City Analysis: Corona, California

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Corona: Overview

Corona city is the 31st largest city in California, with a population of about 168,819. By age distribution, persons 20-34 years form about 23.6% of the total population.

Population Overview

City Specific Election in 2020

  • There are five districts in Corona city, California.
  • In 2018, a municipal election was conducted for council members representing each of the districts. The election was held for Districts 1, 4, and 5.
  • The election for council members for Districts 2 and 3 is slated to take place in November 2020.


South Corona
  • South Corona is the largest neighborhood in Corona, CA, with a population of about 16,425.
  • There is a high number of young people living in South Corona with a median age of 33 years and 37 years for males and females, respectively.
  • There are about 71.2% of family households in South Corona. Of these households, 75% are married-couples. Considering the median age of the residents in South Corona, it is assumed that most of the families are young families.
  • The median household income in South Corona is about $125,000, which is suggestive that the families would have spending power.
  • Also, owing to the population of South Corona, it is expected that independent retail hubs and creative workers will dominate in this neighborhood.
Downtown neighborhood in Corona
  • Downtown neighborhood in Corona is one of the largest areas in terms of population size. It has a population of 4,225.
  • Most of the citizens of the Downtown neighborhood are young, with median ages of males and females 33 years and 34.4 years, respectively. About 59.6% of the population are family households, of which 47.8% are married-couples families.
  • Most of the families are young families with an average income of $40,757. Thus, they have spending power.

City ID Card Program

  • There is no municipal ID card issued to citizens in Corona, but there is an ID card issued to Corona city senior citizens and persons living with disabilities.
  • The ID card is called the DAR ID card. It is issued to seniors (60+) and persons with disabilities for use when taking the Corona city public transport, Dial-A-Ride.

Question for City Leaders

  • Do you have the intention of implementing a municipal ID card for every citizen of Corona city?

Research Strategy

Our research did not reveal any population estimation for individuals 18-35 years of age for Corona city, CA. We searched through the US Census Bureau, World Population data, Team Corona data, among other relevant databases that provide a demographic breakdown of cities. While we're not able to find data specific to this age group, we found the percentage of individuals between 20-34 years in Corona city, which is the closest age range to 18-35 years. We, therefore, estimated the population individuals between 20-34 years and presented it. Below is our calculations

% person 20-34 years * total population of Corona city
23.6% (0.236) * 168,81= 39,841.284.

For the neighborhoods that have high concentrations of creative workers, young families with spending power, independent retail hubs, or similar, there was no specific publicly available information that addressed these. However, we found some particular data with which we made relevant assumptions to arrive at the neighborhoods that we presented. To do this, we searched for neighborhoods with the highest population density, a high number of young individuals, the household status of the neighborhood, among others. With these criteria, we were able to identify two neighborhoods that will most likely match the need.
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Corona: Business Community

Some initiatives in the city of Corona that have been created to promote small businesses include Shop Corona and City of Corona Business Tax Relief.

Small Business Initiatives

1. Shop Corona

  • is an initiative of the City of Corona that provides an innovative platform designed to stimulate local economies, to launch and promote their products and services.
  • Small businesses can claim their profile page and start posting their products and services in the marketplace, creating a one-stop-shop for everything in Corona.

2. AQMD Small Business Assistance

  • This program is for small businesses having 100 or fewer employees or with annual gross revenues up to $5 million.
  • The initiative provides free technical assistance, permit application assistance, variance petitions among other services to small businesses.

3. City of Corona Business Tax Relief

  • Under this program, the city of Corona charges no utility, payroll, or inventory tax for businesses located in the city.

Local Merchant Associations

  • Corona Chamber of Commerce is a private, not-for-profit organization that promotes business, advocacy, community and economic development in the local community and region.

Major Partnerships

1. CivicRec

  • The city of Corona partnered with CivicRec to implement its recreation management software solution.
  • This partnership program will offer a cloud-based recreation platform allowing residents greater access to recreation activities, classes, and services offered by the Library and Recreation Services Department.


  • The city of Corona partnered with EASE T1D to create awareness about Type 1 Diabetes and show that a diagnosis can happen at any age, regardless of diet and lifestyle.
  • The goal of Education Awareness Support and Empowerment (EASE) is to keep people informed of Type 1 Diabetes.

Lowest RFP (request for proposals) amounts

  • The city of Corona has an online platform where it publishes RFPs; however, no price ranges are technically provided. A typical example is an RFP for Time Entry, Payroll Processing, and Human Resource Management System.
  • An RFP for Corona Fire Department Hazmat Trailer also had no mention of the lowest RFP (request for proposals) amount.

Questions to City Leaders

  • How do you plan to promote small businesses through strategic partnerships in 2020?
  • Do you have plans to establish any public-private partnerships in the near future (~5 years)?
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Corona: Issues and Challenges

Traffic congestion and homelessness are two issues/challenges facing the US City of Corona, CA.


  • The situation of traffic congestion in Corona, CA, is almost unbearable. The city's road network constitutes one of the most heavily congested stretches of highway in Southern California.
  • Traffic congestion is prevalent on the 91 Freeway in Corona such that even on the best mornings, commuters have to cut through the city, causing massive gridlock on the Green River Road and Serfas Club Drive.
  • Locals in the city who commute through Freeway 91 refer to a portion as the Corona Crawl.
  • As a way of addressing the traffic situation in Corona, the city utilizes an Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) and an award-winning Traffic Management Center (TMC).
  • The ATMS monitors traffic in all areas of the city while making necessary adjustments to the traffic signal system, as indicated by the TMC.
  • The ATMS and TMC help to regulate traffic congestion on the streets and freeways in Corona
  • Corona city has spent over $2 million in federal and government grants to "expand the reach of the ATMS to include 70 traffic signals, 15 traffic monitoring cameras, and a video and data link between the CalTrans District 8 TMC in San Bernardino."
  • The city plans to implement an automated response to traffic congestion by developing a responsive traffic system that reacts swiftly to changes in traffic patterns.
  • In 2017, the Riverside County Transport Commission (RCTC) concluded a $1.4 billion project to ease and improve the flow of traffic. The body is, however, looking to fund three new projects in a $75 million budget for the same.


  • According to the Riverside County's Annual Homeless Count, Corona was the second-highest city in the county, in terms of homeless people, with 164 people living in the streets.
  • Homelessness is an increasing challenge both at the national, state, county, and city levels and specifically for the City of Corona.
  • The homeless situation in Corona is reducing the operating hours of some businesses, degrading the quality of public spaces, reducing security and safety, and increasing crime levels.
  • To address the issue of homelessness in the City, Corona is cooperating with"city staff, volunteers, nonprofits, and private organizations." In doing so, however, the city is ensuring that it does not disregard the rights of home and business owners.
  • Corona City Council members formed the 2019 Homelessness Resources Committee in January 2019, and the committee set out to assess the homeless situation in the city by meeting with stakeholders, volunteers, and nonprofits, among others, in March 2019.
  • The purpose of the meeting was to perform a SWOT analysis and Asset Mapping Exercise.
  • The city then developed a dashboard called the Homeless Outreach Data Dashboard to display the current statistics of homelessness, such as the number of homeless neighbors in Corona.
  • A second study was conducted in May 2019 to provide updates regarding the homeless situation in Corona, and in June, the council approved a budget of $1 million to tackle homelessness.
  • Corona is consulting the services of City Net, a team that comprises nonprofit professionals striving to eradicate street homelessness in any city or region.
  • The Corona Police Department's Homeless Outreach & Psychological Evaluation team works to provide support resources to the homeless and serve as first responders to any issues involving them.
  • The Corona Homeless Shelters & Services provides shelters and other services to cater to the homeless in Corona and surrounding cities.


We obtained the issues/challenges in Corona, CA, from the survey of Corona City Council election candidates. Among the responses provided, traffic congestion and homelessness were recurring issues referenced by almost all the candidates. We then consulted government and media articles from sites such as The Press-Enterprise and Eyewitness News, among others, to provide relevant information regarding the same.