Casper Sleep Company

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Casper Sleep Company - Press Coverage Themes

One key theme in recent press coverage of Casper Sleep was the company's move from online space to brick and mortar stores. Another related key theme in many press articles on Casper Sleep was the company's plans to hire IPO underwriters.

Brick and Mortar plans

  • Casper Sleep is moving into brick and mortar space by opening 200 retail stores before 2021.
  • A news article by Twin Cities Business magazine reported the company's plan to open 200 retail stores within three years from 2018. The article said that the move will help the company curb competition from copycats.
  • Forbes also reported the company's brick and mortar plans by contrasting them with Mattress Firm's recent turn to bankruptcy. The article stated that physical locations are "the Achilles heel of e-commerce."
  • CNBC also covered the news of Casper Sleep's brick and mortar plans. According to the article, the company had been testing temporary retail shops at various locations across the U.S.; and by opening its stores, the company can reach out to customers directly.
  • The Wall Street Journal also covered the theme in an article, by doing an in-depth analysis of the move by looking at the e-commerce market space. The journal reported that the retail stores will open in the existing 18 locations where the company had its temporary retail stores.

Seeking IPO underwriters

  • Casper is seeking to have an initial public offering (IPO) and is reported to be seeking IPO underwriters to hire.


An in-depth press scan of Casper Sleep company of last 14 months was performed so multiple key themes could be identified. Key themes were identified based on multiple reports, articles, news snippets, and opinion posts on the topics related to the company. We made sure that the sources used were both credible and major. The key themes here are defined as major changes in the company market space or the company's approach to its market space. Both themes identified here are a major step for the company. In identifying key themes, only those with the most mentions in trustworthy business and financial news sources, like Forbes and CNBC, are annotated.