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Cisco Networking: Overview

Cisco's networking business, also called as Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA), has an annual revenue estimated between $51 million and $100 million. Cisco DNA is crucial to the company's efforts to define the future of network management through intent-based networking (IBN). Its key competitors are Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Huawei, LiveAction, ExtraHop, SevOne, Colasoft, and Corvil. We have outlined our findings below.






We have provided an overview of Cisco's networking business, also called as Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA). We have provided its relative importance, current and future priorities, key decision makers and key competitors. However, the size of the division relative to other business units was not available. We employed the following strategies below.

First we researched Cisco's annual reports and publicly available documents. Cisco's FY19 annual report for 'Revenue by product category & service' shows no segment information for Cisco DNA. Instead, only broad categories were shown with revenue data for Q3 2019. These are Infrastructure Platforms, Applications, Security, and Other Products. Due to the broad categorizations, we could not make a direct comparison of Cisco DNA division relative to other business units. The top 3 business segments may also contain different divisions disproportionate to their overall categories' current revenue size.

Next, we tried to triangulate the number of employees but LinkedIn has no preexisting individual profile page for Cisco DNA with its own number of employees. Search results for employees (Cisco "Digital Network Architecture (DNA)") were interspersed with other job titles such as 'Wireless Network Consulting', 'System Engineer', 'UX Architect', etc. The number of results were also disproportionate for a relatively new and minor division against Cisco's overall number of employees (22,753 against 74,200).

Lastly, we tried to determine the number of employees through business intelligence resources including Crunchbase, Hoovers, Owler, ZoomInfo, CSIMarket and others. No preexisting information for Cisco DNA is available online. The only available business information is for Cisco overall. While we found Gartner's estimated revenue for Cisco's network business ($51 million to $100 million), we still could not make a direct comparison to other divisions within the company as the publicly available categories were too broad (ex. Infrastructure Platform $22 billion, Security $2 billion). Therefore, we have addressed all other aspects of the overview in our response.

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  • "Cisco - Software-Defined Access creates logical/virtual groups that allow security policy to move with the user. _ Cisco security solutions— including Stealthwatch, TrustSec, Identity Services Engine, and Rapid Threat Containment—eliminate threats across the network."
  • "HPE - VLAN based - Exception based - HPE requires network off-load"
  • "Huawei - Security-groups-based policies via Free Mobility capability in Agile Controller"
  • "In 2018, the sales revenue of Huawei's enterprise business reached CNY74.4 billion, up 23.8% year-on-year."
  • "Director of Cisco Engineering Services, Ryan Clabaugh, discusses how DNA center with Identity Services Engine provides an entirely new way to address the design, deployment and management of networks at scale."
  • "John Bateman Director, Digital Network Architecture (DNA) and Mobility Services at Cisco"
  • "Infrastructure Platforms Applications Security Other Products"
  • "Intent-based networking is Cisco’s big push for the future of network management. Here’s a preview of DNA Center – Cisco’s IBN software"
  • "Cisco’s DNA Center is a new network automation software that the company has positioned as the interface for its ambitious intent-based networking (IBN) strategy."
  • " “The idea is to simplify that whole process by creating virtual networks in a few clicks and having policies applied consistently. We express our intent and let the controller – DNA Center – figure out how to deploy that configuration across all of the devices under its control.”"
  • "In controlling SD-Access, DNA Center has four main components: Designing the network, setting policy, provisioning the policy and assuring polices are enforced. "
  • "Cisco says this is the promise of its IBN strategy: Users express their intent of what they want the network to do, and the software automation platform implements it."
  • "Cisco Live 2019 established the networking leader as connected to its hardware past but marching toward a software-defined future."
  • "Cisco’s path toward a more dynamic multidomain architecture began in earnest two years ago, with the launch of its intent-based networking technology (IBN), designed to bring networking provisioning and management to the software layer. "
  • "Cisco’s calling cards are the ability to build security natively into these network architectures up front as well as an ability to better integrate these domains together with improved security and performance."
  • "Today’s announcements also reflect Cisco’s ongoing shift to software-defined networking management, which requires a commensurate shift in network engineers’ skill sets. Many IT pros need to move from the command line interface to networking programmability skills."
  • "In various announcements in enterprise networking, multidomain cloud architecture and networking certification, Cisco made clear it is paving its future course by bringing network programmability and management from hardware to software. "
  • "Today, Cisco is introducing new IoT networking products, developer tools, validated design guides and partner specializations to deliver unmatched scale, flexibility and security for IoT environments. "
  • "By providing scale, flexibility and security, we’re turning the network into a secret weapon for our IoT customers,” said Liz Centoni, senior vice president and general manager, IoT at Cisco. "
  • "“And, with a new DevNet IoT developer center, we’re empowering thousands of partners and developers around the world to build upon our IoT platform.”"
  • "Cisco is introducing new Catalyst industrial switches and industrial Integrated Services routers purpose-built for IoT environments."
  • "The new platforms are managed by Cisco DNA Center, which gives customers a single pane of glass view across their campus, branch and IoT environments."
  • "Cisco’s developer program, DevNet, features a new set of developer tools to enable customers and partners to unleash innovation at the IoT Edge."
  • "San Jose, California-based Cisco has offered network performance monitoring solutions for 19 years as part of its network-hardware-centric heritage, and it enjoys broad name recognition. The vendor has undergone internal consolidation of its enterprise networking business units to combine various automation and monitoring products into one organization under the Digital Network Architecture (DNA) platform."
  • "(Magic Quadrant, p.3) Cisco, LiveAction, ExtraHop, SevOne, Colasoft, Corvil"
  • "Cisco's NPMD revenue is estimated to be between $51 million and $100 million per year."
  • "LiveAction's NPMD revenue is estimated to be between $11 million and $25 million per year."
  • "ExtraHop's NPMD revenue is estimated to be between $50 million and $100 million per year."
  • "SevOne's NPMD revenue is estimated to be between $51 million and $100 million per year."
  • "Colasoft's NPMD revenue is estimated to be between $11 million and $25 million per year."
  • "Corvil's NPMD revenue is estimated to be between $26 million and $50 million per year. "