Casual Battle Royale Games

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Casual Battle Royale Games


  • In the attached spreadsheet, 21 casual battle-royale type games have been identified which bear similarities to Tetris 99.
  • These include: Trivia Crack Kingdoms, Nugget Royale, and Word Battle.
  • Nugget Royale is a multiplayer battle royale game with chickens in a factory farm. Eighty “chicken players compete to be the last standing on an unstable disk above a gruesome grinder”.
  • “Word Battle is a truly unique multiplayer word game where you face 1-4 opponents in a live game to spell out the 3 best words”.


  • The battle-royale concept “went from obscure mod to mainstream game phenomenon in less than two years. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ massive popularity made the genre major news through 2017 as it sold more than 50 million copies combined on Xbox and PC as of June 2018. The free-to-play PUBG Mobile has put up even more impressive numbers, bringing the total player count for the various platformers to more than 400 million”.
  • Fortnite furthered this trend by setting a record for the “number of concurrent players in February (breaking a record set by PUBG), and broke the concurrent viewership record on Twitch in March”.
  • Simon Darveau, creative director of the battle royale game The Darwin Project, indicates that the “success stories of Fortnite and PUBG are going to draw many, many more imitators. ” The appeal to developers is from the aspect of not having to take big leaps in order to “create or adapt an existing project into something you might think of as a battle royale game. The signature last-player-standing rule set is an easy thing to add to any game.” This idea means that nearly any game, including puzzle-based, which can be played with multiple players could be adapted to a battle-royale format.
  • Of note is the fact that no casual games, for example Tetris 99, are mentioned in Digital Trends’ “The History of Battle Royale”.


  • “Originally, the entire point of Tetris 99 was to promote Nintendo’s paid online service for the Nintendo Switch. It was technically free but required the subscription. And the 99-player battle royale only works with a large online player base. But then the game became so popular in its own right Nintendo started treating it like a full-fledged game to support instead of just a perk, holding tournaments and adding new modes.”
  • Traditionally, most battle-royale games have been ‘tense slow builds of gathering weapons, searching for the enemy, avoiding the walls literally closing in on you, and culling the weak before the inevitable final confrontation. "This traditional aspect could be harder to apply to a puzzle-based genre of games.
  • In contrast to the above potential pitfall, the broad appeal of a game like Tetris 99 is, in one user’s opinion, “keeps what I find intriguing about the battle royale formula while jettisoning the junk. There are macro strategies to consider, like choosing who to send garbage to such as players in the lead or players already on the verge of death. The idea that you don’t need to win but just outlast everyone also elegantly adds to the sublime stress already intrinsic to Tetris”.
  • Trivia Crack Kingdoms is a version of a small-scale casual battle royale game. Players can “pick a channel topic such as sports, world history, food and drink, movies, or television shows and play to earn crowns before other opponents do”.


To develop a list of more targeted casual battle royale games, it was discovered that a clearinghouse of such games does not exist in the public domain. A thorough analysis was made of iO Games, Voodoo,, indieDB, IO Interactive, and Sokop to determine a comprehensive list of all battle royale type games, including Fortnite and fighting games. These approximately 26,000+ games have been entered into a spreadsheet for reference. As there was no clear cut way to further easily disseminate form these which would fit the required casual non-Fortnite, non-fighting, more word and puzzle type criteria, a different strategy was employed.

Review was made of industry publications from sources like and Digital Trends. These publications provided insights into the battle royale landscape and provided some paths to identify games like Trivia Crack Kingdoms. This strategy did not provide a path to the requested number of games and thus a final strategy was employed.

Data collected from the manual search of Mochi bit, Steam, Facebook, Pogo, Cardzmania, Small farm, 10 games, Google apps, Apple apps, Sega, Crazy games,
Royal games, Mini clip, Microsoft store, and Boardgame geek allowed the completion of the list of games provided.