Chevron and other TCO partner-owned logistics

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Chevron's logistics arrangements for moving and accommodating personnel in Tengiz and Atyrau are comprehensive in nature, with Chevron or Chevron partner Tengizchevroil controlling, managing or overseeing almost all aspects of transport, housing and other living services for expat Chevron employees in these two settlement and work areas.


  • Chevron provides several types of fully furnished housing arrangements to accommodate all expat personnel in Atyrau, including a family-friendly gated community (Dostyk Village), town homes (Chagala) and TCO-leased apartments (Ardager).
  • These housing arrangements provide access to a variety of amenities, including indoor tennis courts, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, a recreation center, fitness centers, a gymnasium, laundry and cleaning services, language instruction, internet access and trash removal, among others.
  • Additionally, Chevron has arranged for early childhood education at QSI International School of Atyrau and prekindergarten through grade eight American-based schooling at Dostyk American International School through contracts under Tengizchevroil; boarding school is offered after grade eight for Chevron personnel.
  • Meanwhile, transportation services, including a fleet of vans and SUVs, are fully provided to Chevron personnel and their families on a 24/7 basis by Tengizchevroil to address all of their transportation needs, given that expat Chevron employees are not allowed to drive in Kazakhstan or take local taxis.
  • Overall, all significant accommodations and transportation for expat Chevron personnel are directly owned or managed through contracts under Chevron or Tengizchevroil, and any other suppliers of minor services do business under Chevron oversight.


  • Chevron provides a fenced camp (Shanyrak) comprised of five modules to accommodate the housing needs of up to 8,000 managers and workers in Tengiz.
  • The camp, which is operated by Tengizchevroil, provides a number of amenities including two indoor swimming pools, a medical center, a health center, two bakeries and communication services, among others.
  • Meanwhile, transportation services between the camp and work facilities are provided by a bus service under the oversight of TCO.
  • Additionally, transport from the airport to living quarters is either by plane or a combination of trains and buses.
  • Notably, all significant accommodations and transportation for expat Chevron personnel appear to be directly owned or managed through contracts under Chevron or Tengizchevroil, while any other suppliers of minor services appear to do business under similar oversight.


An extensive review of Chevron and Tengizchevroil media, trusted trade publications, industry reports and articles published by authorities and key players in the oil, accommodations and transportation industries in Kazakhstan was conducted to ascertain Chevron's logistics for moving and providing accommodations for personnel in Tengiz and Atyrau. As part of this research, direct, pre-compiled information was identified to address the moving and accommodations details for Chevron expats in Atyrua, as well as the accommodation details for Chevron expats in Tengiz. However, no pre-compiled information was available which directly explained the logistics for moving Chevron expats in Tengiz. The reason this data was absent is likely due to proprietary and international nature of this information, which resulted in many existing resources failing to discuss this specific topic.

Despite this circumstance, relevant data on the logistics for moving Chevron expats in Tengiz was successfully triangulated through the use of several assumption(s), combined with a systematic review of relevant information sources. Specifically, we identified two older sources of information on transportation for Chevron expats in Tengiz from a credible consultant and former Chevron employee, with the reports published in 2015 and 2012, respectively. Notably, although separated by time and experience, these reports corroborate one another without exception. Given this corroboration, as well as the limited availability of relevant information, it was determined that the relatively recent information offered by these two resources was reasonable for inclusion within this analysis.