powered fraud detection solution reduces fraud loss."
  • Cognizant also tweets about company updates or latest news surrounding the company such as its acquisition of Zenith Technologies which was announced a month ago.


  • Cognizant's tweets have been retweeted over 6,000 times and favorited more than 50,000 times in the last six months. There have also been 39 replies to these tweets in total. This indicates that it is engaging its followers enough for a retweet.
  • Cognizant's sentiments on Twitter are generally great. About 37% of its tweets generated a great sentiment while 34.2% received a good sentiment, 25% got a neutral sentiment, and less than 10% of its tweets received bad or terrible sentiments.
  • In the last six months, Cognizant's tweets/accounts have been viewed millions of times. Of note, most of these views are by the same accounts.
  • One of its most retweeted and liked tweets within the past six months is about how its Intelligent Process Automation solutions have helped improve operating efficiency by 40%. It was tweeted on May 13. The tweet now has 46 retweets and 616 likes.
  • Most of its tweets without any retweets or favorites have to do its response to people who inquire about getting a job.
  • In general, it appears Cognizant's followers on Twitter find the company's account engaging. In the past six months, its followers have mainly increased. There was only a slight decline in the number of accounts following Cognizant from January to February 2019. Since then, it has grown exponentially.


In order to identify the overarching themes in Cognizant's messaging on Twitter for the last 6 months, we examined the company's tweets over this period. For a more accurate analysis, we expanded our search to social media analytic tools like Social Blade. These resources offer more insight into the company's sentiments and engagement.
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Cognizant Instagram Audit

On Instagram, Cognizant mentions that it is an information technology company that helps the "world’s leading companies build stronger businesses." The company has 61,947 followers and 1,794 posts on the platform. An in-depth analysis of the company's posts within the last six months has been provided.


  • In January, Cognizant published 44 pictures and seven videos.
  • Majority of its January posts are graphics and merchandise celebrating its 25 years anniversary. Others include its associates in Hungary, the UAE, Brazil, Argentina, the Philippines, Singapore Costa Rica, and India either at conferences, celebrating its anniversary, volunteering, or doing fun activities like a bonding session.
  • Its most used hashtags for this month are "#futureofwork, #digitaltransformation #ai #ar #vr #automation #iot #blockchain #cloud #tech #lifeatcognizant #becognizant #GreatPlace2Work, and #Cognizant25"
  • A video of a few of its employees by a banner with "Cognizant Outreach" on it had the least likes. It was published in January 7. Although it had 2,210 views, there were only 264 likes.
  • A picture of its office building in India had the most likes and comments in January. Published on January 16, the picture had 5,379 likes and 166 comments. The caption was "Can you guess the location of one of our buildings, nestled amid lush trees and a hazy sky? Hint: #India." Most comments guessed that it was the company's Coimbatore location.
  • Cognizant's posts in January each have less than ten comments. Majority of its posts have no comments at all.
  • Overall, the comments are positive. A few comments are about job application updates.


  • Cognizant published 36 pictures and three videos in February.
  • Its posts for this month featured its employees from Argentina, Spain, and the UK among others, its associates at conferences, its recruiters in Malaysia, its volunteer work, and reaching new heights - it celebrated reaching 25 years in several posts.
  • There are several posts - more than six - celebrating the fact that it is one of the top employers in 2019.
  • Its most used hashtags in February include "#digitaltransformation #ai #ar #vr #automation #iot #blockchain #cloud #tech #futureofwork #lifeatcognizant #becognizant | #GreatPlace2Work, #Cognizant25 and #topemployers."
  • Most of its posts in February either have no comments or have less than five comments - all of which are positive.
  • Some comments include "Can't wait to join Cognizant," "Unity in diversity, "Cognizant is truly global," and "Nice post."
  • Its most liked post in February is a picture of one of its executives speaking at its Chennai, India location. The picture now has 2,049 likes and two comments - both positive.
  • A picture of its partners discussing "new consumer patterns of the 'Netflix' generation" at an event is its least liked post. It was published on February 27 and has 375 likes.


  • Cognizant published 42 pictures and five videos in March.
  • The company's March posts averaged one to four comments.
  • Its posts for this month are about its associates in different countries such as the UK and India, conferences its executives/employees spoke at or attended, the "fun" aspects of its offices, diversity at the company, and recent updates/news surrounding the company such as its acquisition of Metrisoft, and opening a new center.
  • More than 50% of its posts in March have no comments. Others have a few comments - all of which are positive or neutral.
  • There were over three posts depicting diversity at the company. These posts have the hashtag #womenintech.
  • Its most used hashtags for this month include "#digitaltransformation #ai #ar #vr #automation #iot #blockchain #cloud #tech #futureofwork #lifeatcognizant, #futureofwork, and #becognizant."
  • The post with the least likes is a picture of its colleagues at the Cluj Tech Society Conference in Romania. It was published on March 22nd and has since reached 398 likes.
  • A post of its female eployees in India participating in a hackathon has the most likes in March. It now has 2,062 likes and seven comments.


  • In April, Cognizant published 43 pictures and three videos.
  • Its posts featured its associates in several countries at different events, some of its executives - including its CEO - visiting the company's locations, its recruiters at career fairs in Malaysia, its associates volunteering, awards, and merchandise with its name on it - including some notebooks.
  • Some of the locations it featured for this month include its offices in India, Hungary, and Mexico, an event in Germany and Singapore.
  • Its least liked post is a picture of former Hungarian international handball player, Lajos Mocsai, talking about diversity in business with the company's associates in Budapest, Hungary. Published on April 22, the post has 371 likes and no comments.
  • A picture of a water bottle with Cognizant's name on it has the most likes and comments for the month of April. It was published on April 30th and now has 3,929 likes and 30 comments - all of which are positive.
  • Most of Cognizant's posts in April have no comments. For those with comments, only positive notes such as "I love your page" and "cool" or neutral comments such as inquiries about job applications, were shared.


  • Cognizant's posts in May are similar to its posts in other months.
  • It published six videos and 42 pictures in May.
  • Most of its posts in this month features views of some of its locations in different countries - including France, outreach events with its employees volunteering for causes like multiple sclerosis, its recruiters at career fairs, conferences its executives spoke at or went to, and awards & recognition - it was the 193rd company on the Fortune 500 list.
  • A picture of its associates participating at a Kidney Walk in Phoenix, Arizona was its least liked post. This picture has 320 likes and one comment.
  • The post with the highest likes in May is a picture of its employees exhibiting at the Digital Transfomation World 2019 event. Published on May 27th, this picture received 2,413 likes and six comments - all of which are positive or neutral.
  • Cognizant has between one to four comments on most of its May posts. These comments are mainly positive or neutral.


  • In June, Cognizant posted 42 pictures and two videos on Instagram.
  • Its posts for this month are typically about its associates in several parts of the world such as Brazil, Canada, and Lithuania, its office space in several cities, events it participated in - such as an outreach event with Feeding Westchester, and its values - one post featured pictures of its employees participating in an LGBTQ event in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Cognizant uses a lot of hashtags on each of its posts. Most of its hashtags are specific to each post. However, it uses some hashtags on all its posts regardless of what it is about. Some of its most used hashtags include "#digitaltransformation #ai #ar #vr #automation #iot #blockchain #cloud #tech, and #becognizant."
  • While most posts have no comments, the few with comments are either positive or neutral. Neutral comments are mainly about vacancies at the company, updates on job applications, and how to apply for a job while positive comments applauded or commended the picture posted.
  • There was only one negative comment for this month, The comment was found under a picture of Cognizant's employees holding a pride flag. It was "Y’all fake!! Here in Phoenix AZ y’all are racist."
  • The post with the most likes in June is a picture of its Budapest office published on June 3rd. This post generated 2,144 likes and also had the most comments - all of which were positive. Some of the comments include "love Budapest" and "wish i could work here."
  • The post with the least likes was a picture of one of its executives speaking at an event called "Money 2020." This post received 360 likes and had one comment which was positive.


  • It appears Cognizant's followers on Instagram are mainly content with its posts as the company has not lost any followers in the past two months. Instead, it has gained even more followers.
  • At 1.26%, its engagement on Instagram is not particularly high but most business accounts on the platform do not have a high engagement rate. As a matter of fact, an engagement rate of 1% to 3.5% on Instagram is average/good for a company.
  • Cognizant is very active on Instagram. The company publishes more than five posts in a week. This might explain why its followers are engaged and do not unfollow.

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