Chrysler Global Experiential Marketing

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Chrysler Global Experiential Marketing

Chrysler's experiential marketing platforms found were event productions, multicultural, retail, influencer and charity events. Ride-and-share events resulted in 60-70% of consumers accessing social media after attending to research more information regarding a vehicle purchase.

Experiential marketing events are sensed by taste, smell, and touch. The goal is to create emotional bonds between brands and customers. Some experiential marketing platforms are: sampling, college programs, event production, multicultural, retail programs, guerrilla marketing, influencer marketing, and pop-up stores.


Brand loyalty within the "Global PT Cruisers Club" is not only emotional but focuses on awarding PT owners who have lost the ability to drive their vehicle with a tiny "Fallen PT" metal plate. The cruisers ere only manufactured between 2001 and 2010 only.
PT clubs are located in many other countries like Asia, Australia, Canada, Central America, Europe, and South America all operate with the same purpose. The premise for the gathering is to make new friends across the globe. Chrysler participates in charity events as well.


Canada's Windsor Plant assembly employees hold a toy drive with the Windsor Fire and Rescue Services Department to deliver toys to 3,000 children annually. It is called "Sparky's Toy Drive". They dress up 80 Pacifica minivans like reindeer and delivered $200,000 worth of toys to the children.
Brazil has the "Papi Noel dos Correios" post office inside of their plant where children can send Santa letters. The employees make sure each request receives a gift.
Italy holds the "Solidarity Olympics" to raise money for "Associazione Casa Nostra di Torino" that offers mothers and children in need with money. They have three Christmas events for a total of about 200 participants, and it nets out to $10,000 for the charity.
Australians spend over 550 volunteer hours across 100 employees from their dealership who dedicate time to bring gifts to children and the families in need.


Chrysler held a "Fall Autofest: event in 2017 at Lakeland, Florida that attracted car collectors and classic car enthusiasts from all over the world. The swap meets feature car corrals and an annual auction at the "Sun n'Fun" Complex.
In the spring of 2018, the Pennsylvania "Carlisle PA Fairgrounds" hosts a global swap meet, car corral, and auction with 8,100 vending spaces available. Items sold have to be 80% automobile products.


Chrysler Hall in Norfolk, Virginia opened in 1972. The Hall has hosted 40 seasons of performing arts events. There are 140 different events and it is supported by 150,000 patrons per year. Virginia Symphony Orchestra, Norfolk Forum, the Virginia Arts Festival, the Virginia Ballet, and the Generic Theater organizations call Chrysler Hall home. The hall is an early example of experiential marketing.
Chrysler Museum of Art, located in Norfolk, Virginia, is supported by the Virginia Commission for the Arts. The gallery is famous for its display of contemporary, Baroque, and impressionist artworks. Brand recognition at its finest.


The "Ride & Drive" program originated in 2012 to offer test drives to consumers away from the dealership. Vehicles delivered to sites like music concerts, schools, casinos, and malls to provide a low-stress environment to experience the product. Once the drivers return home, 60-70% of people access social media applications to obtain more information regarding a purchase.


The world's first fleet of self-driving vehicles is scheduled to perform road tests in 25 cities across the United States. Fiat Chrysler Auto (FCA) and Waymo have moved from the research and development phase to the operations and deployment phase in 2018. Many vehicles will give them enough information to scale.


There were event productions, multicultural, retail, influencer and charity events covered that have contributed to Chrysler’s experiential marketing platforms. 60-70% of consumers will access social media applications to obtain more information about a purchase after an event. Global events are held annually by PT Cruiser Clubs.