Church Audit Firms

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Church Audit Firms

Fontana CPAs, Templeton and Company, RSM US, Daszkal Bolton, among others provide auditing and accounting services to churches in South Florida.

1. Fontana CPAs

  • According to their website, Fontana CPAs has been in operation since 2000.
  • They offer church accounting and auditing services to churches in Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Clearwater and surrounding communities. The initial consultation is free for churches in this area.
  • Here is a link to their website.

2. Accounting Link USA

  • It is a CPA firm in South Florida that provides accounting services for corporations, small businesses, and individuals in South Florida.
  • Although it has not been specified when the firm was established, Landon Barefoot, one of the executives at the firm has been the Chief Operating Officer at the firm since 2006. This is according to his LinkedIn's page
  • Besides the main website, Accounting Link USA has a special website for religious organization known as Church Power Accounting.

3. Templeton and Company

  • Established in 1990 by Steven Templeton.
  • Offers "auditing, accounting, consulting, tax and advisory services" to non-profit organizations, including houses of worship in South Florida.
  • Here is a link to their website.

4. Daszkal Bolton

  • Founded in 1992 by Michael Daszkal and Jeff Bolton.
  • Serves the South Florida market.
  • The company's professionals provide tax and audit services to not-for profit organizations, including faith based organizations.
  • Here is a link to their website.

5. Hafer Certified Public Accountants and Consultants

  • Founded in 1979 as Hafer and Gilmer, later changed to Hafer CPAs in 2005.
  • Offers financial statement audits, tax planning and other accounting services to non-profits including religious organizations in Naples, Palm Beach, Miami and Orlando, Florida.
  • Here is a link to their website.

6. Cummings-Grayson & Co., CPA

  • Founded in 1979 and headquartered in Miami, Florida.
  • The company provides accounting, auditing, payroll, tax preparation, among other services to small businesses and non-profit organizations including churches.
  • Here is a link to their website

7. Verdeja, De Armas & Trujillo, LLP CPA Firm

  • Established in 1971, Verdeja De Armas & Trujillo is "one of the largest local accounting firms in South Florida."
  • The company performs audit, accounting, tax and consulting services to places of worship, including churches.
  • Here is a link to their website


  • Founded as I.B. McGladrey Company in 1926 by Ira B. McGladrey. Changed its name to RSM US LLP in 2015.
  • Has Florida office locations in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, West Palm beach, etc.
  • "Serves hundreds of religious organizations nationwide, providing audit, tax and consulting services."
  • Here is a link to their website.

9. Rogers Wood Hill Starman & Gustason

  • It is a full service accounting firm that was founded in 1958.
  • Reviews and audits financial statements to charities, churches and other not-for-profit organizations.
  • Located in Naples and Marco Island, Florida

10. Berkowitz Pollack Brant (BPB)

  • Established in 1980, Berkowitz Pollack Brant is one of the largest accounting firm in South Florida.
  • The firm offers audit services to various industries, including not-for-profit organizations.
  • Here is a link to their website.

11. GLSC

  • For 40 years, GLSC has provided "auditing, accounting, tax, and other management and consulting services" to non-profits in South Florida."
  • Here is a link to the company website.

Research Strategy

We began by searching for accounting firms that were established before or in 2006, and offer auditing services to churches in South Florida. Accounting firms located in South Florida that provide similar services were also included. We expanded our search to include terms such as "religious organizations" and "faith-based organizations". We also noticed that firms classified faith-based organizations as not-for profits.
There was a limited number of firms within the mentioned parameters. Also, majority of firms did not provide information on the churches to which they provide audit services. We were therefore unable to judge the size of churches. Consequently, we expanded the scope to include churches of any size.
Examples of firms that provide auditing services in South Florida, but have less than 15 years of experience include; Axiom Business Consulting (13 years), and Dennison CPA (11 years). We did not include them.
According to their websites Berkowitz Pollack Brant (BPB) and GLSC offer audit services to non-profits. We assumed this to include churches.

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