Case Studies - Ad Campaigns targeted to Adults and Children

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Case Studies: Ad Campaigns Targeting Both Adults And Children

Oreo has launched several ad campaigns that are targeted towards both children and adults. These ads are designed to capture the attention of both demographics. The campaigns highlighted in this report are; Oreo 'Stay Playful' campaign and the Oreo 'Dunk Challenge" campaign. These campaigns are characteristically playful, fun and interesting.


The Oreo 'Stay Playful' campaign is a global Oreo campaign that was launched in early February 2019. The ad campaign stars music artist Wiz Khalifa and his 5-year-old son, Sebastian. The star also provides the music that accompanies the music that accompanies the ad. The ad is a 30-second campaign that aired on TV, social and digital platforms.

It focuses on a father who is too busy to give his son attention. His son then begins to imitate his actions and this captures the attention of his father and he then decides to prioritize playing with his son instead of working. The ad campaign is attractive to the adult population, especially millennial parents who are more likely to be mindful according to research studies. They are able to relate to the need for parents to pay close attention to their children and spare ample time to connect and bond with them. It has been noted that these parents keen on finding ways to balance family life, responsibilities and fun.

The ad is also attractive to non-millennial adults as it promotes family values that are important to many people. The ad highlights the importance of parents having family time and learning to play and have fun with their children. The ad also focuses on fatherhood through a modern lens, with fathers taking a more active role in parenting. This shuns traditional gender stereotypes and is popular with younger parents.

It also encourages parents to hold on to their playfulness and their childlike character. With lyrics like "They say we're too grown for fun, we say playful is never done". This then initiates play between Wiz Khalifa and his son, with both of them actively engaging in play and fun as they eat Oreos.

This ad is also centered towards children due to its playful nature. The ad shows Sebastian engaging in several games with his father. The ad is fun and colorful and has been termed as lighthearted. Several father and son games are played in the ad and this will appeal to the younger audience who are attracted to games. The ad also shows a bonding session between a father and a son and children who are typically more sentimental than adults will be drawn to this relationship. Some children may also be able to relate to scenes where a parent is too preoccupied with other responsibilities to play with them. Seeing the parent neglect these responsibilities to play with the child is demonstrating positive family values to children.

The ad then ends with the lyrics, "I got a secret the world should know, let's stay playful Oreo".


This Oreo ad also capitalizes on celebrities namely, Shaquille O'Neal, Christina Aguilera, and Neymar da Silva Santos Jr. The ad was launched in February 2017 and typical of Oreo, famous faces that would attract adults to the ad were used. The ad was rolled out in the US and later released globally.

The celebrities engaged in fun and exciting trick during the ad. Shaquille O'Neal in his 15 second ad flew down a silk rope in a colorful jumpsuit, Christina Aguilera rode a bike on a tightrope, while soccer star Neymar Jr. dove onto a trampoline. These circus gimmicks are known to capture the attention of both adults and children.

According to Oreo's Global Brand Director, the aim of this ad is to encourage Oreo customers to see the world in a childlike manner. By encouraging them to dunk, it will release childhood memories within them and they will embrace their playful side and their wonder and fascination for the world.

The playfulness of the ads are a big hit with children and are also used to bring out playfulness and fun among adults that Oreo promotes. The ad was also aimed at encouraging Oreo fans to come up with new ways to dunk online and both at home, therefore, bringing back the dunking tradition among younger generations.

In their campaign, Oreo showed its presence on TV, digitally and socially. They had a Snapchat filter dedicated to the campaign, they also used playful milk bottles that would influence young children to dunk and they also had partnerships with TV shows such as "Live! With Kelly" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live!".

The ad itself was fun, humorous and playful and was set to attract attention from both the young and the old.


  • "OREO sees the world with childlike wonder and our iconic dunking ritual is the purest articulation of that vision,” said Justin Parnell, Global Brand Director, OREO. “When you dunk an OREO cookie in milk, you’re releasing a bit of childlike wonder from within, and it’s those types of moments that our brand was built on. We’re thrilled to inspire fans to dunk OREO cookies on a global scale and inspire more moments of play and wonder around the world.”"