Cognizant Customer Journey

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Cognizant Consumer Journey

The consumer journey associated with clients/customers working with a digital solutions company like Cognizant starts with research, followed by evaluation and comparison, then a workshop, decision and agreement, service set-up and delivery, and up to relationship strengthening. Digital solutions in companies must be embedded as a digital-first approach into every facet of the business if they expect to grow in today's hyper-competitive marketplace.


  • Incorporates data into everyday decision-making: With the right data, customers empower their leaders to make difficult hiring and firing decisions by using data that backs those decisions, together with supported policies put into place that can provide leadership in operating their business.
  • Ditch the paper: This can cut cost within the business that will also dramatically streamline the processes and operations.
  • Create an omni office environment: This can help keep overhead costs low, while potentially increasing productivity.
  • Constantly monitor the latest technology trends: These trends could be the key to drive the company through its growth phase easily



  • Clients decide on a service which works for their industry.
  • Clients would want to choose a digital solutions company that can offer a level of security, ease of customization, accommodates flexibility, has easy access options, insists on usability, and can offer guaranteed support when issues arise.
    • Level of security: Consumers check first how secure is the solution they are walking into. Consumers settle for providers with appropriate security certifications.
    • Ease of customization: A customizable solution will be tilted and altered to suit your specific needs.
    • Accommodation of flexibility: Business and science is not stagnant and will keep growing, consumer wants to choose a company that is flexible to change.
    • Access options: Customer should be able to access their business at all time and all places.
    • Insist on usability: Customer wants digital solutions to be functional and easy to use.
    • Guaranteed support: Clients want to make sure that they should be able to get support working to fix products face down times.


  • Background, recognition, and awards of the digital solutions company are checked.
  • Services or account options at current and competitor industry are also reviewed.
  • Customers also ask for advice and recommendations from previous clients.
  • An appointment to discuss the needs, goals, and plans can also help.
  • The discussed needs, goals, and plans are gathered, compared, and checked for credentials online.


  • Clients enter into a workshop to be able to know if the solution app will be successful.
  • The client will be eager to have a comprehension of the workload required.
  • The workshop gets them to really understand the process of the digital solution and will establish to guide them throughout the process.


  • Consumer justifies the decision, revisions prior ideas or options, and validates internally that it is the right choice to make.
  • The consumer sets a clear expectation to the digital solutions company with relevant information in setting up.


  • Customers now use the pre-built business digital solution for 90 days for the production of actionable analytical insights producing measurable business outcomes.


  • Clients set policies in order to serve them on the work they do and help them build better businesses maintaining the highest ethical standards enforcing core values and Code of Ethics.


Since there is no directly available list or documentation with the requested information, we conducted extensive research to provide an analysis of the consumer journey associated with clients/customers working with a digital solutions company like Cognizant. We leveraged a compilation of white papers, research studies, and articles to come up with the consumer journey analysis.

Due to the specificity of the request, we first sought to understand the overview of digital solutions company, making Cognizant website as a reference, what they do and its associated services. From there, we were able to identify a foundation for the consumer/client journey from the start including becoming aware of the company, to selecting them, to the process of launching a contract, and selecting services.


  • "Digital solutions are no longer optional--companies must embed a digital-first approach into every facet of the business if they expect to grow in today's hyper-competitive marketplace."
  • "In an IT study by Gartner, 50% of customers will be using their mobile devices to access services and products by 2018. Desktops and laptops will be forced to take the back seat.It is time for businesses to review and implement digital solutions seriously. If not, such businesses stand to lose a lot in terms of customers. Therefore, it is the ripe time to address the issue of how to choose a digital solution for your business. "
  • "You want an agency that aligns with your business vision and has the same goals in mind when creating a digital plan that works. You also want to make sure the agency has a personality that you can appreciate, so you can actually enjoy the work that you do with them now and into the future."
  • "We form partnerships and strategic alliances with world-class organizations to expand our service offerings and deliver comprehensive solutions to clients."