Case Study of 3rd party IIoT Platforms

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Case Studies of 3rd party IIoT Platforms (Redo)

There are 26 case studies from IoT One that detail the application of ThingWorx. The first three with the inclusion of predictive maintenance practices are: Sysmex, Joy Global and ABC Manufacturing. There are only four case studies for the use of GE Predix, of which one is the Predix system itself, one case study is not legible, one case study does not refer to the implementation of predictive maintenance practices and the fourth case study, of Pitney Bowes, is included. All four case studies are included in the attached spreadsheet. The lists of case studies are only available through an active account. The actual case studies have been converted from local PDF's and are included as Google docs.


The Sysmex Corporation manufacturers blood and urine analysis medical equipment in twenty-nine countries around the world. The ThingWorx platform has enabled Sysmex to receive faster decision response time from its instruments and seamlessly integrate the data the platform collects to better serve its customers.

Joy Global

Joy Global is a US based company specializing in the manufacturing and maintenance of underground/surface mining heavy machinery. The use of Thingworx stabilized Joy Global's data collection process and allowed for failure anticipation (predictive maintenance), downtime reduction, and reduced total cost of ownership.

ABC Manufacturing

ABC Manufacturing produces expensive components found in automobiles, satellites and weather equipment. The company used the ThingWorx platform to predicatively detect patterns and anomalies avoiding excessive and costly machine downtime.

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes produces mail sorting systems worldwide and is predominately responsible for the equipment used by the USPS to sort the US mail. The company integrated the GE Predix system to remotely predict and diagnose system and technical issues globally.


Four case studies are detailed in depth in the attached spreadsheet. Included are three case studies detailing the ThingWorx platform and one case study discussing the GE Predix system. The case studies were only chosen from the provided website.