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Pharmaceutical Data/Insights Companies - Organizational Structure: Part One

We have identified the company structure for the listed pharmaceutical data/insight companies. McKesson and Amerisource are both structured around its business units that serve its clients and each has divided the structure into two groups. Symphony is structured around a combination of service and customers. Each company has anywhere from 3-6 consulting titles that it uses.


McKesson has a hierarchical structure and an executive team consisting of 6 people. These include:
1) CEO
2) Executive VP and Chief Financial Officer
3) Executive VP of Human Resources
4) Executive VP, Chief Information Officer Chief Technical Officer
5) Executive of Corporate Strategy and Business Development
6) Executive VP, General Counsel, and Corporate Compliance

Additionally, McKesson has 6 directors that report to the CEO as well as positions that report to each of the VP's, such as Technology and Services, Learning, Control, and Investor Relations. Specific duties and detailed information on the positions was not publicly available but are available for purchase on The Official Board.

According to the McKesson corporate filings, it structures itself around two business segments. These are distribution solutions and technology solutions.

The distribution solutions segment distributes pharmaceuticals and other healthcare related products that are both branded and generic. It also provides practice management, clinical support, technology, and business solutions. Additionally, it offers specialty services such as multi-channel distribution and clinical trial chains globally and pharmaceutical networks in the U.S. and Europe.

The technology solutions segment provides healthcare organizations with clinical, supply chain management, and financial solutions. It also has an equity investment in Change Healthcare, LLC.

McKesson has the following consultant titles.
1) Implementations Consultant
2) Solutions Consultant
3) Business Process Consultant
4) Managing Pharmacy Consultant
5) Clinical Lab Technical Consultant


Symphony has a typical consulting firm structure with a focus on a combination of service and customers. Several of its leadership team focus on niche areas of the business with services based on client requirements. The executive group of Symphony consists of the following:

1) CEO
2) Chief Financial Office
3) Chief Information & Analytics Officer
4) Chief Client Engagement Officer
5) Executive VP Corporate Development
6) Senior VP General Counsel and Secretary
7) Senior VP Health Data Alliances
8) Chief People Officer
9) Senior VP and General Manager
10) Senior VP and Practice Lead Health Data Services
11) VP Patient Analytics Center of Excellence
12) VP and Practice Lead Managed Markets
13) Senior VP Strategic Accounts
14) VP Sales East Region
15) VP Sales West Region
16) VP Sales Emerging/Small Pharma

Each of the vice presidents is responsible for different business segments and working with its customers to achieve success. This shows the point that Symphony is structured around its clients' needs. Symphony health provides solutions for market knowledge, apps and technology, and consulting and services. Its role is to help the biopharmaceutical industry grow. It does this by providing cloud-based solutions for connecting and integrating health data and analytics. Symphony has one of the largest commercial health data assets in the United States. It is called Dataverse and has more than 280 million data records on people and evidence observations. Its customers include over 400 pharma, biotech, and government agencies.

The Senior VP for Health Data Alliances is responsible for building relationships with the companies' data partners. The Chief Medical Officer is responsible for supporting clinical data and the analytics program. Its Senior VP & GM is responsible for working with clients on design, measure, and optimization of the companies media and marketing initiatives. The Senior VP of Health Data Services is in charge of the integration of patient-centric services. Its Senior VP and General Manager is responsible for strategic analyses. Symphony VP of Patient Analytics partners with the pharmaceutical and biotech companies to develop solutions for cohesiveness and targeted business issues. Its VP of Managed Markets works toward innovative consulting service solutions with its team of consultants and principals. Symphony's Strategic Accounts Senior VP handles the account management and business development for the largest pharmaceutical companies. The VP of Sales is responsible for building long-lasting partnerships with the company, his clients, and his team.

Symphony has the following consultant titles:
1) Implementation Consultant
2) Practice Consultant Brand Analytics
3) Practice Consultant Managed Markets
4) Senior Consultant Commercial Effectiveness
5) Consultant Commercial Effectiveness


Amerisource is structured around their business units that serve specific clients like pharma distribution, global sourcing, and global commercialization. The company announced a new organizational structure in June 2017. This was developed to further align with its customers' needs. Its structure is centered around two groups.

The first group is pharmaceutical distribution and strategic global sourcing. This includes physician practices, retail chain and independent pharmacies, health systems, alternate care locations and the Amerisource Bergen sourcing, repackaging and specialty pharmacy abilities. The second group is the global commercialization services and animal health. This includes patient access, product commercialization, international development and animal health.

The executive group of Amerisource consists of the following:
1) Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
2) Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
3) Executive Vice President and Chief Legal & Business Officer
4) Executive Vice President and Chief Communications & Administration Officer
5) Executive Vice President and Group President, Global Commercialization Services & Animal Health
6) Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer
7) Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
8) Executive Vice President and President, Health Systems & Specialty Care Solutions
9) Executive Vice President and Group President, Pharmaceutical Distribution & Strategic Global Sourcing
10) Executive Vice President, Strategy & Development
11) President, Strategic Global Sourcing
12) Chief Transformation Officer
Some next level titles from Amerisource Bergen that are included on The Official Board are listed below. Additional details of these positions and biography of employees holding the positions, can be purchased through The Official Board.
1) Corporate & IR
2) Tax
3) Finance
4) Treasurer
5) Marketing Strategy
6) Workplace Services,
7) Talent, Diversity & IncL
8) Software Delivery
9) Product & Delivery
10) Digital Transformation
11) IT Shared Services
12) Application Delivery
13) Enterprise IT Project
14) IT Operations Center
16) Corporate & Strategy
17) Business Transformation
18) Corporate Partnerships
19) Development & Strategy
20) Privacy
21) Strategy & Development
22) Legal & Secretary
23) Specialty Pharmacy,
24) Specialty Group
25) Animal Health
26) American Health Packaging
27) Good Neighbor Pharmacy
28) Distribution Services
29) Control
Amerisource has the following consultant titles as shown by job information on Glassdoor. We've included all the titles that were publicly available.
1) Market Access Consultant
2) Pharmacy Consultant
3) Clinical Practice Consultant


In summary, we have provided organizational structure and consultant titles for each of the three companies requested. McKesson has a hierarchical structure based on two business segments of distribution and technical solutions. Symphony has more of a consulting firm structure with a focus on service and customers. Finally, Amerisource has a business structure centered around its clients needs and two distinct groups. Each of the firms has a variety of consulting titles such as Market Access Consultant, Pharmacy Consultant, Clinical Practice Consultant, Implementation Consultant, Practice Consultant Brand Analytics, Practice Consultant Managed Markets, Senior Consultant Commercial Effectiveness, Consultant Commercial Effectiveness, Solutions Consultant, Business Process Consultant, Managing Pharmacy Consultant, and Clinical Lab Technical Consultant
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Pharmaceutical Data/Insights Companies - Organizational Structure: Part Two

Both IQvia and Flatiron are pharmaceutical data companies. Whereas Flatiron's organization is structured around its tools only, IQvia's organisation is structured around both its tools and its end users. IQvia has a number of consultant positions, however Flatiron does not appear to have any consultant positions listed.

IQvia are a company which provides technological and analytical solutions to enable healthcare companies to innovate with confidence, driving healthcare forward. Flatiron is an oncology data company, they produce products which connect oncologists, academics, regulators and hospitals on one platform.


The CEO of IQVia is Ari Bousbib and the President of Research and Development is W. Richard Staub III. IQvia's organizational structure focuses on both their tools and their end users. This is evidenced by the company having a global presence and dividing its organizational structure in to Research and Development and Regional Business Units. IQvia focuses on their tools by employing people in research and development in clinical operations, however they also focus on their end users by employing business minded people in sales and account management solutions.

The consultant titles at IQvia are Engagement Manager (Lifescience Consulting), Modeling Team Associate Consultant, Senior Consultant Client Engagement, Engagement Manager (Commercial Effectiveness), Engagement Manager (Real World Evidence Solutions), Principal (Med Tech), Senior Site Engagement Manager.


Flatiron has four co-founders who are Vivek Garipalli, Nat Turner, Zach Weinberg and Kris Gale. The Cheif Medical Officer, Chief Scientific Officer and Senior Vice President for Flatiron is Amy Abernethy MD, PhD. Unlike IQvia, Flatiron's organisation is structured around their tools only. Their employees focus on data insights engineering and product marketing and strategy.

After an exhaustive search, we were unable to source any positions at Flatiron with 'consultant' in the title, however the following positions were highlighted as similar; Research Quality and Compliance, Computer Systems Validation, Program Manager, Senior Auditor, Quality Assurance (Good Clinical Practice), Cloud Security Architect and QA Engineer Automation.

In summary, both IQvia and Flatiron are pharmaceutical data companies, however IQvia focuses on both its tools and its end users, whereas Flatiron focuses on its tools. IQvia has a number of consultant titles which include Engagement Manager and Modeling Team Associate Consultant. Flatiron does not appear to have any consultant titles but does have Research and Quality Compliance positions, alongside Systems Validation and Cloud Security Architect positions.