CRMs for Financial Services- Case Studies

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CRMs for Financial Services- Case Studies

Moneyfarm, CALCAP and the Military Credit Fund are some examples of companies that successfully implemented CRM solutions to their business operations.


  • Founded in 2011 by Paolo Galvani, Moneyfarm is a digital wealth management company in Europe that aims to “revolutionize the wealth management industry by offering simple, innovative, and transparent solutions to everyone”.
  • It was voted UK’s Best Online Direct to Consumer Investment Platform in 2018.
  • The company was looking for a way to acquire new customers and communicate with current customers in a personalized manner.
  • Understanding how best to market across different personas and investment was crucial for both sales and marketing.
  • Moneyfarm needed to create a more efficient way to handle customers, while maintaining the trust it had built with its clients, making sure customers were not impacted through the automation process.
  • The company implemented Oracle Eloqua, used to develop an individual persona for every client, which could then be paired with the correct market segment, ensuring customers received personalized communications.
  • Moneyfarm also implemented Oracle DMP, to help identify site visitors with precision, which enabled the team to identify the needs of a customer or prospect for more personalized communication.
  • The strategy gave the Moneyfarm marketers a clearer view of the campaign process, ensuring that clients receive the right content at the right time.
  • Said strategy increased the amount customers invested, since they were receiving personalized and timely emails with promotions relevant to their investment amounts, leading to 30% of customers increasing their assets, compared to 10% for previous campaigns.
  • Open and click-through rate of emails improved by 20%, improving the conversion of prospects into customers, with a reduced cost per acquisition of 15%.
  • The solution also helped integrate the sales and marketing teams.
  • Before the implementation, the company manually tracked leads and did not have a tracking and score system, now Moneyfarm has a more complete view of the client, as Stefano Giudici, the digital marketing manager, stated. “
  • This 360 degree view of the customer has allowed us to improve our quality of message and coverage, ensuring our marketing and sales teams are communicating on a personal level.”


  • Founded in 2008, California-based CALCAP is a mortgage company, offering a variety of financing options for property investors.
  • The company has raised over $235 million in investor equity and, as of 2018, managed over $180 million in assets.
  • The company initially did not use any CRM system, relying on Excel for its investment record keeping and documentation, stored most of its data in Dropbox, and communicated with clients via email.
  • Quarterly reports were manually generated and compiled into PDF that were either emailed or mailed to more than 200 investors.
  • As it grew, the company realized that it needed a more professional image, providing secure communication and transparency.
  • CALCAP wanted an industry-specific, middle-priced, solution to store investor information, maintain investment data, track its investor interactions, and share downloadable reports with its investors via an online portal.
  • The company was also looking for a low development and support burden, in the form of a cloud solution that could be deployed and managed with limited internal support.
  • The company chose Satuit CRM and CALCAP’s COO worked with the Satuit team to identify ways to improve and tune the application to the company’s specific needs.
  • CALCAP completely automated its investor reporting and created a secure online portal where investors can log and download dynamic reports.
  • Moving to a single platform to consolidate account and investor information has enabled CALCAP to streamline and automate its financial reporting processes while providing secure access to clients via a secure portal.
  • Freeing staff’s time from the manual process increased efficiency, they can now focus on client development and business efforts.
  • The secure and professional portal allows CALCAP to compete more effectively against other firms, 60% of the company’s clients use the portal to check investments and to communicate with the team.
  • The company was able to avoid adding extra staff to handle investors as it grew, improve the consistency and efficiency of the client’s communications and increased partner productivity by 2.5%.
  • The average annual benefit is estimated to be $107,853.
  • The Return on Investment (ROI) was estimated at 364%, with a 4 months payback.


  • Headquartered in Amman, Jordan, the Military Credit Fund provides financial security for Jordanian public servants affiliated with the Jordanian Armed Forces and security entities.
  • As a nonprofit, the company needed to reduce operational costs while delivering core banking, ATM data and customer records to multiple branch locations.
  • It also needed to migrate data, to work with stand-alone servers with minimal business disruption and reduce capital and operational expenditures, in order to be successful as a nonprofit.
  • To improve their operating system, database performance, and server stability and security while expanding operations was also vital, ensuring perfect credit-fund services for its customer base of over 200,000 people.
  • The project led by Oracle's partner STS and conducted with assistance from Oracle consulting implemented Oracle’s SPARC T4-1 extreme performance server, Oracle Solaris and migrated Oracle Database to the new platform, in a process that lasted 5 months.
  • Reduced capital and operational expenditures by minimizing the number of servers incurring direct licensing costs—replacing dated, stand-alone generic servers with just two SPARC T4-1, extreme performance servers.
  • Improved customer experience by cutting financial query responses by 50%.
  • Achieved a 40% to 50% increase in transaction and data performance for financial processes related to customer service, cash flow, lending, and ATM transactions.