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Chapin International - Distribution Process

Although we were unable to paint a holistic picture of the distribution process of Chapin International, we have pieced together relevant information from a host of different sources to provide as much information as possible.

We found that Chapin distributes its products through wholesalers; most hardware, home improvement, and e-commerce retailers; brick-and-mortar retailers; as well as through their online store, which the customers can also contact and place their orders via phone. It deals directly with customers (B2B) and end-consumers (B2C) and has sales reps in different regions. It serves customers around the world including the US, Mexico, China, Australia, Europe, and Canada, with one of their distributors being Paysverco. With 10% of their business overseas, it occupies 85% market share in the industrial sprayers market, while being one of the largest manufacturers of retail and industrial sprayers in the world. It also has many subsidiaries as well as various manufacturing facilities located in Batavia, BY; Clarence, NY; Coopersville, MI; and overseas.

Below is a deep dive of our methodology and findings.


We started our research by browsing the Chapin Manufacturing website. Our initial approach was to look for annual/quarterly reports, however, their reports were not available through their website. We found that Chapin is a private company, so it is not required to publish annual reports.

After being unable to find annual reports, we decided to browse different pages on their website and found useful information through different pages, e.g. Chapin Webstore, the company history, shipping policy, returns policy, terms and conditions, and their FAQ page, among others. We also found a dedicated website for Australia but that also didn't produce any useful results. We also found a 'retailers' page but it wasn't working. We also found that Chapin's website has login areas for 'Vendors' and 'Representatives' separately.

After gathering some helpful information from the above-mentioned pages, we decided to look for Chapin's social media pages and see if we could find any detailed information there. We found their LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube pages, however, no substantial information could be sourced from these sites as well.

Next, we decided to look at sources from wholesalers, retailers, distributors, and e-commerce retailers. We found dozens of such entities providing Chapin products, e.g. Amazon, Mowers Direct, Quality Distributing LLC, Wholesale Lawn & Garden Products, etc. We searched through official websites of many of these entities without meeting with any success in finding information that could provide an overview of Chapin's distribution process or provide insights into the relationship of these specific entities with Chapin.

Another approach that we tried was to look for information through credible databases and business listing websites. Through this, we came across Chapin's profile on US Business Executive, which included an interview of Chapin's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Chuck Mattes, which revealed some useful information.

Yet another approach was to look at job announcements from Chapin. We looked at multiple job postings and came across one for the position of Customer Service Representative on Indeed, which also revealed some helpful information.

The helpful information that we found through all these strategies is detailed below.

Helpful Information

  • The Chapin Webstore states, "Shop for products not available at retailers and replacement parts for all products." This suggests that it distributes its products through retailers as well as through their online store.
  • The History section on their website states, "So Mr. Chapin began making his own cans and selling them to his customers." This suggests that the company started as a B2C company and later started their B2B dealings when their business grew larger. It has a dedicated page for the shipping policy, which suggests that the company still provides B2C services. Also, customers can contact their customer service department directly to place orders.
  • The website also states, "Here, in this spacious, modern plant, Chapin sprayers are designed, fabricated, formed, assembled, coated, tested, packaged, stored and shipped to customers around the world."
  • Chapin's Facebook page states, "Chapin products are available online and most hardware, home improvement and e-commerce retailers." The company also distributes to wholesalers, e.g. Wholesale Lawn & Garden Products.
  • Their FAQ page states that the products can be found through local store locations of retailers who sell Chapin products, which suggests that the company also distributes products to brick-and-mortar retailers.
  • Their FAQ page also reveals one of the distributors in Canada by the name of Paysverco. We further researched Paysverco to find out that it runs a retail store, MAGDecor, but it does not sell the type of products distributed by Chapin in that store.
  • Chuck Mattes, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Chapin, revealed in an interview to US Business Executive that Chapin is "the largest manufacturer of industrial and retail sprayers in North America" and "one of the top in the world". He also revealed that Chapin has an 85% market share in the industrial sprayers market and that the products are distributed to Canada, US, Mexico, China, Australia, and Europe with 10% of the business coming from overseas.
  • Chapin has many subsidiaries as well as manufacturing locations. The headquarters is located in Batavia, NY with manufacturing, assembling, and warehousing capabilities for a large sprayer lineup. The company has a secondary manufacturing facility in Clarence, NY with assembling and warehousing capabilities for their lawn, garden, and ATV spreaders. Additionally, Chapin has a "Heath Outdoor Products" facility in Coopersville, MI, which is "responsible for manufacturing suet and assembling flag kits, finch socks, and purple martin houses, as well as warehousing Heath's extensive inventory of bird items." The company also has various locations overseas for specialty solutions.
  • The job description of a Customer Service Representative (CSR) at Chapin revealed that the CSR is responsible for coordinating with customers, sales reps, and end-consumers. This signifies that Chapin distributes products directly to customers/businesses (B2B) and also to end-consumers (B2C). This also suggests that the company may have sales reps for different regions in the US and/or the world.


To summarize the above findings, it can be said that
  • Chapin distributes its products through wholesalers; most hardware, home improvement, and e-commerce retailers; brick-and-mortar retailers; as well as through their online store, which the customers can also contact and place their orders via phone.
  • Chapin deals directly with customers (B2B) and end-consumers (B2C) and it has sales reps in different regions.
  • The company serves customers around the world including Canada, US, Mexico, China, Australia, and Europe.
  • One of its distributors, in Canada, is Paysverco.
  • It occupies a 85% market share in the industrial sprayers market.
  • 10% of Chapin's business is overseas.
  • Chapin is "the largest manufacturer of industrial and retail sprayers in North America" and "one of the top in the world".
  • The company has many subsidiaries as well as various manufacturing facilities located in Batavia, BY; Clarence, NY; Coopersville, MI; and overseas.
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Chapin International - Market Outlook

Chapin International manufactures retail agricultural sprayers used for home and garden, industrial cleaning, pest control, and larger agricultural projects like in greenhouses or in orchards. Industry mergers and acquisitions, technological advances, and farm consolidation within the farming industry are 3 trends that are currently impacting the market outlook of Chapin International. The overall global agricultural sprayer market was valued at $4.775 trillion in 2018 with a CAGR of 5.4% between 2019 and 2024. Below we have provided a deep dive into our research strategy as well as our findings.


In order to determine the market outlook of Chapin International, we began our search by reviewing industry market reports. Because Chaplin sells small home and garden sprayers for fertilizing, cleaning, and pest control, we cross-referenced reports that specifically mentioned lawn and garden sprayers, not industrial agricultural sprayers exclusively. Through this strategy, we were able to determine the current market size, trends, and competitive outlook of the market. Unfortunately, some sources which may have provided more focused insights were locked behind paywalls.

Once we identified the trends, we analyzed news reports, press releases, as well as brand and product analysis to identify how the trends will affect Chapin and how Chapin is reacting to these trends. We were able to find insights from Chapin company officials and press releases.


Chapin International is an agricultural sprayer manufacturer that produces sprayers for home and garden use, industrial cleaning for cement and snow, pest control, and medium-sized agricultural projects like greenhouses and orchards. In 2018 the overall global agricultural sprayer market was valued at $4.775 trillion with a CAGR of 5.4% between 2019 and 2024. In the United States, where Chapin is located, the CAGR for 2018 to 2023 was only 3.7% according to Motor Intelligence. The largest market share is Europe at 33.7% of the global market.
The market outlook shows that while North America and Europe have the highest market shares and are currently leading the market, they have the lowest projected growth rates for the forecast period. South America has the highest projected growth rate is projected. The fastest growing products in the industry are drive tractor operated sprayers. Unfortunately, the industry faces challenges of miseducation of equipment use, lack of economic means, and insufficient technological skills among farmers.


One of the recent trends in the agricultural sprayer market is the mergers and acquisitions between both large and small companies. Companies are expanding their products and access through more dealers. They are accomplishing this through partnerships and collaborations. This has been seen in companies in of all sizes from small to large.
Companies that have taken advantage of this trend include large companies like John Deere. Also known as Deere & Company, they acquired PLA SA and King Agro in 2018. Other companies who have entered into new partnerships or who have been involved in mergers and acquisitions in recent years include H.D. Hudson Manufacturing Company, AGCO Corporation, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, ASPEE Agro Equipment Pvt Ltd, and Hockley International. Unfortunately, detailed information regarding these company's activities is private.
This trend refers to the mergers and acquisitions that occur between product provider companies. Through this, Chapin has been impacted by their own mergers and acquisitions. As this trend becomes more and more popular, it becomes necessary for companies to consider partnering with other companies, acquiring other companies, or becoming a subsidiary of larger companies in order to stay competitive in the industry. Chapin has indulged in this trend by partnering with companies to create private labels and provide smaller companies with their innovative resources as well as their industry-leading customer service department.
The Vice President, Chuck Mattes stated, "We have plans to double our business within the next two years. But we’re still a privately-held and family-owned company - Andris Chapin is chairman of the board and she is the fifth generation of ownership". Through their partnerships, they will continue to grow their brand awareness and their industry standing in years to come. Partnerships have allowed them to become part of every retailer in the United States, excluding Walmart and Home Depot, as well as several international retailers.

In order to stay ahead of this trend, the company has stated that they are always looking for the next breakthrough in the market and are keeping an open mind regarding new acquisitions. Mattes says, We own about 85 percent of the industrial sprayer market", meaning that Chapin can maintain their dominance over other players in this niche even as other players may consolidate.


Technological advances are a huge trend in both the large agricultural sprayer market and the garden sprayer market. Some current trends aside from drones used for large farm sprayers include sensors, GPS modules, powerful processors, and digital radios. These advances help farmers with mapping issues due to weather, mass spraying, and scouting for pests and diseases. These advances apply to Chapin in terms of their pest control sprayers for professional use as well as the use of agricultural sprayers in greenhouses.
Chapin has several products ranging from specialty hand sprayers to tow sprayers. While the company is not large scale enough to have the drone technology incorporated into their products, they do have deluxe models with innovative technology incorporated. Some features include the Chapin Dripless Trigger Grip Shut-Offs. This product includes manifolds for switching extensions and shut-offs for different types of spraying. In addition, their backpack sprayers feature a certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System.
According to the company, Chapin is determined to include new technologies in their products and consider technology and innovation to be the cornerstone of their company. Mattes, said, “our niche has always been to produce the top-quality sprayers on the market". The company claims that they have lead industry growth in innovations in the last 10 years and will continue to grow in the next 10 years. In addition, their vision is to "become a market leader through innovative engineering, new technology, and continuous improvement to provide world-class products for the lawn & garden and commercial customer".


Since farm consolidation is a big push right now in the farming industry, demand for high-powered sprayers is raising. The trend differs from mergers and acquisitions because this refers to the consolidation of the farm companies, greenhouses, and orchards meaning that the need for better equipment becomes more prevalent to manage more efficiently. This is especially seen in Europe due to easier access to farm loans for large companies. Because of farms getting larger and needing more equipment that increases productivity with minimal effort, higher capacity sprayers that will save time when refilling is a big interest.
Additionally, fast charging times, additional sensors, and self-propelled sprayers are of huge interest for farmers, greenhouses, and orchards. Because Chapin provides turf and agricultural equipment for larger scale greenhouses, orchards, and large scale landscaping, farm consolidation could have an impact on the market outlook for the company. They also feature tow sprayers with large tanks that are a high demand product in the industry.

Since the company is private, they have not released much information regarding their plans for expansion. In 2010, however, they expanded their products to include backpack sprayers and turf equipment to include clientele that are in need of high volume spraying. Mattes told US Business Executives, “We wanted to take it to the next level, to supply the high-end consumer with a rugged spreader, not a run-of-the-mill kind you’d find in any hardware store, but something more along the lines of something you would find at a landscape dealer,”

This trend could impact the company in a number of ways. While this could allow them to expand their audience to a larger industry with their larger tow tanks, it could also draw competition in the industry with companies looking at widely successful companies in Europe instead of domestic companies. The company has expanded into landscaping, industrial cleaning, salt spreaders, and large scale sparying and they do not show signs of stopping in the near future.


Industry growth and current trends have impacted Chapin in many ways by allowing them to expand their business, integrate innovations, and provide products to a larger audience. Overall, the company has kept up with the trends through partnerships with companies and integrating trademarked innovations into their products. The company stated that they expect to continue their growth over the next 10 years by investing in technology, expanding partnerships in international markets, and potentially diving into the growing farming market.

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Chapin International - Competitive Analysis

We have identified three competitors to the company Chapin, a producer of sprayers and feeders for the agricultural and industrial sectors. The three competitors identified are Maruyama, Micron Group, and AG Spray Equipment. For each of the competitors identified, we have provided a brief description of the company, their products, information on where they sell their products, and their competitive advantages.

To identify competitors to Chapin, we began our research by perusing the company's website for a concrete understanding of what they do. Once we understood what the company does, we proceeded to search for other companies that manufacture sprayers for the agricultural and other industries and were able to locate the three companies listed above. We have selected these three companies because they operate in the same space as Chapin, with the manufacturing of agricultural/industrial sprayers. Details for each competitor have been provided below.

(1) Maruyama

Established in 1895, Maruyama has grown to become one of the "world's leading manufacturers" of sprayers, industrial pumps among other equipment. The company is focused on producing "top-quality products, with unmatched dependability", and supplies its products worldwide to North and South America, Asia and Europe.


Maruyama manufactures and sells several products grouped into two categories, chemical application and landscape equipment. The company's products sold within the chemical application category are;

(a) Skid Sprayers
(b) Compact Sprayers
(c) Misters, Dusters & Spreaders
(d) Piston Pumps
(e) Pump/Engine combos

Products sold within the company's landscape equipment category are;

(a) Big M
(b) Trimmers & Brush Cutters
(c) Multi-Cutter Systems
(d) Edgers
(e) Blowers
(f) Hedge Trimmers

sales channels

Maruyama sells its products through its dealers/dealer stores. Their dealers help guide customers on the best products depending on their test, test the products, provide reliable accessories, and honor product warranties. The company has over 1000 dealers located in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii.

Competitive Advantage

The company prides itself in its innovation and manufacturing experience in the industry, which spans across 100+ years, as well as its ability to produce "rugged, durable, top-quality", products with superior performance. More importantly, the company boasts of offering the "longest and strongest commercial warranty in the industry", as well as a "5-day buyback" opportunity for customers to try out new products, and have the company buy it back from them should they not be satisfied with the product.

(2) Micron Group

Founded in 1954, Micron Group manufactures "specialist spraying equipment" for the agricultural sector. The company which is said to be the pioneer of the "Controlled Droplet Application" (CDA) technology, used in the reduction of liquids, was acquired in 2018 by Goizper Spain, a "leading manufacturer" of knapsack sprayers.


The company manufactures several types of sprayers, including hand-held sprayers, vehicle sprayers, tractor-mounted sprayers, aircraft-mounted sprayers, weed wipers and applicators, used in several sectors of the agriculture and health industry including, agriculture & forestry, horticulture & fruit, viticulture, turf & amenity, migrant pest control, and animal & public health. The company's products are sold globally in South Africa, North Africa, Western Asia, and the Middle East.

sales channels

Micron Group sells its products through distributors/dealers, and requires prospective customers to contact them for details of their distributors/dealers.

Competitive Advantage

The company is focused on providing "cost-effective and efficient sprayers" designed according to ISO 9001:2008 standards, to increase productivity and improve operations for its customers. Other advantages offered by Micron Group includes a team of experienced staff, highly trained distributor networks, and wide reach with its products being sold in more than 100 countries worldwide.


Formed through the amalgamation of several brands over the years beginning from 1986, AG Spray Equipment was officially adopted as the corporate brand name in 2014 and is focused on the production and sale of fluid handling & agricultural application types of equipment. The company has 9 regional locations within the US including Arizona, California, Kentucky, Alabama, Kansas, Washington and Iowa.


AG Spray Equipment produces and sells pull-sprayers, lawn & garden sprayers, ATV/UTV sprayers, liquid fertilizer applicators, pasture sprayers, poultry house sprayers, 3-point sprayers, and nurse trailers & tanks. They also sell product parts and accessories.

sales channels

The company sells its products through its online store accessible via its website, or through its regional locations.

Competitive Advantage

The company offers customers convenient access to its products, by enabling them to easily shop through its online store. They also offer same and next day delivery services using UPS. Also, unlike other companies listed above, AG Spray Equipment provides detailed specifications of its products through its digital catalog.