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Please find screenshots of the UI of customer service/support chat apps for major companies like Chase Bank, American Eagle, etc.

Companies offer customer service in many ways. A popular avenue is through online chatting with a customer service representative. These companies display a wide array of after-hours messages, some of which specify available chat hours. We were unable to obtain screenshots of chats ending normally; the chats we were able to perform remained open until the user closed out and provided no error message. We were also unable to trigger error messages of chats ending unexpectedly; the chats simply remained open.

Companies with Customer Service Chat — unavailable

American Eagle offers customer service chatting; the screenshot found provides the message "Sorry We Missed You!" We'd love to chat." Nike offers customer service chatting during particular hours; the screenshot shows "Chat is Currently Unavailable." Levi's also offers online messaging with customer service; the screenshot shows "Chat is Currently Unavailable." Michael Kors provides a chat UI during certain hours. Under Armour also offers a Live Chat option during limited hours.

Toys 'R' Us/Babies 'R' Us has a customer support chat UI that shows a gray dot when agents are not available. Pepsi has a chat page for customer service; the screenshot shows "Chat is Currently Closed." HTC also offers live support and offers an email support option when chat is unavailable. Best Foods offers chat support as well; the screenshot shows that Live Chat is Offline. Motorola has a customer service chat that was Closed at the time of the screenshot. General Motors (GM) provides a live chat to customers with a notification when no agents are available. Vicks (P&G) offers a chat option, though the screenshot shows that the chat is closed.

Companies with Customer Service Chat Support (Available)

Discover offers live messaging, though it does not allow for screenshots. Grub Hub also offers online chat support; the screenshot attached shows a message that no agents are available and 3 visitors are waiting. It also seems to indicate that the customer must choose to end the chat in the upper right corner. No message is displayed when chat is ended.

Despite attempts to trigger an unexpected disruption in chats, both Discover and GrubHub chats remained open with no error message appearing.

Companies who do not offer Chat Support

Some companies do not offer chat support at all, including Wells Fargo and CVS.


Many businesses offer customer support chatting during specific hours, while some do not offer chat support at all. Screenshots of after-hours attempts and waiting-on-an-agent messages were found/created. Despite multiple attempts, chats remained open with no error message when trying to trigger a "chat ended unexpectedly" message. Companies who did engage in chat did not end the chat themselves, seeming to rely on customers to end the chat.