Coffee Creamer Research: Consumer Journey & Audience Information

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Generation X Moms Living in Rural and Suburban Areas - Interests, Preferred brands and General lifestyle

My research reveals that, while there are a few surveys that offer information about Gen X moms, insights specific to Gen X moms in rural or suburban areas and their coffee creamer purchasing habits could not be located in the public domain. Nevertheless, I was able to gather the following findings, which you may find helpful: (a) Gen X suburban homeowners enjoy drinking wine, dining at high-end restaurants, and taking vacations, (b) brands such as Chobani Greek Yogurt, Cuties Mandarin Orange, and Stevia in the Raw Sugar Substitute are some brands that are becoming increasingly popular among Gen Xers, and (c) Gen X moms use social networking and their smartphones mostly for support systems and for monitoring their children.
Below you will find an outline of my methodology to better understand why your requested information is unavailable, as well as a deep dive into my findings.


To find your requested information, I first checked if there are existing surveys or polls of Gen X moms or mothers that reside in rural or suburban areas in the United States. My thought was that the type of information you are interested in is usually determined by surveys or polls. Searching through new and old sources alike, however, revealed there are no such surveys. Most of the surveys I found are about Millennial moms or moms in general. Only a few tackled Gen X moms, and none were specific to moms in rural or suburban areas. Of the few sources that contained reliable insights about Gen X moms, none provided information about the behavior of Gen X moms when it comes to coffee creamer purchases. Perhaps market research firms did not find it efficient or necessary to drill down into more granular details such as specific geographic areas or certain grocery item categories.
Since coffee creamer is an item that can be found in grocery stores and supermarkets, I looked for reports and studies relating to grocery shopping as well. I hoped to see regional data in these reports, but unfortunately, I was unable to see any such data segmentation. Nevertheless, I found some helpful generational insights in these reports.
Sources published in the past two years are typically used in a Wonder response, but given the limited information that my searches were turning up, I expanded my search to include older sources. I searched for articles and reports mentioning the interests, preferred brands, lifestyle, and shopping journey of Gen X moms or parents. Below you will see my findings on Gen X moms based on the few useful sources I was able to gather after an extensive search.


According to an article published in 2016 by Florida-based direct marketing firm SKUlocal, of Gen X moms, 90% use the internet, and the majority of these internet users are social networking and smartphone users. In most cases, Gen X moms use social networking and their smartphones for support systems and for monitoring their kids.

Based on SKUlocal's article, compared to the general population, Gen X suburban homeowners, in general, are 78% more inclined to drink wine at least three times a week, twice as likely to dine at high-end restaurants, thrice as likely to have gone on at least four personal trips or vacations in the past year, and 45% more likely to acquire hassle-free coupons such as those provided through email. In lieu of statistics specific to Gen X moms in suburban areas, these figures provide some helpful insights.

When it comes to treating themselves, Gen X moms are more inclined than Gen Y moms to purchase spa treatments but are less inclined to buy clothes or a pricey meal, according to an article published in 2016 by market research firm NPD. They are less inclined to consume bottled drinks, soda, or vitamin water as well. Compared to the general population, Gen X moms over-index in terms of tablet and streaming media player ownership.


As shown in SKUlocal's article, 78% of Gen X moms refer to traditional print media for food-related coupons. Also, when choosing whether to give a new brand a shot, 86% of Gen X moms find price the most influential factor in their decision-making process.

Gen X moms are more likely than Gen Y moms to purchase locally-grown food or buy from locally-owned shops, based on NPD's article. Compared to Gen Y moms, they are less likely to shop at physical stores because of a growing child or a new baby. They are also less likely to shop at the following stores: Toys "R" Us, Gap, Target, Babies "R" Us, Amazon, Children's Place, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and home stores. Their affinity towards big box retailers such as Target and Walmart is lower than that of Gen Y moms as well. When it comes to Family Dollar, however, their affinity is higher than that of Gen Y moms.

Regarding cosmetics, Gen X moms are 43% more inclined to purchase cosmetics from a drugstore or pharmacy such as Duane Reade, but they are 88% less inclined to purchase cosmetics from a cosmetics store such as Sephora.

When it comes to shopping, Gen X moms are more likely than Gen Y moms to use reusable shopping bags and to use coupons while shopping. They are less likely to buy organic food, however. When purchasing food, Gen X moms find they are less influenced by social media compared to Gen Y moms. Both brand and price matter in the purchase decision of Gen X moms. Gen X moms become loyal to brands that exhibit quality. In terms of celebrity endorsement, Adam Levine, Tyler Perry, Daisy Fuentes, Julia Roberts all appear to be smart choices for Gen X moms.

Based on a survey conducted on 1,631 U.S. adults by The Center for Generational Kinetics and Amplify Snack Brands in 2016, Gen X moms are less likely than Millennial moms to buy new healthier snacks. In a month, 10% of Millennial moms purchased four such snacks in comparison to 5% of Gen X moms. Both Millennial and Gen X moms, however, exhibit a strong desire to find healthier snacks for their kids.

While 70% of consumers are always or frequently influenced by transparency content (e.g. list of ingredients, source of ingredients) when deciding what to purchase, Gen X moms are influenced 14% less than Millennial Moms. This is according to a survey conducted on 500 U.S. consumers by digital and direct marketing firm Response Media in 2017.

It appears it is better to advertise to Gen X moms through television commercials and print magazine ads instead of radio ads and print newspaper ads. According to a report by advertising organization IAB and parenting website Babycenter, of Gen X moms in the United States, 40% and 25% say they often notice television ads and print magazine ads, respectively, while only 19% and 13% say they often notice radio ads and print newspaper ads. Though the report was published more than two years ago, I decided to include it here as its year of publication, 2015, is not that far back, and there is a good chance that these findings are still relevant today.

Households headed by a Gen Xer spend $85 per person per month on food at home, as reported by USDA's Economic Research Service. Of these households' at-home food spending, 12.4% is spent on pasta, prepared foods, candies, and sugar.

Based on Food Marketing Institute's survey of 2,145 U.S. adult shoppers in 2017, the percentage of Gen X adult shoppers that shop at online-only retailers had grown from 17% in 2015 to 24% in 2017. Nielsen reported in 2016 that, among Gen Xers, the brands that are "on the way up" are: Chobani Greek Yogurt, Cuties Mandarin Orange, Stevia in the Raw Sugar Substitute, Tide Simply Clean & Fresh Laundry Detergent, Naked Juices, Halos Mandarin Oranges, Sriracha Hot Sauce, Ghirardelli Baking Chocolate, Duracell Quantum Batteries, and Dove Frozen Treats.


While granular information demonstrating how Generation X moms in rural or suburban areas purchase coffee creamers or behave in general is unavailable in the public domain, there are a number of surveys that indicate the interests, preferred brands, and lifestyle of Generation X moms in general. Findings from these surveys include the following: (a) Gen X suburban homeowners are more inclined than the general population to drink wine, dine at high-end restaurants, and take vacations, (b) the popularity of brands such as Chobani Greek Yogurt, Cuties Mandarin Orange, and Stevia in the Raw Sugar Substitute is rising among Gen Xers, and (c) finding support systems and keeping tabs on their kids are the primary reasons Gen X moms use social networking and their smartphones.