City Profiles: Vaughan and Austin

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Austin, TX: Issues and Challenges

The key issues/challenges that are being tackled by leaders in the U.S. city of Austin, Texas are traffic congestion and affordability.

Traffic Congestion

  • Even though Austin Texas has been voted as the number one place to live in America and ranked as the fastest-growing large city in the U.S., the city leaders are reported to be tackling the major issue of traffic problems in the city.
  • Due to its bad traffic congestion, Austin Texas has been recently named as one of the most traffic-congested cities in the world by TomTom.
  • The problem of traffic in Austin Texas is due to the fact that it has only one interstate passing through it (Austin Texas Insider), along with a major need for financial resources for building major roadways that traverse the city to create more routes to getting around. Also, there is a need to promote more active transit to encourage people not to drive for short commutes that they could walk or bike.

Importance to the Community

  • According to the Tomtom report, "Austinites spend an average of 25% more time stuck in traffic than other drivers."
  • In a community survey report, it was found that 75% of the people responded that the city can't build enough roads to solve their traffic problems and 50% said that "they would rather get around town in something other than their own car." Indeed, a large percentage (79%) also was willing to support businesses that showed commitment to solutions beyond cars to improvise this condition.

What is Being Done

  • The city leaders are creating volunteer initiatives such as Austin City: One Challenge, which is intended to encourage the public to think of ways to solve transportation issues, along with promoting carpooling, riding the bus, e-bike, and other mediums of transportation.
  • The leaders in Austin launched the group 'Move ATX' to tackle the issue of traffic congestion involving residents to participate in adopting active commuting and ways to include financial incentives for certain businesses that show commitment to solutions beyond cars.

Stakeholders Involved

  • The primary stakeholders involved in tackling this issue of traffic congestion and mobility in Austin, Texas include the city leaders from transportation naming Austin Mayor Steve Adler, Robert Spillar, Director of Transportation of the city, Austin City Manager, and Austin Assistant city manager, along with officials from North American City solutions
  • Additionally, the residents of the city are involved in the initiatives taken up to overcome this challenge of traffic congestion in Austin, supported by businesses and community groups.

A Question to City Leaders

  • How is the city planning to overcome the financial investment required to look for options for building new and more highways and skyway system?


  • Austin has been facing a major challenge of the affordability crisis in terms of housing supply failing to keep up with demand due to the increasing disparity in Austin’s median income and its affordable housing stock.
  • The city leaders are increasingly tackling the issue of affordability to accommodate the influx of people in the city, which has become a highly desirable place to live by many people willing to move to the city for growth opportunities.
  • The Austin Economic Indicators highlight that the "Austin’s affordability index fell from 54.5 to 54.3, while the national index increased from 56.4 to 56.6" and has shown a decline since 2013.

Importance to the Community

  • Due to the increasing disparity in the median income of Austin residents as the demand for houses rises, it is making the property values rise and also increasing property taxes, but not with an equal amount of income rise. This has led to housing affordability crisis and most of the residents unable to afford their own homes.
  • On average "about 150 people move to Austin each day while many current families are being pushed out to surrounding cities where housing is more affordable."

What is Being Done

Stakeholders Involved

  • The major stakeholders involved in tackling the challenge of the affordability of Austin include city leaders, such as Austin Council members along with city real estate developers.

A Question to City Leaders

  • Do we have any plan to boost the median income level /spending power of the Austin workers?

Research Strategy

To obtain the information on the key issues/challenges that are being tackled by leaders in the U.S. city of Austin, Texas, we examined various credible news articles from the city to explore the most pinching pain points being faced by the communities and being tackled by the city leaders through sources such as KVUE, Forbes, CBS Austin, Fox 7, among others.

Through the above research, we found that most of the news articles reported the major issue/challenge of affordability and traffic being handled by city leaders, which was largely affecting the residents and businesses in the region. Further, by researching through each issue in detail and exploring the reports from city council, Austin Economic Indicators, and others, the details on issue, its importance to the community, its effect, reasons, stakeholders, initiatives being taken along with one question in this subject area that can be posed to city leaders has been provided above.
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Vaughan, Canada: Issues and Challenges

Traffic congestion, inadequate transportation/transit network and lack of affordable housing are some key issues and challenges being tackled by the leaders of Vaughan City, Canada. These and other findings are outlined below.

Traffic Congestion and Transportation Network

Housing Affordability


Based on the challenges faced by Vaughan as part of its boomburb transformation, one question for city leaders is:
  • How do you plan to balance the continued economic expansion of your city against the growing demands for affordable housing and sustainable cost of living?

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Austin, TX: Overview

Austin has a population of 964,254. The next city elections will be held on November 3, 2020. Some neighborhoods that are popular choices for young families and professionals are North Loop, Rollingwood, and Allandale. While the city considered starting a municipal ID card program in 2014, it hasn't been implemented.


  • The total city population of Austin is 964,254.
  • 7.2% of Austin's population is between 20 and 24, while 17.4% is aged 25-34. Therefore, the population that is 20-34 is approximately 237,206.
  • The city is considered to have a young population, mostly thanks to recent graduates of local colleges and universities.

City Elections in 2020

  • The general municipal elections will take place on November 3.
  • The offices on the ballot will include District 2, 4, 6, 7, and 10.


  • North Loop is a neighborhood located near the University of Texas, regarded as "the trendy hub of North Austin." It is famous for its unique atmosphere, vintage shops, and attractive dining and entertainment offerings.
  • Its residents include young families and professionals, as well as artists.
  • Rollingwood is an upscale community, with luxurious homes, top-rated schools, and various amenities. It is also close to downtown Austin.
  • It is a frequent choice for young families due to the Eanes Innovative School District, which has a 99% college acceptance rate. Also, it is recognized as one of the most attractive neighborhoods in Texas and nationally.
  • Allandale is another popular neighborhood among young families and professionals. It is well-established, close to downtown Austin, and offers a quiet, family-friendly atmosphere.

City ID Card

  • While several Texas cities considered implementing a municipal ID program, Austin being one of them, none has introduced it so far.
  • Specifically, Austin's officials explored the idea in 2014, mainly because it would make immigrants more likely to report the crimes.

Question to City Leaders

  • Do you plan to revisit the idea of launching a municipal ID card program?

Research Strategy

According to our research, there are no population estimations for the age range 18-35. We have started by analyzing various publications by the US Census Bureau, as well as media sites that synthesize the Census data. We considered it the most reliable source of population data. Unfortunately, the age groups were either much wider or didn't overlap with the requested range.

We also searched through various reports that talked about the Austin population, such as the ones by the Austin Chamber and Marcus & Millichap. We hoped that they would include data from other sources, which would make it more likely to find a figure for the requested age group. Unfortunately, they were either based on the Census data or included irrelevant data points.

Finally, we explored local and national real estate and news media sites, such as the Austin Chronicle and US News. We thought that such outlets are most likely to publish Austin-specific population data. However, all the articles were based on data from the US Census, which uses different age groups. We used the percentages provided by US News for the age group 20-34, which was the most relevant age range that we could find. Here is our calculation:

964,254*0.072 + 964,254*0,174 = 237,206

To find neighborhoods that fit the criteria, we analyzed four lists that include the trending ones, making sure that they fit some or all of the requested criteria (i.e., that the descriptions mention that they are frequently chosen by young families, creative professionals or that they are independent retail hubs). We included those that appeared at least twice.

One of the key lists couldn't be added as a source. Therefore, we included a Google document with screenshots of the relevant part and a link that can be used to verify the information.

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Vaughan, Canada: Overview

The total population in Vaughan, Canada, is 306,233 people.


  • According to the 2016 Census in Canada, the total population in Vaughan is 306,233 people.
  • There are 62,915 people aged between 18 and 34 years in the city.


  • No city elections will take place in 2020 for Vaughan City, as the next date for municipal elections is Monday, October 24, 2022.


  • Concord is an industrial district in Vaughan with access to several major highways. Its superior road network is vital for businesses. As such, many large, multinational operations have their headquarters there.
  • It is home to Vaughan Mills, the most ranked top attraction in Vaughan by traveler favorite, according to Trip Advisor. Vaughan Mills is also among the largest enclosed shopping centers in Canada.
  • There are several other establishments in Concord, including hotels, coffee and tea shops, spas, and bakeries.
  • The Kleinburg community is home to many "wealthy executives and affluent families."
  • The community has several heritage homes built in the nineteenth century.
  • "Only large properties and large lots with detached homes can be found there."


  • The VPL Library Card is given to people who live, work, own property, or attend an educational institution in the City of Vaughan, as it guarantees them free membership to use the library.
  • However, people "who live, work, own property, or school in a York Region municipality, Brampton, or Town of Caledon" might qualify for a free library card as well.
  • Applications can be made online or in person. In either case, a valid means of identification is required.


  • We were unable to provide the population of people in Vaughan, Canada, between the ages of 18 and 35 years, as that information is not publicly available. The most accurate source of information for this data is the official 2016 Census report, which we obtained from the Canadian government website. However, despite all avenues to triangulate the information, we could not find any metric with which to derive the requested info. We also looked at a more narrow report from the Toronto government in a bid to find more streamlined data that might provide broader statistics. However, as this report was also prepared from the 2016 Census data available, no new information was provided.
  • We were only able to derive the population between the ages of 18 and 34 years, after which we tried searching for the population of 35-year-olds in the city. We searched through some government documents for Vaughan, but could not find anything useful. The aim was to find the data for the 35-year-olds in Vaughan and add the values to our triangulated values. However, in the absence of useful data, we have presented the population between the ages of 18 and 34 years in Vaughan.


  • From the Canada 2016 Census, there was no available age bracket that provided the population of people in Vaughan from 18 to 35 years. To triangulate the info, we considered several sets of data as follows:
  • Population from 15-19 years = 21,280 people.
  • Population from 20-34 years = population of 20-24 years + 25-29 years + 30-34 years = 20,285 + 17,105 + 16,825 = 54,215 people.
  • Thus, to determine the population in Vaughan between 18 and 34 years, we must calculate for the population between 18-19 years, then add it to the population from 20-34 years.
  • The population from 18-64 years = 192,665 people.
  • Total population from 20-64 years = population of 20-24 years + 25-29 years + 30-34 years + 35-39 years + 40-44 years + 45-49 years + 50-54 years + 55-59 years + 60-64 years = 20,285 + 17,105 + 16,825 + 19,430 + 23,345 + 25,440 + 24,480 + 20,805 + 16,250 = 183,965 people.
  • Thus, we can derive the population from 18-19 years by subtracting the population of 20-64 years from that of 18-64 years.
  • From this derivation, the population from 18-19 years = 192,665 – 183,965 = 8,700 people.
  • Therefore, the population from 18-34 years = population from 18-19 years + population from 20-34 years = 8,700 + 54,215 = 62,915 people.

The population in Vaughan, Canada, from 18-34 years is 62,915 people.

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Austin, TX: Business Community

There are multiple initiatives in the city of Austin that have been created to promote small businesses, including the Small Business Program and the Small Business Assistance. Some local merchant associations include the Austin Independent Business Alliance and the Austin Chamber of Commerce.

Small Business Promotion Initiatives

Small Business Program

  • As part of its commitment to the development of small businesses, the government of Austin runs the Small Business Program, where it empowers small business owners and entrepreneurs by providing relevant business training, educational events, and coaching.
  • "The initiative's mission is to foster job creation and support the growth of new and existing businesses by providing capacity building information, tools, and resources."

Small Business Assistance

  • In assisting businesses with incentives and grants, Austin's Small Business Assistance initiative is designed to provide assistance, ranging from technical support to loan services, to improve and ensure the success of growing small businesses. With this initiative, "the city community also encourages the creation of jobs for low- to moderate-income households."
  • This initiative looks to provide micro-enterprise technical assistance from entities, such as BiGAustin, and loan services from the PeopleFund community development bank.

Local Merchant Associations

Major Partnerships

  • The city of Austin partnered with UT-Austin, a tech company, "to automate the data-gathering process for traffic studies while making the results immediately available."
  • UT-Austin's advanced computing center and its technology analyze traffic flow in realtime by accessing the city's cameras and counting all vehicles and pedestrians on a given roadway.

  • Austin's department of transportation partnered with Iota Foundation, a nonprofit organization, "to develop a more interoperable transportation ecosystem."
  • This partnership promises an envisioned transportation structure, "where every transit system can interact with the same payment app and a single digital identity."

  • The partnership between the city of Austin and ECHO gears towards the creation of housing units that allow partners, pets, and possessions.
  • In line with this partnership, ECHO plans to add "200-300 short-term motel units that would substantially impact the community of Austinites living without shelter."

  • The city of Austin's finance department has a dedicated online platform where it publishes RFPs; however, no price ranges are technically provided. A typical example is an RFP for financial planning and regulated reporting software.
  • While most RFPs do not include price ranges, the RFP for miscellaneous streets slurry seal and fog seal IDIQ includes an initial contract amount that will not exceed $2 million, with the RFP having an estimated amount of $8 million.
  • Also, some RFPs, like the RFP for transmission line foundation IDIQ with an estimated worth of $10 million, include estimated amounts only.


  • How do you plan to promote small businesses through strategic partnerships in 2020?
  • How do you plan to engage local merchant associations to ensure and consolidate on the ease of doing business in Austin?
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Vaughan, Canada: Business Community

The business community in Vaughan, Canada enjoys the advantage of local and international community ties as well as support from its local Chamber of Commerce. However, the City of Vaughan lacks new major public-private partnerships with its business community. These and other findings are outlined below.

Business Promotion Initiatives

2019 Business Mission to Israel
  • The Vaughan Chamber of Commerce (VCC) conducted a Business Mission to Israel this November 2019 to promote market opportunities in the city of Vaughan.
  • Vaughan is home to a sizable Israeli/Jewish diaspora and has built community ties with the Israeli city of Ramla.
  • The VCC is working with the Federation of Israel Chambers of Commerce to build a business-to-business connection with the City of Vaughan which includes small businesses.
York Region Business Coalition
vivaNext Business Support Program
  • The Vaughan Chamber of Commerce developed the Business Support Program together with vivaNext to help local businesses along Highway 7 West and Bathurst & Centre corridors.
  • The initiative will help affected businesses (including SMEs) during a construction project and provide them with tools and business information.
  • The Business Support Program also provided complimentary VCC annual membership to qualified companies to help them promote their businesses.

Local Merchant Associations

Vaughan Chamber of Commerce (VCC)
Vaughan Business Enterprise Centre (VBEC)
Markham, Richmond Hill & Vaughan Chinese Business Association [MRVCBA]

Public-Private Partnership

North Maple Regional Park Project
Streetlighting Replacement Public Private Partnership (P3)

Request For Proposals


Based on the lack of public-private partnerships, one question for Vaughan city leaders is:
  • Do you have plans to establish any public-private partnerships in the near future (~5 years) aside from the potential partnerships for the North Maple Regional Park Project?

From Part 02
  • " Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, where the subway station is located, will be a new inter-modal public transit system, able to connect the overlapped transport networks of Toronto, the GTA and York Region."
  • "The forecast for this massive project is illustrated in the seductive video above that imagines a dreamy future for Vaughan, the fastest-growing municipality in all of Canada between 1996 and 2006, achieving a population growth rate of 80.2 per cent, according to Statistics Canada."
  • "This growth looks unstoppable as the construction of the Metropolitan Centre will automatically attract private investment and, basically, more people and more money."
  • "Municipal forecasts predict that by 2031, the Metropolitan Centre alone will be home to 11,500 employees and 25,000 residents. But what will be the consequences of this new enclave of Vaughan"
  • "Will the city experience gaps between social classes due to the growth mismatch between this brand new area and some of its outskirts, including the Italian ethno-burb of Woodbridge? Will the cost of living increase in the entire community of Vaughan?"
  • "They’re both what are known as boomburbs—suburban communities in the midst of tremendous growth that were rural areas not so long ago, and aren’t the core cities in their metropolitan areas. Vaughan and Markham are no longer merely suburbs of Toronto, but are becoming part of the Torontonian “edgeless city” due to the constant urban expansion."
  • "“An integral part of moving Vaughan forward is a well-developed transit and transportation network. Creating new connections to surrounding communities and making it easier for people to get where they need to go will contribute immensely to our continued success."
  • " Higher-order transit provides a huge advantage for attracting residents, businesses and talent to Vaughan. This includes the new Yonge Street Subway Extension, which will continue to enhance our city as a destination of choice."
  • "“We are also committed to leveraging the Vaughan Healthcare Centre Precinct with strong partners from the innovation, health and academic fields. We have a mission to protect the natural environment for the well-being of future generations and we are focusing on diversifying our local economy."
  • "“As 2019 comes to an end, we have much to celebrate. Vaughan now has its first university, a vibrant downtown and 750 hectares of City parks and greenspace, including the 900-acre North Maple Regional Park."
  • "Vaughan continues to flourish as a diverse, inclusive and welcoming city. ...As have our Heritage Month Celebrations, such as Black History Month, Jewish Heritage Month, National Indigenous History Month and Italian Heritage Month, which have all been commemorated in 2019."
  • "Traffic, rapid growth, rising cost of living and taxes among key issues facing riding, candidates say"
  • "Green Party Michael DiPasquale Vaughan-Woodbridge is a community growing quickly. Affordable housing and a plan to manage the influx in population are paramount. With that growth comes an increased environmental footprint."
  • "Liberal Party Steven Del Duca The gridlock on our roads represents the biggest issue facing residents in Woodbridge. It’s the result of historic underfunding of transportation infrastructure and I have been working tirelessly to make things better locally, because it matters to me that we spend less time stuck in traffic and more time with loved ones."
  • "We have added tons of new on-peak and off-peak GO train service, and we are adding 1,200 new parking spaces at the Rutherford GO station. "
  • "NDP Sandra Lozano One of the top complaints I hear is the horrendous congestion on major arterial roads; the increased levels of smog and noise pollution. We haven’t seen proper investments in transportation infrastructure to keep up with this growth"
  • "Progressive Conservative Party Michael Tibollo Based on what we are hearing at the doors, the biggest issue we’re facing in Vaughan-Woodbridge is affordability."
  • ""There has to be good service," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said at the Maple GO Train station the morning of Feb. 7, where pledged $595 million in federal funding for Barrie GO line corridor improvements."
  • "The Barrie GO Train corridor, which includes stations at York University and in Vaughan, King Township, Aurora, Newmarket, East Gwillimbury, Bradford and Barrie, will see a several improvements."
  • ""For the residents living in Vaughan and King, one of the top issues is traffic congestion," King-Vaughan MP Deb Schulte said. "The transportation network has not kept pace with our rapid development."
  • "Verster said he was pleased to accept the federal government’s largesse and had just one parting request for Trudeau. "All I’m asking for, Mr. Prime Minister, is to keep the dollars rolling. Keep on supporting us; it’s a good investment.""
  • "Irrespective of their political leaning, millennials share one complaint and that’s the inability to move out of their parents’ house"
  • "“Honestly, I’d like for the federal government to prioritize making life a little bit more fair for everyone,” he said, citing expensive costs for goods and services and most importantly housing."
  • "But it’s the lack of affording housing that irks Giovennetti the most. “The most important asset that one has to own in this city or province is at least a house, and the prices are way beyond what someone can afford on a regular salary.”"
  • "Nationally, health care and food equity as well as social justice especially for Canada’s Indigenous population are all key issues. However, when it comes to her riding, Dhami says there is “a lot of gentrification” that’s taking place, forcing out people who can’t live in the neighbourhood."
  • "PROVINCIAL HOUSING SUPPLY ACTION PLAN CONSULTATION – UPDATE The Finance, Administration and Audit Committee recommends approval of the recommendation contained in the following report of the Chief Financial Officer and City Treasurer and the Deputy City Manager, Planning and Growth Management, dated March 4, 2019"
  • "Report Highlights  The Province announced during the 2018 Fall Economic Statement that the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) will launch a Housing Supply Action Plan in spring 2019 to increase housing supply by addressing barriers that inhibit the development of ownership and rental housing. "
  • " The barriers have been categorized into five themes: speed, mix, cost, rent, and innovation."
  • "Governments (federal, provincial, municipal), the development industry and other key stakeholders will have to work together to achieve streamlined processes that continue to protect homeowners and residents."
  • " Speed: It takes too long for development projects to get approved  Mix: There are too many restrictions on what can be built to get the right mix of housing where it is needed"
  • "Cost: Development costs are too high because of high land prices and government-imposed fees and charges  Rent: It is too hard to be a landlord in Ontario, and tenants need to be protected  Innovation: Other concerns, opportunities and innovations to increase housing supply"
  • "Vaughan Rankings out of 23 in Greater Toronto 4th Most expensive 10th Fastest Growing"
  • "7th Fastest Selling 7th Highest Turnover"
  • "Current Vaughan MLS® stats indicate an average house price of $971,470 and 265 new listings in the last 28 days. As of today, Vaughan housing data shows median days on market for a home is 25 days."
  • "Asking net rental rates in the GTA North markets of Aurora, Markham, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and Whitchurch-Stouffville increased to $7.63 per square foot, the highest in the GTA for the seventh consecutive quarter."
  • "More than 1.3 million square feet of new supply was added in Vaughan in the fourth quarter."
  • "Vaughan was also home to the GTA North’s most notable investment transaction and lease signing."
From Part 06
  • "In order to help local businesses along sections of Highway 7 West and the Bathurst & Centre corridors during the construction period, vivaNext developed the Business Support Program [BSP] in collaboration with the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce to offer tools and information to the impacted business development areas. "
  • "For qualifying businesses, a complimentary annual membership to the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce is offered for the duration of the construction. "
  • "The City of Vaughan has an opportunity to join the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce’s Business Mission to Israel. Economic and Cultural Development recommend that the City participate in the Business Mission and supplement it with additional days of programming to promote strategic city building projects, learn best practices from leading Israeli municipalities and other organizations, showcase Vaughan’s business sector, and reaffirm Vaughan’s international partnership with the City of Ramla."
  • "The Vaughan Chamber of Commerce (VCC), in conjunction with the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, has organized a Leisure and Business Mission to Israel from November 20-29, 2019; the Business Mission portion runs from November 27-29."
  • "The VCC is also working directly with the Federation of Israel Chambers of Commerce to build a business-to-business component into the mission for Vaughan businesses interested in targeted introductions."
  • "At chamber event, Government House Leader Paul Calandra welcomes the launch of the York Region Business Coalition 'that will help unleash the potential that we've seen generated over the last few years'"
  • "The York Region Business Coalition (YRBC) is comprised of all nine business organizations, representing 5,000 businesses across the region in key sectors of innovation, manufacturing, retail, construction and agriculture, Newmarket Chamber of Commerce CEO Tracy Walter announced at a join chamber panel event featuring York Region's MPPs and provincial ministers Friday, Nov. 15 at RedCrest Golf in King."
  • "The YRBC's mandate will see it lobbying political leaders at the three levels of government to develop policies and positions that support business growth, to remove regulatory burdens, and prioritize an investment structure conducive to business success. "
  • "The joint effort will be led by the Newmarket and Vaughan chambers, through Abdus Samad, manager of government relations and policy for the two chambers and spokesperson for the YRBC."
  • "About Us The Vaughan Chamber of Commerce was established in 1977 to promote and advocate the interests of businesses in the city of Vaughan. Since its establishment, the Chamber has been an integral part of the business community. "
  • "The Vaughan Chamber is a member based not-for-profit organization dedicated to connecting, serving and empowering the Vaughan business community both as a catalyst and resource. Our organization provides numerous services to attract businesses including educational seminars, major events, member benefits, and represents business as an advocate at all levels of government on current issues and economic inclusion."
  • "The Markham, Richmond Hill & Vaughan Chinese Business Association [MRVCBA] (formerly known as Richmond Hill & Markham Chinese Business Association) is nearing its 25th milestone anniversary. "
  • "With the primary objective to better represent and serve its members across York Region, the Association continues to show its strong leadership in promoting the interest and unity of the Chinese business community in the Region and on a global basis"
  • "Objectives a) To promote trade and investment in the geographic area of the City of Markham, the Town of Richmond Hill and City of Vaughan (the "Area");"
  • "b) To promote and encourage the interest and the unity of the business community in the Area;"
  • "The City of Vaughan’s Economic and Cultural Development offers support for local businesses and entrepreneurs at all stages. Within the department, the Vaughan Business Enterprise Centre (VBEC) provides one-stop services for Vaughan’s aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners."
  • "With access to business information, resources, training and hands-on assistance to start or grow a business in Vaughan – there is no need to look any further than VBEC for all business needs. "
  • "Phase 1 of the North Maple Regional Park has made its way off the drawing board and onto the City of Vaughan’s projects list for 2017."
  • "When this did not materialize after lengthy delays, the City of Vaughan consulted with Vaughan CARES to explore several funding options, including a public private partnership (PPP) where private investors share some of the cost in return for a share of any profits. "
  • "This option may be perceived as controversial, with current plans suggesting a percentage of the park area may be set aside for such investment on prime Keele Street frontage."
  • "The Streetlighting Replacement Public Private Partnership (P3) Project in Ontario involved the design, finance, installation, maintenance and operation of the City of Vaughan’s streetlighting replacements over an 18-year period. The P3 project required 28,000 High Pressure Sodium (HPS) streetlights and 2,400 outdoor lamps to be upgraded to LED bulbs throughout the city."
  • "WT were originally engaged by Ameresco and Forum Equity Partners to a provide pre-bid submission risk analysis and perform due diligence on behalf of prospective lenders providing financing for the project."
  • " The Ameresco team was selected as preferred proponent for the project, however the City of Vaughan ultimately decided not to proceed with the transaction prior to Financial Close."
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