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CCFS Professional Profile - Eric Lewis

Eric Lewis has worked for The Coca-Cola Company for 17 years and is currently the group marketing director of Coca-Cola Freestyle. He is an extremely accomplished professional having helped to develop and expand the range of a number of products such as Powerade and Glaceau Vitaminwater both in the United States and overseas. His social media accounts are filled with posts about Coca-Cola products and marketing campaigns.

The information in this report came from a number of sources which include Eric Lewis' Linkedin page, Facebook page and Twitter account. There was a vast amount of information concerning Lewis' work history, accomplishments, business philosophies, content created and personal life. However, after an extensive and exhaustive search, it was concluded that there was little information surrounding Lewis' educational background or recent articles concerning him.


There is little information available concerning Eric Lewis' education. However, on his Linkedin page, he does list a connection with Eastern Illinois University. Further investigations in to Eastern Illinois University's alumni list did not provide any more information concerning Lewis' links with this university.

Work History

Lewis began his career in June 1988 when he started working with advertising agency Jones and Thomas as an account director. He held this position for over eight years, until June 1996 when he moved to the Brown Shoe Company to take up a position of a marketing manager. In January 2000, Lewis took up his first position with The Coca-Cola Company as a regional senior brand manager and CCNA Dasani brand manager. In this role he was tasked with developing key brands in the south-east and central United States. After four years in his initial role, Lewis became Coca-Cola North America's global brand director in June 2004. In this position he focused on expanding the market for Dasani bottled water and Powerade. Between June 2007 and August 2013, Lewis became the global brand director for The Coca Cola Company. In this role, he was responsible for developing the marketing and expansion strategy for Glaceau Vitaminwater. Between August 2013 and 2015, Lewis was promoted to become the global brand director (juice) with The Coca-Cola Company. In this position he focused on the juice and smoothie brands owned by The Coca-Cola Company such as Simply and Innocent. Finally, in August 2015, Lewis took on the role of group marketing director of Coca-Cola Freestyle for The Coca-Cola Company, he holds this position to date.

Work accomplishments

Lewis has been working at The Coca-Cola Company for 17 years. He has a number of key work accomplishments. When focusing on Vitaminwater, Lewis managed to expand this brand from one to 23 markets. Lewis also played a key role in helping to market and launch Innocent drinks in Moscow, Russia. In addition to this, Lewis was involved with the development of the market for Powerade outside of the United States. He worked to change the image of Dasani bottled water to enable the product to be sold in premium outlets. Finally, he achieved great success in expanding the market for KMX, a Coca-Cola Company energy drink.

Business philosophies

Lewis has suggested that his business philosophy focuses on developing brands through innovation and linking to new markets and customers. Lewis also appears to focus both his work and business philosophies on being hands on with his teams and colleges and allowing time for fun and down time. He has posted images of himself serving peach flavored Coca-Cola Freestyles to his team with comments such as "practice what you peach". Lewis also appears to be truly committed to The Coca-Cola Company and its philosophies, with a recent social media post of a Coca-Cola based image where he commented saying "We live as many, we stand as one". Furthermore, Lewis has been noted for his business philosophies which surround educated risk taking and connecting with customers on personal levels.

Recent news publications

After an extensive and exhaustive search it was concluded that there were very few recent news publications concerning Lewis. The only article which could be sourced specifically reporting Lewis's involvement with The Coca-Cola Company's brands was one article from 2012. This article quoted Lewis suggesting that whilst Vitaminwater had a strong reach within the United States, it held little reach overseas and an event such as the 2012 Olympics in London could be extremely beneficial to the marketing of this product. Since the publication of this article there has been no other publications which specifically mentioned or quoted Lewis.

Content created

The majority of the content created by Lewis has been through his social media pages. His Facebook page is filled with links and posts concerning Coca-Cola Freestyle, including a number of images of Olympians holding up Coca-Cola Freestyles. He also posts photos of himself at work, interacting with his colleagues and making new drink combinations with Coca-Cola Freestyles. Continuing with the theme of content supporting Coca-Cola, Lewis recently posted a link to an inclusive advertisement which Coca-Cola released with a comment of "Proud of Coca Cola". The majority of Lewis' Twitter posts are focused on Coca-Cola products, specifically those concerning the Coca-Cola Freestyle with comments such as "Have a sip, have a smile".

Personal life

Through investigating Lewis's social media accounts, it appears that he particularly enjoys traveling. On his social media pages he has posted numerous photos of himself and his partner on their trips to Greece and New York. However, Lewis is clearly extremely committed to his job as he still posts a number of Coca -Cola Freestyle links on his social media accounts.

In conclusion, Eric Lewis has been extremely successful in developing a career with The Coca-Cola Company. He has worked for this company for 17 years and has seen success in helping to develop and launch brands such as Innocent juice and smoothies as well as Glaceau Vitaminwater. Lewis has generated a large amount of content through his social media pages, most of which focus on Coca-Cola marketing campaigns and products.

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CCFS Professional Profile - Scott Harrison

Scott Harrison is the current Vice President for Platform Leadership with Coca-Cola. His education includes degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Marketing and he has held progressively more responsible positions with GE and Coca-Cola over the last 19 years. His accomplishments include projects that drove up revenue by significant amounts as well as multiple patents. Very little information outside of educational and work history is publicly available on Scott Harrison.


According to his LinkedIn profile, Scott Harrison earned a BSE in Mechanical Engineering from University of Connecticut in 1999 and an MBA in Marketing from Emory University in 2008. His profile also lists several training courses completed while he was employed by GE, including "Activities and Societies: Advanced Manager Course; Commercial Management Seminar; Sales Essentials [and] Foundations of LeadershipSkills & Endorsements."

Work History

Scott Harrison's LinkedIn profile reveals that he spent much of his career at GE. He began his career at GE in 1999 in the Commercial Leadership Program (1999-2001). He later worked for GE as an Account Manager (2001-2003), National Retail Account Manager (2003-2005), Product Manager (2005-2008) and Senior Product Manager (2008-2011). Scott Harrison finished his career with GE as a member of the Global Marketing Operations team (2011-2013).

In 2011, Mr. Harrison left GE and became a Group Director in the Innovation and Program Leadership Program for Coca-Cola in 2013. In 2016, he became the Vice President for Platform Leadership with Coca-Cola, which is the position he currently holds.


Scott Harrison lists many accomplishments from his career on his LinkedIn profile. For example, during his time on the Global Marketing Operations team with GE, he led the Lean Six Sigma project, whose purpose was to streamline the introduction of new products in order to achieve "$150MM in incremental sales." He reports that his project resulted in increased engagement of the sales force and increased sales tracking. In this same position, his efforts in business-to-business digital marketing efforts were responsible for a 100% increase in social followers in a two-month period. Another accomplishment provided on his profile is his leadership of a cross-functional team that developed a new channel strategy. This team "drove $10MM in incremental revenue growth," redeployed 15 resources to increase customer service, and designed a performance measurement system.

Scott Harrison has also filed for multiple patents. Prior to coming to Coca-Cola, he filed patents for 2 dry-particulate dispensers and 1 drainage grate. Since working for Coca-Cola, he has filed patents for multiple beverage dispensers.

Press Articles and Business Philosophies

A search of press articles, business insights articles, professional profiles, and general news sites revealed no articles or interviews with Scott Harrison. A review of his available professional and social profiles revealed no information on his business philosophies.

Other Available information and Interests

Very little public information outside of educational and professional information is available on Scott Harrison. We were able to find one source showing that he is 40 years old and lives in Atlanta, GA. The same source stated that he has previously lived in Mason, OH, Hartford, CT, and Seattle, WA. A search of social media revealed a Twitter profile as well as a Pinterest profile. Scott Harrison's Twitter profile reveals that he is a fan of the University of Connecticut men's basketball team, however, no other personal information is shared publicly. Unfortunately, Scott Harrison's Pinterest profile has 0 pins, which did not provide any information on Scott Harrison's interests.


To wrap it up, Scott Harrison earned degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Marketing before progressing through increasingly more responsible positions in the marketing field at GE and Coca-Cola. He does not share much personal information online, but we were able to identify that he is 40 years old, lives in Atlanta and is a fan of the University of Connecticut men's basketball team.
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CCFS Professional Profile - Scott Cuppari

Scott Cuppari is 46 years old and lives in Peachtree City, Georgia. With over 15 years of marketing and media experience, he is considered an expert in digital marketing. He also has an avid interest in soccer and has volunteered as a soccer coach.


Scott Cuppari (full name: Scott Anthony Cuppari) was born on December 9, 1971 and is 46 years old. He is Caucasian, Christian, married, and affiliated with the Republican Party.


Cuppari received a Bachelor's in Marketing and Advertising and a Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications (MSIMC) from West Virginia University, graduating with a 3.9 GPA. During his studies, Cuppari took classes such in brand management, creative development, digital media, direct marketing, and public relations.


Cuppari is currently the director of digital marketing and enabling technologies at the Coca-Cola Company. He has held this position since July 2017 and defines the role as a "[d]igital disruptor at [the] intersection of brand marketing, tech innovation, mobile-first economies, [and] connections planning." Prior to this position, Cuppari was the global director of marketing for Coca-Cola Freestyle at Coca-Cola's headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. As such, he "advise[d] global markets and Coke customers on how to use social media and digital platforms to build relationships and deliver consumer value via technology." Before joining the Coca-Cola Freestyle team as senior marketing manager in 2011, Cuppari was Coca-Cola's senior media and interactive portfolio investment manager from 2007 to 2011 and its regional media director from 2006 to 2007.

Prior to working for the Coca-Cola Company, Cuppari worked "in media and interactive" for large-scale brands and companies in the sports and entertainment industry such as EarthLink and Carat Media, where he developed messaging strategy in both traditional and digital media and managed field planning.


A specialist in "all things digital, social, mobile, web, and gaming," Cuppari appeared as expert adviser for the May 2018 publication of Chicago's Multichannel Response Marketing Community. He is also a regular speaker at the INTEGRATE West Virginia conference presented by the W. Page Pitt School of Journalism and Mass Communications and West Virginia University’s Reed College of Media. The conference is hosted over two days and presents topics related to students and professionals in the field of marketing communications. At the 2017 conference, Cuppari discussed the concept of loyalty and how it has been "redefined in the mobile age."

Cuppari received his scrum master certification in 2013 and holds 6 United States patents:

1. Systems and Methods for Providing a Combined Product for Dispensing from a Product Dispenser (2016, no. 9,245,402)
2. Systems and Methods for Providing a Combined Product for Dispensing from a Product Dispenser (2016, no. 20160098883)
3. Distributed Promotion Management (2016, no. 20160092931)
4. Product Categorization User Interface for a Dispensing Device (2015, no. 20150082243)
5. Dynamically Adjusting Ratios of Beverages in a Mixed Beverage (2015, no. 20150046877)
6. Product Categorization User Interface for a Dispensing Device (2014, no. 20150082243)


Cuppari is considered a leading expert in digital marketing and has been interviewed for his expertise regarding developments in the digital marketing landscape and how such developments have affected the hiring needs of talent organizations. According to Cuppari, “[y]ou want to...find a candidate who has the right balance of digital marketing speak and a strong foundation on the more technical or IT side...Not saying [candidates] have to be an IT practitioner or business analyst by day, but somebody who really sits in the middle of that, inspires and motivates the team, and has a really good vision and strategy for where the digital landscape’s going.”

Cuppari stresses the importance of digital marketers' understanding of business needs and goals, not simply their technical know-how. He specifically analyzes candidates for this quality when hiring, as, according to Cuppari, "[i]t really speaks to how they work in that complex organization–finding someone who can understand the business need and the business opportunity or goal, and translate that into technical requirements that other people can immediately take action on.

Strategic thinking "rooted in the consumer" is also important to Cuppari, especially regarding senior-level management. He considers a successful digital marketer to be "[s]omebody that has the vision and strategy to do amazing and first time things, and who stays grounded in...the operations side [of] what the business really needs to accomplish.

Furthermore, Cuppari believes that one of the most important developments in digital marketing is "a better understanding of the customer, and synthesizing all of the data organizations receive to make it easily accessible and digestible." Understanding "how companies can effectively instill or drill into the insights amidst all of the available data" is, he believes, a key quality of a successful digital marketer.


Cuppari has an avid interest in soccer. He volunteered as head soccer coach for the Smyrna Soccer Club for nearly 5 years and currently volunteers as assistant coach for the Lazers Soccer Club.


Cuppari has a trail of 4,882 tweets and 4,221 followers on Twitter.
He mostly tweets and follows user content related to chief marketing officers, marketing, and consumer behavior.


Scott Cuppari is considered an expert in digital marketing and is active in the field in a variety of capacities, from directing Coca-Cola's digital marketing activities to speaking at conferences to publishing content on Twitter. He readily shares his philosophies and expertise in interviews and trade publications and, when not in the office, enjoys coaching soccer.
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CCFS Professional Profile - Neil Garner

Please note that we searched extensively for information on Mr. Neil Garner. We began our search on Twitter and LinkedIn, and then we combed the public domain for any and all additional information. Even then, we were only able to find a few nuggets of information on Mr. Garner. After very carefully looking through every reputable search engine and article with Mr. Garner's name mentioned, we were unable to find any press (recent or otherwise), such as interviews or news coverage, and we also were unable to find any statements he has made on his business philosophies. Also noteworthy, his education is not officially listed anywhere. However, he does follow Southern Polytechnic State University on LinkedIn, so it seems possible that this is where he studied.


As noted above, this information is not directly available, though he does follow Southern Polytechnic State University on LinkedIn. Additionally, we found Mr. Garner listed on, a website on Bing. Here, in the education section, it specifically states, "no information available."


All the positions listed below have been with The Coca-Cola Company:

— Currently, Garner is the Group Director of Freestyle IT.
— He is also currently the Director of Cloud Solutions and DevOps — CCNA.
— From 2014-2017, he was Director of Emerging Technology/ Business Transformation.
— From 2012-2014, he was the Director of Mobile Technology for the Bottling Investment Group at Coca-Cola.
— Prior to 2012, Mr. Garner had other positions with Coca-Cola, Entertainment Design Group and Six Flags.


Garner spoke at M6 Mobility xChange Summit — Enterprise Mobility Conference (Mobile / Wireless) in 2016. Read here for a general review on the event, though Garner is not specifically mentioned by name in this article. There is no transcript or exact description as to the content of his speech.

Listed below are some highlights from Garner's LinkedIn Profile:


As mentioned above, we looked extensively and could not find any recent press for Neil Garner. The closest thing that might be construed as "press," could be the job posting he put on LinkedIn on 20 October 2017. The job was for two senior positions in Freestyle IT.


As discussed above, none of such statements appear to have been published by Garner. We looked extensively through all reputable sources available, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Crunchbase, and DiscoverOrg.


Neil Garner has been volunteering at what appears to be his church, McEachern United Methodist Church, for the past four years as an IT Committee Chair.

The following information was learned from his Twitter account:
— He has an interest in flying, the FAA, and aviation. (5 Feb 2017)
— He has an interest in self driving cars. (5 Jan 2017)
— He is concerned about mass shootings. (12 June 2016)
— He is interested in virtual currency. (31 May 2016)
— There are many posts on technology with focus on mobile tech.
— He is friends with Brian Katz. There are several tweets and photos of him.


After a careful online investigation, it would appear that Neil Garner keeps a relatively low profile. As we discussed throughout, in the many places we looked online, his education wasn't officially made clear, nor were there any press or business philosophy statements.
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CCFS Professional Profile - Tom Murphy

After searching extensively through press releases, interview transcripts, industry-specific news portals and websites, professional profiles, business insights articles, and company reports to pull together an in-depth profile about Tom Murphy's education, work experience, accomplishments, business philosophy, and interests outside work, I've determined that his online presence is limited to the information published on his LinkedIn profile.

However, I was able to pull together some insights about the accomplishments and credentials listed in his LinkedIn profile: he is strongly prepared to act as a leader and has extensive experience in the role, he is very knowledgeable on how to develop and organize processes in order to achieve corporate goals, and he knows how to deal with difficult people and find consensus among work groups.


I first scoured through business interview transcripts, professional profiles, company reports, news websites, and business-related articles, trying to find more data about Tom Murphy's past professional experience, work accomplishments, educational background, business philosophy and personal information. My research revealed no existing profiles, news articles, interviews, or reports, which led me to the conclusion that the information on his LinkedIn profile is the extent of the details available about Tom Murphy's professional background.

Although I was not able to obtain a rounded, in-depth profile because of this reason, I pulled together key insights about the educational background and certifications listed on his LinkedIn profile, which might be helpful for your specific goal.


Murphy holds a Bachelor's degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and a Master's degree in Business Administration from Georgia State University.

Additionally, under the "courses" area of his profile, we can see that he is a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), a title he obtained from the Scrum Alliance. "Scrum" is, according to the Scrum Alliance's website, an "agile framework for completing complex projects" that was originally created for software development but works well when applied to any kind of complex, innovative work.

Scrum Alliance's website notes that "a Certified ScrumMaster® helps project teams properly use Scrum, elevating the likelihood of the project's overall success. CSMs clearly understand Scrum values, practices, and applications and provide a level of knowledge and expertise above and beyond the one of typical project managers. CSMs act as "servant leaders," helping the rest of the Scrum team work together and learn the Scrum framework. CSMs also protect the team from both internal and external distractions".

The other certification specified on Murphy's LinkedIn profile is an ITIL v3 Certification, which is one of the top and most in-demand IT certifications available due to the best practices and the methodology that it involves. ITL Certifications are, as per Open Campus' website (a resource library on professional certifications), focused on "helping organizations identify where change and improvements are needed in order to reduce costs and boost productivity".

Finally, it is noted that Murphy attended Harvard University's Program on Negotiation for Senior Executives which, according to China Education Group's website, focuses on "how to prepare for and conduct negotiations that result in better outcomes, enhancing leadership skills and learning to reach consensus among work peers, dealing with difficult people and tactics, and applying these skills to achieve the success of organizations".


According to the only source of work experience information publicly available for Tom Murphy (his LinkedIn profile), prior to joining The Coca-Cola Company, he acted as Director of Technology, IT, Data & Video Service Assurance at Cox Communications. He held on to this position for 3 years, from 2014 to 2017.

Before joining Cox, he was Sr. Manager of Advanced Services at Cisco Systems for 5 years from 2009 to 2014. Prior to that, he acted as Director Engineering Services & Support at Scientific Atlanta (now part of Cisco Systems) for 6 years, from 2003 to 2009. Finally, it is noted that he was a Regional Director at the Network Operations & Systems area for BellSouth for 3 years, from 1999 to 2002.


There is no mention of Murphy's work accomplishments and business philosophy on his LinkedIn profile, which is the only locatable source of his professional background available to the public.


Finally, no social media profiles or interviews were found about Tom Murphy, which could have revealed some insight into his personal interests and tastes.


Thorough research of business insight articles, press releases, news websites, interview transcripts, professional profiles, and company reports revealed no further information about Tom Murphy, other than what is noted on his LinkedIn profile. However, it is clear from his education background and past work experience that he is a strong leader with an engineering background who knows how to build a team, deal with challenges in the work place, and organize processes that result in company success.

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CCFS Professional Profile - Sarah Sachs

In her current role as Director at Coca-Cola Freestyle Marketing, Sarah Sachs helped to “transform the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine from a fountain dispenser into a marketing asset.” She is on the Brand Innovators’ advisory board and had spoken at Brand Innovators Austin 2017. Below, I will provide a professional profile of Sarah Sacs, including her education, work history, accomplishments, interests, and events that she had attended.


An extensive press search on Sarah Sachs has revealed that there is limited information on her online. It could be assumed that she is not considered a “high profile” executive at Coca-Cola. Except for her Brand Innovators' advisory board profile and Brand Innovators Austin 2017 speaker profile, there are no recent or any press articles on her that are published online. Additionally, she has not provided any interviews that are published online and also has not published any content or articles online. Thus, statements on her business philosophies and ideas on thought leadership could not be provided as the two published profiles did not contain these information.
Please note that due to limited sources available online, her LinkedIn profile would provide the majority of the information for this research. Most of the content on the two profiles on Brand Innovators contain similar information provided on LinkedIn. Sachs’ Twitter account provides her interests outside of work. Please note that role listed on her Twitter profile has not been updated, but an examination of her tweets and photos has proven that she is the correct person for this research. Sources older than two years were also used to provide events that she had attended.


Sachs graduated from Brown University with a BA, Psychology in 1998. She received an MBA, Marketing from Emory University in 2005.
Sachs joined Young & Rubicam as an Assistant Media Planner in 1998. Some of her projects included creating and implanting media plans for Star Alliance and International United Airlines. She was later promoted to Media Planner. One of her projects included managing and allocating “$90 million media budget for KFC across television, print, and radio.” She left the company in 2000.
Sachs joined Prophet as an Associate in 2000. Prophet is a global brand strategy consulting firm. As an Associate, she helped clients in various industries to develop brand strategies. She left the company in 2003.
Sachs joined the Coca-Cola Company as an Associate Brand Manager in 2005. Her accomplishments as Associate Brand Manager included leading the marketing of Diet Coke 25th Anniversary and Caffeine Free Diet Coke and developing Coca-Cola trademark innovation. She was also part of the team that launched Coke BlaK and Diet Coke Plus. She left the company in May 2008.
Sachs joined oneCARE as a Brand Manager in 2008. oneCARE manufactures and distributes products that are designed to simplify the lives of their consumers. Her responsibilities and accomplishments are not available. She left the company in 2009.
Sachs re-joined the Coca-Cola Company as a Brand Manager, Venturing, and Emerging Brands in April 2009. She was promoted to Senior Brand Manager in September 2011. Her responsibilities at the Venturing and Emerging Brands department included managing marketing strategies and executing brand development.
Sachs joined the Freestyle Marketing department at the Coca-Cola Company as Senior Manager, Strategic Planning in May 2012. She was promoted to Director in April 2014. In her current role, she led the efforts to “transform the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine from a fountain dispenser into a marketing asset.” She has been described as “a brand marketer who seeks out the challenge of a mess and a blank sheet of paper.”


According to Sachs’ Twitter profile, she loves “travel, animals, ballroom dancing, and mahjong.” It could be assumed that she is a cat lover as she has used a cat as her profile photo. According to a Foodservice Industry - Annual Leadership Development Conference attendees list posted online, she attended the event in 2014. She had tweeted that she attended CZ Connect in 2015. Sachs was one of the speakers at Brand Innovators Austin 2017, where she held a “fireside chat” with Jason Brenner, RVP, Sales at Verve, conducting the Q&A session.


In conclusion, Sarah Sachs currently serves as a Director at Coca-Cola Freestyle Marketing. She is on the advisory board at Brand Innovators and was one of the speakers at Brand Innovators Austin 2017.