Cognizant Competitors Employee Regions

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Cognizant Competitors Employee Region Breakdown 1

In order to carry out this research, we analyzed data from trusted media sources, industry reports, and statistics websites. We first conducted a research to determine the total number of employees for the provided competitors to Cognizant. I found multiple sources that give the employee numbers in the last three years. From there, we searched for the regions that each of the three companies operate in. For Accenture and Infosys, we managed to establish their regions of operate, but finding the number of employees was tricky, because they haven't made that data public.

Ernst and Young (EY)

  • In 2018, Ernst and Young employed a total of 228,622 employees worldwide.
  • The headquarters of Ernst and Young is in London.
  • In 2018, Ernst and Young (EY) had 106,775 employees in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India; 70,341 in the US; 43,722 in the Asia-Pacific region; and 7.824 employees in Japan.
  • Ernst and Young was ranked seventh among the top consulting firms.
  • According to the company's official website, Ernst and Young had 261,559 employees in 2018, which represented a 5.7% growth from 2017.
  • Ernst and Young has over 700 offices in 150 countries.
  • Ernst and Young groups its offices under four geographic areas: EMEIA (Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India), the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Japan.
  • According to, the number of Ernst and Young employees in 2019 is 279,137.


  • In 2018, Accenture employed a total of 459,000 people worldwide.
  • The headquarters of Accenture is based in Dublin, Ireland.
  • According to their official website, Accenture has 482,000 employees, and has offices and operations in more than 200 cities in 52 countries.
  • Accenture uses three geographic regions: North America, Europe and growth markets (Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Russia, and Turkey).
  • According to, the number of employees in August 2018 was around 459,000.
  • In 2017, from their 394,000 employees, around 140,000 were from India.
  • The number of employees in the U.S. was planned to be increased to more than 65,000.
  • The number of employees in Europe and the growth markets was about 189,000 employees combined.


  • In 2018, Infosys employed a total of 204,107 employees, which increased to 228,123 employees in 2019.
  • The headquarters of Accenture is based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
  • According to their official website, the number of employees in the last three years rose from 200,364 to 228,123.
  • Infosys is ranked among the top three employers in Europe and the Middle East.
  • In the years 2016-2017 the number of Infosys employees in the US was about 44,000.

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Cognizant Competitors Employee Region Breakdown 2

Wipro Technologies had over 170,000 employees globally in 2019, 130,000 of whom worked in India and 5,780 worked in Continental Europe and Latin America. Tata Consultancy Services hired 12,500 between 2012 and 2016 in the United States. Below is a deep dive into our findings.


  • The headquarters of Wipro technologies is in Bangalore, Karnakata, India.
  • Wipro technologies serve clients across six continents, and they are present in the Americas, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe, and India.
  • According to Wipro Technologies, they had more than 170,000 employees globally as of 2019 in over 230 cities.
  • Out of Wipro's 170,000 employees for the fiscal year 2018-2019, 130,900 (77%) worked in India.
  • In 2018-2019, from their 170,000 employees, 5,780 (3.4%) worked in Continental Europe and Latin America.
  • Out of Wipro's 170,000 employees, 33,320 (19.6%) worked in Africa, North America, Middle East, United Kingdom, and the Asia Pacific.
  • In 2017, Wipro Technologies had more than 160,000 employees globally, with 14,000 of them working in the United States.
  • In the first six months of 2017, Wipro had hired over 1,600 people in the US.
  • In 2017, Wipro technologies had more than 1,000 employees in each of the following US states: Florida, California, Georgia, and Texas.



To provide the breakdown of employees by region for Wipro Technologies and Tata Consultancy Services, we first searched through the quarterly reports, annual reports, and other financial reports and fact sheets of each of the companies. Most companies publish information about their headcount and how it is broken down in the geographic regions that they operate in. For each of the companies, we were able to find their latest number of employees globally. However, we could only glean little data from Wipro Technologies' 2018-2019 annual report concerning the breakdown of their employees in terms of geographical regions. As opposed to highlighting the information on the 'Human Capital' section of their report, Wipro distributed it across the report where the employee breakdown information fitted most organically. They only provided a breakdown of a few geographic regions. As for TCS, there was no such information in their annual reports, and the only way they broke down their population number was by gender.

Next, we searched through statistical portals like Statista as the site publishes this kind of employee information. However, the only data available was for the global number of employees with no breakdown into geographical regions. This may be because it is difficult for such portals to estimate the number of employees for such huge companies without the official company data. We then looked through news sources such as Forbes, Reuters, The Economic Times, and the India Times for any feature of the companies or any interview with the companies' C-suite executives which may mention the way their employees are spread throughout the globe. We found an article on the India Times that had the number of Wipro employees in the United States, but we could not find any other information on employees on the media primarily because most of the interviews involving the company management rarely cover employee numbers.


From Part 02
  • "Wipro has voluntarily committed to providing best-in-class ‘duty of care’ support to our global and diverse workforce of over 170,000 employees and 100,000 unique business travellers spanning over 230 cities worldwide"
  • "Our employees are represented by formal employee representative groups in certain geographies including Continental Europe and Latin America which constitute about 3.4% of our workforce with a further 2.5% under collective bargaining agreements"
  • "58 locations (includes 3 data centers) representing 77% of our workforce. 34 of these locations are owned (includes 3 data centers) and the balance 20 are leased"
  • "A company recognized globally for its comprehensive portfolio of services, strong commitment to sustainability and good corporate citizenship, we have over 170,000 dedicated employees serving clients across six continents"
  • "A company recognized globally for its comprehensive portfolio of services, strong commitment to sustainability and good corporate citizenship, we have over 160,000 dedicated employees serving clients across six continents"
  • "Net addition of 12,356 associates, highest in 5 years; closing headcount: 436,641 - LTM attrition at 11.5% in IT Services "
  • "To support our growth, we continue to tap into talent pools across the world and add to our ranks. In FY 2019, we added 29,287 employees on a net basis, bringing the total headcount at the end of the year to 424,285"
  • "The workforce has representation from 147 nationalities, with women making up 35.9% of the base"