City Analysis: Chula Vista, California

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Chula Vista: Overview

Chula Vista, California, has a population of 271,653, with about 55,781 (20.58%) people in the city between the ages of 18 and 34. The city's general municipal election will take place on November 3, 2020, with two offices in the city council on the ballot.


  • The city of Chula Vista, California, has a population of 271,653.
  • Based on searches through sources such as the US Census, World Population Review, and Census Reporter, there is no population estimate for the exact age range of 18-35.
  • However, about 8.48% (23,040) of the population is between the ages of 18 and 24, while about 12.1% (32,741) is between the ages of 25 and 34. Therefore, about 20.58% (8.48% + 12.1%) of the population of the city of Chula Vista is between the ages of 18 and 34, which means that there are about 55,781 (23,040 + 32,741) people in the city between the ages of 18 and 34.

City Elections in 2020


  • Chula Vista has a large population of young people, particularly in their 20s and 30s, who are single, educated, and starting upwardly-mobile careers. Its neighborhoods attract educated single professionals.
  • Chula Vista's Olympic Pky / La Media Rd neighborhood is an upscale suburban neighborhood with wealthy residents. With 11.0% of its population attending college, it has a higher concentration of residents in college than 95.1% of US neighborhoods.
  • The neighborhood attracts families with school-aged children as well as highly educated executives.
  • E J St / Paseo Ladera is an upscale urban neighborhood with wealthy residents. 46.0% of its working population is in management, executive, and professional occupations.
  • The Bayside Park in Chula Vista hosts creative events like the International Mariachi Festival, which features Mariachi Music and Mexican folkloric dances. It also hosts the annual Chula Vista HarborFest, which features live music and entertainment for families and friends of all ages.

City ID Card

Question to City Leaders

  • Like the Californian cities of Oakland, Richmond, and San Francisco, are there any plans to launch a municipal ID card program for the city of Chula Vista?
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Chula Vista: Business Community

An initiative promoting small business in Chula Vista, California, is Cilantro to Stores. The local merchant associations in Chula Vista are the Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce, the South County Economic Development Council, and the Third Avenue Village Association. The City of Chula Vista has partnerships with National University and REACH Chula Vista.

Small Business Initiatives

  • The one initiative we found promoting small business in Chula Vista is called Cilantro to Stores.
  • The following is the description provided about the initiative: "The Cilantro to Stores program aims to increase access to local, fresh farmed fruits and vegetables in Western Chula Vista by working with four corner stores. This program contributes to the local economy for both farmers and local corner stores and to the health of the environment by providing more healthy food choices. . . . The program helps to establish a distribution system with local certified farmers, and also provides technical assistance to the store owners on the handling and storage of produce."
  • The City of Chula Vista administers the Cilantro to Stores program.

Local Merchant Associations


1. National University

  • Through the partnership, the City of Chula Vista offers its Tuition Reduction Scholarship to its employees.
  • The offer from National University is that all employees of the City of Chula Vista receive "a 15 percent Tuition Reduction Scholarship and a 10 percent Tuition Reduction Scholarship to spouses and dependents." Furthermore, the university waives its fee for applying to "an associate’s, bachelor’s, . . . master’s degree or certification" program.
  • For its Emergency Medical Technician Certificate program, National University offers to employees of the City of Chula Vista, their dependents, and spouses "a 30 percent Tuition Reduction Scholarship."

2. REACH Chula Vista

  • The City of Chula Vista has a partnership with REACH Chula Vista. REACH stands for "Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health."
  • Community Health Improvement Partners facilitates REACH Chula Vista, in conjunction with "the City of Chula Vista, Sweetwater Union High School District, Chula Vista Elementary School, YMCA Childcare Resource Service, Scripps Mercy Chula Vista and UC San Diego Center for Community Health."
  • The two goals of the project are "increasing access to healthy foods and increasing opportunities for physical activity" within Chula Vista.


  • The City of Chula Vista publishes what it terms "Bid Limits", which are provided below.
  • First, the City states that "[b]ids up to $10,000 may be awarded based on a single, informal quotation. "
  • Second, the City states that "[b]ids between $10,000 — $100,000 require three informal quotes. "
  • Third, the City states that "[e]quipment, materials, supplies and services, $100,000 and above, require an advertised, public bid opening. "
  • Lastly, the City states that "Public Works projects, $50,000 and above, require an advertised, public bid opening."

Question For City Leaders

  • In late February 2020, the City of Chula Vista made a pitch to be the site of a new California State University campus. If Chula Vista is the location selected for the campus from the shortlist of potential suitors, will the City's economic development plans change and if yes, how so?
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Chula Vista: Issues and Challenges

Homelessness and traffic congestion are key challenges being tackled by leaders in the U.S. city of Chula Vista, California. The requested information about the challenges is presented below.


  • Homelessness is one of the key challenges being tackled by leaders in Chula Vista. Chula Vista is among the cities that declared a shelter crisis in San Diego 2018.
  • Statistics show that about 300 people are homeless in Chula Vista. However, leaders observe that the number could be high because many homeless people live in dangerous areas such as creek beds where volunteers collecting such data cannot access.
  • The city’s leadership reckons that although the homelessness problem is not apparent to the average observer, they are aggressively trying to help every affected individual because of its wider implications.

Importance to the Community

What is Being Done

  • Amanda Rigby, a Vista city council member, observes that the city has prioritized establishing the causes of homelessness and finding solutions. In collaboration with residents, leaders in Chula Vista have developed a master plan to tackle homelessness.
  • The city also received a grant aimed at helping the homeless access medical care and rental assistance. Chula Vista also offers emergency shelter, supportive housing, transitional housing, and seasonal shelters to the homeless.
  • Chula City has also teamed with San Diego Country and National City to form an alliance called South Bay Homeless Alliance that will help tackle homelessness. The alliance received a funding of over $1 million from the federal and state governments. It was also supported by various local nonprofits.
  • South Bay Homeless Alliance helps each member jurisdiction to coordinate resources in the fight against homelessness.


  • The primary stakeholders involved in tackling homelessness are the Chula Vista city council leadership, including Mary Salas the mayor and John McCann, council member district 1. The Chula Vista Police Department is also a key player in handling homelessness and its associated social problems such as crime.
  • The city’s residents and business owners are also involved in finding solutions to the problem because there are also affected, either directly or indirectly. Other stakeholders are the various nonprofit organizations working to alleviate suffering among the homeless.

A Question to City Leaders

  • How effective are the measures taken to curb homelessness thus far?

Traffic Congestion

  • Chula Vista has experienced a rapid growth according to the Growth Management Oversight Commission (GMOC) 2018 report. The population boom has led to more congestion in the city’s roadways, a situation projected to continue into the future.
  • With no adequate expansion of infrastructure to match the growth, Chula Vista is grappling with a major traffic congestion problem in streets such as Palomar Street and Otay Lakes Road. Thus, slow travel speeds is a common challenge in the city.

Importance to the Community

What is being done


A Question to City Leaders

  • What is the city’s long-term solution to traffic congestion problem?