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CEO Fellows Competitive Landscape

Five competitors to CEO Fellows are: Nav Talent, Amrop, RBC Wealth Management, Hyper Island, and the partnership between universities and industries such as the Unilever-Bahcesehir University Reverse Mentoring Collaboration.

In compiling this competitive analysis, we extensively researched two-way mentoring programs known as "reverse mentoring" programs. As such programs can include new graduates as well as new hires mentoring top executives (and vice-versa), we narrowed the focus to programs that specifically involve the pairing of students with executives. The scope of our research was global.

All information requested regarding the competitors is provided in the attached spreadsheet. A description of CEO Fellows is not included, as all relevant information can be found in the CEO Fellows FAQ Autumn 2018 Program PDF submitted with this request.


Nav Talent connects top talents from universities to established, global companies. Their focus on global businesses gives them a competitive edge. Their program, known as N Fellowship and created in collaboration with Amrop, is a six to ten-week summer program that pairs 15 engineering students from select universities with 15 CEOS of top, global engineering companies. Students are chosen based on their entrepreneurial and technical skills to create a strong cross-mentorship experience.

Revenue information for Nav Talent is not available.

Amrop helps dynamic, global organizations identify and position young talent from Tier 1 universities with the mindset and skills necessary to work across borders. Amrop has 75 offices in 48 countries and is one of the world’s largest "retained executive search partnerships." The company has a revenue of $220.4 million and has partnered with Nav Talent to create the N Fellowship program. The size of the Amrop is its competitive advantage.

While Amrop has several strong competitors (i.e. Heidrick & Struggles, SpencerStuart, and Egon Zehnder), these companies do not offer reverse mentoring programs specifically to students.

RBC Wealth Management operates as a division of RBC Capital Markets, LLC. It has $289 billion in total client assets with approximately 1,800 financial advisers operating in 200 locations in 40 states. RBC is the largest of the competitors and gives students access to company leaders throughout the program as well as the opportunity to present their ideas directly to executives. Lisa Sorenson, head of human resources at RBC Wealth Management-U.S. highlights the advantage of this program when she states, “[W]e’ve turned our program on its head, opening up the lines of communication between our interns and our executives so we can learn from each other.” According to their latest report, two dozen interns participated in the program.

RBC's program complies with all 15 of the National Association of Colleges and Employers' Center for Career Development and Talent Acquisition internship best practices that are recommended to employers. These include providing interns with real work assignments, appointing an intern manager, showcasing intern work through presentations, and encouraging team involvement.

While RBC states that it pairs senior executives with students, it does not specifically mention the pairing of CEOs and therefore may not be as competitive as CEO Fellows and Nav Talent.

Hyper Island has developed a variety of immersive reverse mentorship programs to help companies "grow and stay competitive in an increasingly digitized world." Its Reversed Mentorship Program with Electrolux was launched in 2017 to give students the opportunity to mentor Electrolux executives on the company's own methodology while gaining up-to-date, practical knowledge with Sweden’s biggest corporations. Small in comparison to its competitors, Hyper Island has a revenue of $1.9 million. Its partnership with Electrolux provides a competitive advantage; however, Electrolux participants do not include CEOs.

Large, well-known universities offering reverse mentorship programs have a distinct competitive advantage in that their students are current CEOs of various companies. Bahcesehir University is one example and involves a direct partnership with Unilever via its Unilever-Bahcesehir University Reverse Mentoring Collaboration. The program's figures are impressive:

Participants: 600+ employees and 100+ students
Number of topics: 213
Number of engagements with students: 48
Badges awarded: 167
Returning user percentage: 65%

While the program mentions the pairing of industry leaders, it does not mention CEO participation specifically.


Nav Talent, Amrop, RBC Wealth Management, Hyper Island, and the partnership between universities and industries such as the Unilever-Bahcesehir University Reverse Mentoring Collaboration are active competitors of CEO Fellows. While some programs such as that offered by RBC and Hyper Island lack the advantage of CEO participation, programs offered by top-tier universities benefit from the additional advantage of their students being current CEOs of various companies. All information requested regarding these competitors is provided in the attached spreadsheet.