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Case Studies: Contextually Relevant Creative for Events

Coca-cola, Nissan and Under Armour all ran successful integrated marketing campaigns at the latest Olympics event in Rio 2016. Also, Garnier ran a successful integrated marketing campaign over the course of 5 national music events in 2016.

Below you will find a deep dive of my findings.

NISSAN - #QuemSeAtreve

Nissan was a major sponsor of both the Olympics and Paralympics in Rio 2016. The company ran an integrated marketing campaign with specific Nissan Olympic hashtags including the top-performing #QuemSeAtreve or #WhoDares. It also ran an integrated ad entitled Bolt vs Flame. Other marketing elements unfolded during the 2-week long Olympics included a hotel rebranding, parties, conferences, sponsoring 4,200 vehicles for the Olympics, and hosting Olympic Live sites.

PR Week reported that Nissan received over 2,000 registrations and down payments for its then-newly launched vehicle Nissan Kicks. The company's campaign was number one in terms of impressions for the automotive category in the 2016 Olympics, with Nissan Olympic hashtags garnering 2.4 billion impressions. There were also almost 9 million views of its Bolt vs Flame campaign. The #QuemSeAtreve hashtag was the top third brand hashtag for the Games. Finally, Nissan's Olympic campaign initiatives received 15 billion media impressions and led to 4,000 articles worldwide.

COCA-COLA - #ThatsGold

Coca-cola is one of the longest-running sponsors of the Olympics. The brand ran the #ThatsGold campaign at the Rio 2016 Olympics. #ThatsGold started by engaging Olympic athletes and influencers on social media, as well as inviting followers to interact over Twitter and Instagram. Then, the campaign covered the 95-day torch tour relay as it blazed through 200 cities in Brazil. Coca-cola provided Facebook Canvas ads and videos as well Instagram access to "insider" moments with athletes. Finally, the campaign culminated with the "Parada Coca-cola", an experiential space that offered photo activations, custom merchandise and 9 teen concerts broadcast on Facebook live.

According to G/S Design, #ThatsGold campaign gathered 147,000 followers on its mascot's social media accounts. It's pre-Olympic ad also scored 4.6 million views, 26,000 reactions and over 1,000 shares. A Canvas ad also received 76,000 reactions, more than 500 comments and over 400 shares. Finally, sponsored videos with partner athletes and performers received over a million views and thousands of reactions on social media.

Under Armour - #RuleYourself

Under Armour ran the integrated marketing campaign #RuleYourself in Rio 2016 featuring innovative sports apparel, wearable technology products, athlete uniforms and Michael Phelps. Around 250 athletes sported Under Armour logos in their training and competition during the Games. The company also highlighted new technologies as well as the first 3d printed sneaker. Under Armour also ran the award-winning ad showing Michael Phelps preparing for his last Olympic competition. According to Quartz, the ad has received over 10 million views in YouTube. It was the second most shared ad in the 2016 Olympic Games as well as the 5th most shared Olympic spot of all time.


Beauty products brand Garnier ran the 2016 #GarnierMusic integrated marketing campaign at 5 national music festivals, namely Coachella, iHeartRadio, Firefly, Big Barrel and Bonnaroo. AMP Agency headed the campaign which featured a multi-sensory experience through a pop-up salon. AMP included photo activations and social integration on the salon site. Other elements included on-site showers with product samples, festival survival kits, self-style salons and VIP artist access. The experience was complete with paid media partnerships, influencer engagement, retail integration with Walgreens, and a recycling partnership with TerraCycle.

AMP reported that the integrated marketing campaign resulted in a 41% lift in sales of Garnier products, 121 million impressions and 205,000 distributed samples. Customer feedback also showed 83% intent to purchase and a 96% rating for favorable experience, making the #GarnierMusic campaign one of the most successful brand activations for Garnier.


To wrap it up, the brands Coca-Cola, Nissan and Under Armour ran successful integrated marketing campaigns at the Rio Olympics 2016. Also, Garnier ran a successful integrated marketing campaign over the course of 5 national US music events in 2016.